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Carved Spherical Wooden Planter 

An artful complement to any dull and lifeless space with its sheer beauty. The woodwork on this piece has tiny speckles and is shaped in a spherical shape which is both chic and modern. It can be placed in a cluster or individually on any tabletop, desk, or living area. This wooden planter does not come with a plant; you can place any real or faux plant that you deem suits your preferences. Also, the planters are equipped with a drain hole for excess water and are best suited for succulents and small plants. 



Here are some of the specifications of this desk planter:

Set (No. of Pieces) - This home decor product comes in a set of one (1).

Material - Made using Acacia Wood

Dimensions - Dia. - 9.5 cm

Assembly - No assembly is required; place any of your favorite plants, and you are good to go. 



This desk planter can be used as a tabletop for kitchen tops, office desks, or living rooms. Also, you can create a niche in the garden with many of these planters. This allows you to spruce up any small space with added freshness. If you want to create an indoor garden, it will even look good with that. The distinct design will make it class apart from the rest. 



Excellent as a housewarming gift or a graduation present. Planters are a lovely and thoughtful gift since it is equivalent to giving a new life to someone. Since planters have many health and mental benefits, they will help the recipient appreciate this gift even more. 



  • Wood is one of the most popular materials since it gels well with all types of home decor. 
  • The appropriate size makes it suitable to be placed almost everywhere. 
  • You can place your favorite plant in this planter and bask in its irreplaceable beauty. 
  • The wooden color with speckles gives it an artistic flair.
  • The compact size allows it to merge well with other items on the desk.
  • This desk planter has a drainage hole for excess water to flow out and for you to always be green and fresh. 

Sustainability Factor

Wood is a renewable material that may be reused repeatedly. Because expert craftspeople made it, this item is highly efficient. 


Suitable Home Decor

Wood has a distinctive property of bringing earthiness that makes it highly revered. One of the most used materials for all types of furniture and interior, any product made with wood would look great. That is why this planter is an excellent addition to the small spaces of your home. It will perfectly work with rustic, modern, contemporary, bohemian, and other home decor styles. 


About the Brand 

In the most unconventional, straightforward, and distinctive way possible, Studio Indigene aims to reinvent wood. Their product speaks loudly about their unique approach since it seamlessly blends design and practicality. Skilled woodworkers artfully craft each high-quality and durable work of art. The people who create their home décor products do it with passion and love.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you put in the bottom of a wooden planter?

You can put small wooden chips, broken glass bottles, small rocks or pebbles, broken ceramic tiles, and more. These materials make for an excellent bottom layer for your wooden planters. They have gaps in them that do not cut off drainage. This also prevents the wooden planter from rotting and keeps diseases away from plants. Otherwise, you can even choose oil-based or latex primer. They help in making the wooden planters durable. 


2. What do you put in the bottom of a planter without drainage holes?

It is essential to create drainage layers for the planters without drainage holes. This can include placing pebbles, pine cones, wooden sticks, and other natural materials. You can even place things like broken glass bottles and broken ceramic tiles. One thing to note is that a planter without a drainage hole should not be placed outside. This is due to them getting rain and being unable to release excess water properly. If you are still unsure, place a small pot with a drainage hole inside the planter of your choice. 


3. Is Treated Wood OK for Planters?

Pressured-treated wood has been used for decades, but recent studies have shown that minerals like copper were leeching in the soil. This made the soil unfit, which could lead to some contamination for plants and humans. To prevent this, you could line your planters with a plastic layer in between to avoid any risk.


4. Should you waterproof a planter?

Yes, waterproofing a planter is an optimal choice that ensures the plant’s and planter’s longevity. Plants let out extra water, which is not in need. When a planter is inside the home, the water can get on the surface and ruin the flooring. This can become a playground for molds and rot. For this, you can use an oil or wax-based sealant. This would prevent the water from escaping the planter. 


Care Instructions

Use a damp or dry cloth for cleaning. Heavy watering and direct exposure to sunlight are to be avoided.



Since this wooden planter is a luxuriously handmade home decor item, it is subjected to slight variations in texture/appearance/colors. 


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- We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product. 

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