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Akhand jyoti diya means an oil lamp that keeps burning for an eternity. It connotes that one should never lose faith in oneself, stand tall against all odds, and keep pushing forward. We present to you our Akhand jyoti diya, a grand-sized oil lamp made of a durable combination of brass and copper, serving as an emblem of hope. Illuminate your living space with our Akhand jyoti diya, crafted by Thathera artisans from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Their expertise and precision have earned them praise from all over India. This Akhand diya features a double-walled structure, a practical design, and an aesthetic appeal. It truly captivates the attention of your guests. Our Akhand jyoti diya for Pooja talks about devotion too and not a mere source of light. It has a detachable lid that allows for hassle-free lighting and refilling of oil. 

[Note: Product color may vary slightly due to variations in monitor displays and lighting conditions.]



Size -

1) Small

Length: 4.9 inches || Width: 4.9 inches || Height: 1.7 inches

Weight: 0.38 kg

2) Medium

Length: 7.3 inches || Width: 7.3 inches || Height: 2.4 inches

Weight: 0.81 kg

3) Large

Length: 10.6 inches || Width: 10.6 inches || Height: 3.7 inches

Weight: 1.56 kg


Color - Brown and Golden

Material - Copper (metal); Brass (alloy)



• The Akhand jyoti diya creates a soothing ambiance for meditation. It helps you contemplate more effectively.

• It is a meaningful gift to friends and family on auspicious occasions such as Diwali, Navratri, housewarming, and more.

• Breathe life into your Rangolis designs with our Brass Diya.

• You can use this Akhand diya in prayer rooms to add to its spiritual sanctity.

• Incorporate the Decorative Brass Diya into your home decor by placing it as an accent article on the mantel, nesting or side tables, etc.


How to Care

• Gently rinse the Brass Diya with a mild soap.

• Then wipe it using a dry, soft cloth. It removes dust and also preserves its shine.

• Avoid abrasive cleaners and chemicals. They can lessen its metallic glaze.

• Every time you refill the oil in the lamp, adjust the height of the center-positioned wick according to your needs.

• You can also trim the wick to induce an even-shaped and steady flame.

Items Included

1 Piece - Akhand jyoti diya Brass Diya

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can I use the Akhand diya oil lamp for indoor and outdoor decorations?

Although primarily designed for indoor use, you can incorporate it into outdoor spaces if they carry a protective cover or shed.


2) Is scented oil suitable for Akhand jyoti diya / Decorative brass diya?

• Yes, it is. You can use scented oil to light the Diya and diffuse a pleasant fragrance into your surroundings.

• Still, we always recommend using a traditional, pure lamp oil / Ghee to obtain a steady flame.

3) For how long can the Akhand jyoti diya remain lit?

• Our Akhand diya (large) can stay ignited for at least 45 minutes and provide stable lighting.

• You only need to put sufficient oil into it. And the wick has to be adjusted accordingly.


4) How can I adjust the wick’s height?

• Gently push or pull the wick based on your needs.

• Adjust its height carefully.

 The result will be a stable and elongating flame.

5) Is Akhand jyoti diya Brass Diya suitable for Aromatherapy?

• Almost at all times, we recommend using traditional, pure lamp oils to set up the Diya.

• But you can still use fragrant oils if you wish. It creates therapeutic olfactory sensations that help relieve stress.

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