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Alchemy Hand-Knotted Wool and Silk Rug

About the Product

A brilliant combination of modern painting techniques fused with the new school of graphic designing takes this floor carpet to a new artistic level. This handmade carpet is an excellent representation of how a design can give visual depth and an illusion of different layers. This carpet takes indoor-outdoor rug design to new heights of fashion and style.

The luxurious finish of the carpet is amalgamated with a unique color scheme that compliments any home decor you will place on the rug. This hand-tufted rug made of wool is the perfect companion to any living room furniture that would make any space more warm and welcoming. 


Set (No. of Pieces)

This bespoke and colorful wool carpet comes in a set of one (1).


Hand-knotted carpet made with high-twist pure wool with handspun pure silk accents.


5 x 7 ft


No assembly is required; place it in the desired area.


An excellent wool carpet for the dining room, living room, and bedroom. Will grace any residential or commercial area flooring. Rugs don't have just one function but have a wide array of uses. They help trap the dust that can make the floor look dirty. They absorb excess noise and are especially beneficial if you have loud neighbors. 


This wool rug is an excellent present for the festive season, birthdays, and as a housewarming present. Rugs are a premium product that is well appreciated by all. If you are looking for a classy and unique wedding gift, go for this stylish carpet. 


  • Hand-knotted rugs have a great finish and feel that cannot be replicated in any other form.
  • Wool and silk are the paramount materials when it comes to rugmaking.

Suitable Home Decor

The modern and contemporary design is a work of art that looks bespoke for any home looking for a new touch.

About the Brand 

Cocoon Fine Rugs is renowned for using the best raw materials to create masterpiece rugs that define sophistication, class, and art. They have a wide selection, from oriental rugs like Persian to modern ones. Their home decor carpets are handmade with pure silk and wool, the gold standard for rugmaking. Their designs are unique while relying on the most sought-after technique of making rugs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 6 types of carpets?

The 6 types of floor carpets are wool, silk, nylon, bamboo, cotton, and jute. 

Wool's resilience, sturdiness, and elegance make it one of the most preferred fabrics for area rugs. It may be positioned in heavily trafficked areas, such as the living room or workplace.  

Cotton carpets are preferred as interior décor in hot, humid areas. They are ideal for this weather since they absorb extra moisture. They are supple, light, and easy to wash.

Due to their gorgeous substance, silk carpets are among the most costly ones available globally. They are preserved in regions with less traffic because they are soft and opulent. 

Nylon is a synthetic material with various hues, forms, and dimensions. Many houses have nylon carpets because they are very inexpensive and widely available. 

Bamboo and jute are natural fibers that have good strength and durability. They are lightweight and have an earthy tone that works well with modern decor.

2. What are the 3 basic styles of carpet?

The three basic styles of floor carpets are hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and machine-made.

Hand-knotted carpets are done by hand; this kind of rug production requires the most work. One of the oldest weaving methods is this one, which is the traditional style. It calls for an accurate weaver with competence. The price of carpet increases with the number of knots per square inch.

The material is injected into a big canvas using a tufting gun when making a handmade rug. The desired pattern and design are created on the canvas with a tufting gun before being bonded with a glue-like substance. Compared to handmade ones, the technique produces high-quality rugs more quickly. 

Machine-made carpets are created quickly and in large quantities, as the name implies. A factory's several types of machinery replicate the weaving, knotting, and looming techniques used to make rugs. They use primarily synthetic materials and lack distinctiveness.

3. Which material is best for carpet?

Wool rugs are the most resilient option for heavily used areas. This is so that it lasts longer and is stain and water-repellent due to the material composition of wool. 

Flat weave rugs are incredibly durable and available in various colours and sizes. They may be positioned per the carpet's area. Materials in this category include polypropylene, cotton, and nylon. Use bamboo carpets, which are durable and eco-friendly, for a more natural look.

4. Which carpet lasts longest?

When taken care of, a high knot per square inch carpet made using natural materials like wool and silk last the longest. That is the reason Persian carpets are some of the most sought-after rugs since they have a high knot per square inch. 

Some of their versions have 500 kpsi making them the longest-lasting. Wool is known for its high durability, stain, and fire resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for long-lasting carpets. Some Persian rugs last for more than hundreds of years. 

Care Instructions

  • A new rug's natural characteristic is shedding. 
  • Avoid sweeping, scrubbing, or brushing the rug. 
  • Vacuum occasionally and keep the vacuum beater brush mode off. 
  • If spills happen, blot them right away. Avoid rubbing the stain. 
  • Rotate every so often to balance wear. 
  • Place protection under the legs to prevent heavy furniture from flattening and stacking. 
  • If a thread comes out, cut it using scissors rather than pulling the yarn. 
  • Regular professional cleaning is advised. 
  • Avoid folding the rug. 
  • Aim to keep the rug away from moist or damp surfaces.


It is normal for the carpet's actual color to differ slightly from the photograph.

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