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About the Product 

The Amaira platter is a work of perfection down to every last curve. The wooden platter features an oval shape, and its careful craft highlights the natural textures of the Douglas Fir wood to create a mesmerizing piece. With its polished finish, minimalist design, and beautiful color, this wooden platter is a must-have for your home and kitchen.  


Listed below are the crucial details of the Amaira platter. 

  • Set (No of Pieces) - This platter is a set of one (1). 

  • Material - The piece is carved from the highest quality Duglus Fur wood. 

  • Dimensions - The wooden platter measures 25.4 cm x 10.26 cm. 

  • Assembly - This platter requires no assembly. 


The Amaira wooden platter is perfect for a multitude of uses. It is the ideal serving platter for your house parties and gatherings. You can use it as a chopping board for vegetables and meats. This food platter can also double as an organizational tray for the kitchen and a serving tray for tea, coffee, and cold drinks. The charm of the platter also makes it a great decorative piece to use as a holder for small desk pots in your living room. 


iCRAFT’s wooden platter is the ideal present for everything from birthdays to housewarming parties, as everyone is bound to love the elegance of the platter. The budget-friendly nature of the piece makes it all the more perfect.


The Douglas Fir wood of this piece sets it apart from the rest. Douglas Fir is highly resistant to cracks and splits and will last you a long time without losing its grace and beauty. 

Suitable Home Decor Style  

This piece is suitable for every home. Whether it is a minimalist space or a traditional one, the Amaira wooden platter always blends well. 

About The Brand 

iCRAFT is a brand revolving around the warmth that proper decor can bring to your home. They carve unique pieces that add comfort to a space. They are focused on creating decor that can spark conversations and shed light upon our rich culture. In a nutshell, iCRAFT hopes its enchanting pieces can tell stories of the years gone by.  

Frequently asked questions 

What does it mean by platter?

A platter is a large and shallow dish that acts as the serving plate for large amounts of food. A food platter is usually used at important events, huge gatherings, and parties to serve main courses and the like. Platters are a crucial detail in food, and you will find a variety of them at most restaurants you visit anywhere. 

Most food platters feature an oval, square, round, or rectangular shape. They are made from materials like wood, metal, plastic, marble, and more. Food platters usually sport deep colors and simplistic patterns that highlight what is being served. Such platters are for formal events and gatherings. Ornate food platters of silver and gold often feature in ceremonial or religious events. 

What is the difference between a plate and a platter?

The primary difference between a plate and a platter is size and purpose. A plate holds the food you eat and is ideal for one person. On the other hand, a platter is a large dish from which food is served to people, and it is ideal for gatherings. When plating up, platters are more significant as they are required to maintain aesthetics while serving good food. 

Platters are also the perfect choice for a charcuterie, crudités or antipasto. Food platters are ideal for serving finger foods and appetizers at large gatherings. Platters and plates at a table often complement each other, either with contrast or by maintaining the same color scheme and design variations. 

What are the types of platters?

Popular food platters include cheese, meat, fruit, crudites, antipasto, quiche, and more. Cheese platters are made of different kinds of cheeses that work well together. They also feature mats, fruits, crackers, and olives that compliment the flavors of the cheese.

Meat platters sport meats like prosciutto, sopressata, mortadella, and more. They also have complimentary foods like sliced bread, mustard, and more to help balance the flavors. Fruit platters are simplistic choices that are easy to make. They consist of cut-up and aesthetically arranged fruits like mango, apples, kiwi, watermelon, and more. Fruit platters are ideal for hot summer days and informal parties.

A crudites platter is the vegetable version of a fruit platter. Crudites are a French dish featuring boiled vegetables with dipping sauces. Antipasto platters bring together a few ingredients to make an incredible appetizer. Antipasto combines meats, cheese, olive, bread, pepper, and crackers and is the perfect choice for a fancy party. 

How do you use a wooden platter?

Wooden platters are ideal as an organizational tool for your kitchen, food platter, and decorative board. In terms of organization, you can use it to store the frequently used items in your kitchen, including oils, tea, coffee, and more. 

While serving, wooden platters are up for any task. Whether you plate up a charcuterie board or antipasto, they are perfect for everything. Wooden platters are also an exceptional choice for appetizers like quiches, hors d'œuvre, and more. You can also use it to serve drinks when you only have a small number of guests.  

In a decorative sense, wooden platters are a welcome addition anywhere. You can use them as a simple holder for your plants and pots, photo frames, memorabilia, and more. 

Care Instructions 

To ensure your Amaira platter retains its looks and doesn’t crack over time, clean it regularly with warm, soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. 

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