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Authentic Chapatti Box Grey Enamel Lid with Tongs

About the Product

The most elegant and urbane way of serving Chapattis will keep them hot and fresh in this wooden casserole. It has a delicately modeled lid embellished with Indian motifs. The vibrant colors make it look like a heritage piece that all can cherish. The casserole is designed to lock in the heat, making the chapattis fresh for longer. Also, you don't need to run in and out of the kitchen to serve one roti. 

This authentic chapatti box comes with copper-plated tongs with matching Indian motifs designs on its sides. You can gracefully serve the rotis with them as you take them out from the handcrafted wooden box. Also, the lid is made of tight-fitting stainless steel for a long-lasting experience. 


Here are some of the specifications of this casserole:

Set (No. of Pieces)

1 Wooden Box, 1 Tong, 1 Lid


Made using Teak Wood with Enamel


Diameter - 9 in, Height - 2.7 in, Tong: 6 in.


No assembly is required for this wooden roti box.


This multipurpose casserole can serve hot chapatis, bread, or pancakes. It can also be efficiently utilized in serving snacks like starters, samosas, or momos with the stylish steel tong. You can even organize items like cosmetics and art and craft supplies. This roti box can be handy for picnics and long road trips. 


This wooden chapati box is an excellent gift for special occasions, including festivities, housewarming parties, and more. The colorful lid is very attractive and is well-admired. This kitchen accessory has multiple uses, which means it will not go to waste by the recipient. 


  • The color combination and design on the lid spark joy on the dining table. 
  • The stylish tongs help serve the chapatis properly. You don't need to use your hand as the rotis can be hot. 
  • Even the tongs have a matching design as the lid for more uniformity.
  • Wood being a long-lasting material means that this product will last for years.
  • This casserole is easily transportable and has multiple uses. 

Sustainability Factor

Many people use an abundance of aluminum foil to keep the rotis warm. This can cause waste of the foil and not look good while serving. The reusable chapatti box is an eco-friendly solution used for centuries in Indian culture. They can be easily cleaned and are designed to keep the rotis warm for longer. 

Suitable Home Decor

Specially designed for Indian households with Indian design motifs, this is the perfect solution for a modern home.

About the Brand 

Nestroot aims to bring functionality to a collaborative field with superb design. Their journey through the years has made them a beloved brand that offers bespoke and captivating products. With creativity and innovation at the heart of their products, they have become trendsetters. From traditional to modern design concepts, their home decor items capture everyone's heart. 


1. What qualifies a dish as a casserole?

A casserole is a dish typically made by layering ingredients in a baking dish and then baking them together. The word casserole can also refer to the cooking vessel itself. Casseroles are often considered hearty comfort foods and can be made with various ingredients. 

Common casserole ingredients include meat, vegetables, pasta, rice, and cheese. Casseroles can be made and reheated when ready to serve, making them a convenient option for busy weeknights.

2. How do you clean wooden Roti boxes?

If you have a wooden roti box, it is essential to clean it properly to prevent the build-up of bacteria and other contaminants. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your wooden roti box:

  • Start by removing any food or debris from the box. If there is any dried food or oil on the box's surface, you can remove it with a damp cloth.
  • Next, mix a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Use this solution to scrub down the inside and outside of the box, paying particular attention to any areas that seem dirty or sticky.
  • Rinse the box well with clean water to remove all traces of soap.
  • Finally, dry the box with a clean towel before storing it or using it again.

3. What is a roti box?

A Roti box is a container used to store and serve roti, a flatbread commonly used in India. Roti boxes are usually round and deep to keep many rotis easily. They can be made of various materials, including wood, plastic, stainless steel, and metal. They vary in size and shape, but all typically have a lid to keep the rotis fresh and protected from dust and other contaminants. 

Some roti boxes online even have built-in warming elements to keep the rotis warm until they are ready to be eaten. They are also often used to transport rotis from one place to another, making them ideal for taking on picnics or long journeys.    

4. What do you call a roti container?

A roti box is a container typically used to store and transport roti, a type of Indian flatbread. The box is usually made of stainless steel or metal and has a lid that helps keep the rotis fresh. 

Many roti boxes online also have a compartment for holding chutney or other condiments. They trap the roti's heat from dispersing, which helps them keep hot for longer. 

Care Instructions

Wipe delicately with a damp cloth. Don't use water or soap directly.


Handcrafted items' inherent characteristics shouldn't be viewed as imperfections.

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