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Coastal style Taylor Shell Glass Vase

This home decor vase, made of turquoise glass, can replace the boring ornament. Bringing a shell-shaped glass vase into your home will not only improve the aesthetics of your decor. This will also provide you with some great photo ops, as the vase will sparkle and shine in the sunlight. The flower vase's translucence allows a complete view of the flowers' beauty, from the stems up, when they are filled with fresh flowers.


  • Set (No of Pieces)

This set includes one glass vase based on a shell design to complement your decor and lend an air of cleanliness and renewal.

  • Material

Fabricated from glass, This home decor vase can be used as a decorative accent in a boring part of your living space.

  • Dimensions

Measuring a compact 11.4 by 4.7 by 9 inches, this home decor vase can help you place flowers, candles, or even LED lights within to make a beautiful centerpiece.

  • Assembly

No assembly required


Do you want to feel more at home at the beach? If so, this vase made from turquoise shells is for you. The shadow cast by the color forms beautiful hues of turquoise. This flower vase is translucent, so you can see the stem, too. It's also possible to see whether the plant's leaves are deteriorating and the water needs to be replaced.


Give this home decor vase to a friend or family member and watch as they transform their home into a warm and inviting area with just a few potted plants. Elegant flower vases are fantastic since they can be used for many different purposes around the house.


This home decor vase in the form of a sea shell is a wonderful example of antique seaside design, and it will look lovely holding a bouquet. Put one in the middle of a table or shelf as a decorative accent; you won't need flowers to bring forth its full beauty.

Suitable Home Decor

This glass vase has an endearingly beachy feel because of its shell-inspired shape. This flower vase is a must-have for your home if you adore the ocean.

About the Brand

Home Artisan offers sophisticated and exquisite home decor goods created at the point where form meets function, fashion meets tradition, and style meets simplicity. They create handmade and curated home decor items in line with international styles for discerning clientele who are sick of picking through random displays in department shops.


  1. What type of glass is used for vases?

The glass comes in a wide variety of styles and uses. There are variations in their chemical makeup, production procedure, and processing behavior. In most cases, their classifications can be deduced from their chemical makeup.

Moreover, a quality vase may serve as a decorative accent all on its own around the home when not used for its intended purpose. A well-chosen vase can serve as a lovely architectural accent.

  1. What do you put in a decorative vase?

Seashells, starfish, sea glass, ornamental pebbles or marbles, assorted colored Christmas ornaments, and waxed fruits are also attractive options. Create a one-of-a-kind arrangement by placing a single item or a whole collection in the vase at different heights.

Vases, whether hand-painted or made of transparent glass, can add the finishing touch to a room that will truly make your guests take notice. A vase of aesthetic value in and of itself can be displayed prominently even when empty.

Moreover, put some sand or little or large pine cones in a transparent vase of any color and display it prominently. Consider the remainder of the room's design while deciding what inexpensive, readily available, and small items would best fill vases.

  1. What are glass vases used for?

Glass vases are lovely decorative accents that bring springtime beauty into any room. The beautiful thing about a glass flower vase decoration is that it can be placed in any place to brighten up the room, regardless of the size.

There are many options; make a living display by placing a row of flower vases on the window sill of a street-facing window or by installing a set of vertical shelves and placing a small vase in each.

One can set a flower vase on a nightstand or a shelf by the window to have it glow and capture the eye.

Choose a decorative flower vase for the dining table and cover it with a linen tablecloth in a complementary color to spruce up the look of your kitchen or dining room.

  1. What are the benefits of the vase?

The glass flower vase stands out from the crowd as the most popular option because of its timeless beauty. They effectively reflect natural light, making their display vivid and stunning.

Here sharing some benefits of home decor vases.

  • It ensures that plants and flowers will flourish in your home, adding beauty and fragrance;
  • In the case of larger pots or planters, you may also grow and collect culinary products, filling your home with aromatic notes and vibrant hues;
  • Plants purify the air by releasing oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide;
  • Vases make it possible to have a small garden in the middle of a city.

Care and Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth.


The objects in the image are not included and are only for demonstration. The grains of the wood can have mild variations and can be unique from piece to piece.

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