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About the Product:

The sight of delicious-looking food and its presentation can make anyone want to eat it right then. Add this flavor to your regular or party presentations with our smart dining ceramic peach bowls set. It can be a perfect addition to your oriental crockery collection. 

Flaunt the chef in you with this ethnic look tableware that will surely enhance the look and feel of your dishes. The grounded color and the ground to the earth design of the bowls look fantastic on the table. The bowls have a luxurious finish, great strength, and durability for everyday use. 

The traditional look of bowls goes amazingly well with all kinds of surrounding decor. And the premium build makes them a beautiful addition to a decorated dining table for small get-togethers. This peach bowl set can be an ordained choice if you want a change from routine steel, porcelain or glass bowls. 


Here are some of the features of this bowl set:

Set/No. of Pieces: 

2 bowls




3.6” x 3.6” x 1.3”


No assembling required.


Elevate the dining experience of your guests or flaunt yourselves by using these bowls to serve cereals, soups, snacks, salads, appetizers, ramen, curries, rice curry, noodles, pasta, desserts, etc. And if you are serving some traditional Indian food, these bowls are just the best match. This ceramic bowl set is ideal for serving on special occasions and for regular use. They go well for serving both warm and cold foods. 

Besides serving, you can also use these bowls to store food in the refrigerator. And also to heat or cook small serves in an oven or microwave. The ideal and deep size makes them suitable for cooking small single-serve cereals or oatmeal in a microwave without overflowing. 

This piece of tableware displays both the aspects of a good bowl when it comes to its durability: design and resistance. The two features make these bowls suitable for use as mixing bowls for a variety of food items. 

Natural-looking bowls play a vital role in decor themes. Hence, you can also use bowls as pieces of interior decor and make your home more functional. Keeping them on the side table will add to the decor besides serving the purpose of keeping small things you may need to keep in front of sight. 

Or you can use them for scents and potpourris. Fill them with fragrances and sachets and use them to provide a pleasant ambiance to the environment around the household. You can also use these bowls to display a small fresh floral arrangement on your table. 


This bowl set is a perfect gift set for someone with a taste for unique products. The deep rich color and traditional look of these bowls make them statement pieces ideal for gifting on different occasions. Their utility, besides their elegance, makes them suitable for festivity gifting and corporate gifting. 


This crockery has an ergonomic design for high function, convenient use, better handling, and cleaning behaviors, ensuring your wares are hygienic.

Being sturdy, you can use these bowls directly to store food in the refrigerator. The double-firing technique used while crafting these bowls makes them safe and durable for ovens. Since these bowls are thermodynamically stable, they can hold hot food for a long time. 

The reinforced design of these bowls allows for an easy grip. So, you can expect strength and rigidity from them during use. 

You can use these bowls even in a busy kitchen since they are quick and easy to clean and dry. The sharp edges and nooks in many bowls collect dirt easily. Therefore, this tableware has been designed with no such edges. The subtle design makes it easy to clean and disinfect them after each use. 

Since these ceramic bowls have very little reactivity with common ingredients of a household kitchen, including acids, alkalis, salts, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, you can expect them not to rust and age like crockery made from other materials. 

Suitable home decor style:

The eye-catching and beautiful bowls have been meticulously molded from super-strong stoneware clay. This tableware will surely bring an elegant sense of ethnic style to your kitchen and dining room with existing dinnerware pieces and table linen. 

About the Brand:

Soft Serve believes in spreading happiness through colors and doing it consciously and sustainably for the ever-growing young, conscientious community that seeks answers to how the products are made. At Soft Serve, they love everything handmade, locally by artisans keeping the minute imperfections and flaws that do not deter the functionality but add to its beauty.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is a bowl used for?

A bowl is an uncovered round container with a deep base that comes in handy for cooking, serving, and storing foods. It is a versatile kitchen tool that makes it easy to handle food. Its functionality depends on its size and the material used for crafting. The size decides its capacity, and the material used decides how and where to use it. 

Besides the kitchen, bowls serve an elementary purpose in interior decor as a part of the creative process around the household.

  1. What does ceramic bowl mean?

A ceramic bowl is a round-shaped utensil or a container crafted from clay and baked in a kiln at a very high temperature to solidify it. Ceramic bowls are a healthy choice when it comes to using them for serving and consuming food, as they are devoid of chemicals and toxic materials. Also, being non-porous, they do not absorb chemicals.

  1. What is a ceramic bowl made of?

A ceramic bowl is made from a mixture of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water. After it achieves the desired shape, subjecting it to a very high temperature in a kiln helps in its solidification. 

  1. What makes the ceramic dishwasher safe?

Ceramic bowls have a glaze covering that offers them a protective coating making them dishwasher safe. Subjecting them to a high temperature and thorough glazing makes ceramic crockery suitable to cope with the heat, water, and detergents used in a washing cycle without getting scratches or any other damage. 

Care Instructions:

This bowl set is dishwasher-safe. Or you can hand wash them with mild soap and water. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning material to prevent scratches.


Due to the crafted nature of this item, please expect slight variations in the appearance of each unique piece.

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