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Purple Agate Wall Clock | Round Wall clock for Bedroom & Living Room

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Dimension 10x10 Inches
Material Agate Stone


Wall Clock – Purple


The Wall Clock – Purple, as the name suggests, is purple in color. The Wall Clocks gets its purple color from the Agate Stone. The stone has a unique banded and crystalline texture, resulting from the solidification of molten lava over years of compression.  Agate has been known for its healing properties for centuries, and combining that essence with a clock can have a multifold effect. The clock’s optimal size makes it stand out from all the interior but also subtle merges with the decor. The beautiful purple color of this agate wall clock is really distinct and will catch the eye of all the people in the room it is placed in. The added gold detailing is also an amazing addition to the clock. 



Here are some of the specifications of this product:

Set (No of Pieces) - 1 Purple Agate Stone Wall Clock

MaterialAgate Stone

Dimensions10x10 inches

AssemblyNo assembly is required



The agate wall clock can be used as a decor piece in the interior design of homes or offices. Apart from showing times due to the presence of Agate Stone in Wall Clocks, it would also disperse protective and shooting energies in the room where it is placed. The stone features and the gold accents give this wall clock an aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall approach of the wall where it is hung. 



This unique wall clock is an ideal gift to consider if you are going to a housewarming or inauguration party. It is also great for festive gifting.



Unlike a normal clock, the agate stone adds positive energy to the place it is hung. It would keep the place filled with a positive aura by eliminating the negative energies. Apart from it, the unique features of the Agate stone are exclusive to each clock as it is formed naturally over the years. 


Sustainability Factor

 Agate is a gemstone that occurs naturally within volcanic and metamorphic rocks which makes it a very sustainable home decor choice.


Suitable Home Decor

The color and texture of this agate wall clock are versatile, making it suitable for all interior decor styles. As the color purple is neither warm nor cold, so it would perfectly complete a wide range of color schemes. The gold accents in the wall Clocks give it a luxurious yet minimalist look suitable for both decor styles. 


About the Brand 

Gemtherapy is a brand that creates designs of interior products that are not just aesthetically appealing but also carry the powerful energy of crystals. This way, you can have a crystal and a decor item in one product. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which shape of clock is best?

Traditionally a round clock is the most suited for all types of home decor. Clocks are an integral part of every space to keep track of time. Apart from showing time, these clocks can attract bad omens or energies if not kept per the Vastu. Select a round shape clock to make the most out of your clock. Round shape clock is the simple yet best shape to choose for your clock as it attracts positive vibes. Along with the best shape to reap more benefits, ensure to hand the clock in the North direction. 


2. Which type of wall clock is good for your home?

You can choose from metallic clocks, wood clocks, and more. The unique wall clock you choose will have a significant about of impact on the energy of your home. The best food forward when choosing the type of wall clock is to opt for simple designs. It does not necessarily mean that your choice is limited to a boring round-shaped clock. You can choose from metallic clocks, wood clocks, and more. You can also choose clocks that are made from crystals and gemstones, as these materials have a significant positive impact on your home. If you are seeking for specific effect for your home, then you can select the crystal or gemstone for your clock accordingly. 


3. Are wall clocks in style?

Yes, wall clocks are in style and will always be due to their utility and charm. The decor has changed significantly in recent times. The modern accents in every element of the have surely impacted the clock too. Though the shape and design of the wall clocks are changed, they are still an integral part of home decor. Wall clocks are so mid-2000s things, but that’s not it. The latest designs have changed the perspective of wall clocks used to be in the early 2000s. From natural wood and retro style to hug statement wall clocks, the wall clocks would be in the style of coming years too. 


4. What are the features of a clock?

An Ideal analog clock generally has hours from 1 to 12 marked on edge. The marketing is either on the number, Roman numbers, or just 12 blocks without any numbers in gold, silver, or black accents according to the design of the clock. A unique wall clock also features two hands; the longer represents hours, while the shorter represents minutes. On the other hand, a digital clock would show numbers that indicate time, temperature, weather, humidity, and more.


Care Instructions

Use a soft, damp cloth to clean. As the product is fragile, consider handling it with care. 



As Agate sone forms naturally, each stone has a unique pattern, and none of the stones look the same. Our agate product has been subtly dyed to enhance its texture. So a product you possess after the purchase belongs to you and you alone. 


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  • Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.
  • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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