Byah white Tea Pot Set
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Ceramic Tea Pot, Creamer & Sugar Pot
Byah tea pot set
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Premium tea pot with gold highlight

BYAH Tea Pot, Creamer & Sugar Pot

Sold out
Rs. 12,950.00 INR
Material Ceramic
Finish 24k Gold Plated


Byah Ceramic Tea Pot, Creamer & Sugar Pot

This beautiful, state-of-the-art tea set has a unique design that is perfect for hosting your get-togethers or for regular use. It contains a white ceramic teapot with a complementing sugar pot and creamer. It gets its beauty from the hand-decorated majestic design with various motifs in black and gold inspired by the 'Bappuji ki Phad' art form and highlighted with 24-karat gold. The sturdy yet sleek bone china crockery is the perfect addition to your serveware.


Tea Pot  

A teapot that is classy and modern yet full of history and culture. This white teapot with lines of black and gold will replace the way you serve tea with ease! Its unique design will add richness to every event you use it in.



This surreal creamer is an ode to divinity. Rich in material and appearance with details of black and 24k gold, the creamer is destined to enrich your experience with every use.


Sugar Pot

A pot of sugar fit for everyone! The fineness of bone china and a 24k gold outline transform a simple sugar cup into a vessel of sweetness and love. 



Here are the essential details of this setware: 

Set (No of Pieces) - 1 Tea Pot, 1 Creamer, 1 Sugar Pot
Material - Sturdy & lightweight fine bone china 
Dimensions - 
Tea Pot: L - 8 in x W - 7 in x H - 6 in 
Sugar Pot: L - 4 in x W - 5 in x H - 4 in
Creamer: Dia. - 4 in x H - 4 in
Assembly - No assembling required



Whether it is the teapot, creamer, or sugar pot, this tea set is the perfect serveware for every occasion. The fine bone china crockery is durable yet classy. This tea set will add glamour to your ordinary cup of tea, whether it’s for your tea parties or just an evening in solitude. It can also be a unique addition to restaurants and cafes.



Who doesn’t love a sip of tea? It is the perfect gift for a tea lover, a housewarming party, a wedding, or just a gift with love! Every sip of tea from this teapot will bring everyone together and enhance your overall experience, making it an irresistible gift.



Crafted from high-quality bone china, this tea set features a unique art-form design, ‘Phad’. Filled with heritage, Phad is a traditional art form that narrates religious folklore. This tea set uses Phad to depict the rituals of an Indian wedding. The serveware is decorated in Black, which signifies mystery, and Gold, which signifies wisdom, to depict the journey of marriage. A one-of-a-kind design for a tea set that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. Royal and elegant, this tea set will impress you and your guests.


Suitable Home Decor Style

This bone china tea set, with its rich design, is best suited for traditional Indian decor. The Phad artwork with black and gold detailing perfectly highlights the beauty of Indian heritage and culture. You can use it as a statement piece in contemporary decor and leave your guests in awe every time you use it!


About the Brand

Kaunteya is an authentic Indian dinnerware brand whose design reflects Indian heritage and culture. Each Kaunteya product tells a fascinating story about Indian art, culture, and heritage. They bring the magic of Indian mythology into modern design and everyday life.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the three types of teapots?

The teapot is the essential core component of teaware. Teapots can have varied styles according to their country of origin, material, and era that they were made.

- Glass teapots:

A good glass teapot is always a great addition to your teapot collection. They are great to use with every kind of tea especially blooming or floral teas. Glass teapots will allow you to enjoy the beauty of opening tea leaves. 

- Stainless steel teapots:

The biggest advantage of stainless steel teapots may be heat retention which means your tea will stay hot for longer than in any other teapot. It’ll never break from falls or cracks, making it the most sturdy choice.

- Ceramic teapots:

There are different types of ceramic teapots – porous ceramics, glazed ceramics, stoneware, porcelain, etc. Stoneware and porcelain are more durable and are mostly used in households. Over time, they may get a thin layer of the inside coating from brewing tea. Using only one type of tea with ceramic teapots is recommended.


2. What does a tea set include?

A tea set is a chinaware collection that includes a teapot, creamer or milk pot, sugar pot, teacups, stirrers, and saucers. Tea sets come in a variety of styles, including bone china tea sets, glass tea sets, wood and bamboo tea sets, and so on. Typically, all tea sets come in a matching set of 5 or 6 cups to serve a small group, but with the changing times, tea sets now come in a variety of sizes and variations. Some tea sets can serve up to 12 people, while others only include a teapot, creamer, and sugar pot, depending on how the product usage.


3. What is creamer used for?

Creamer refers to those small pitchers or jugs that contain cream or milk and is used to pour into the tea in case of milk tea. In countries like India, masala chai, or milk tea concoction, contains milk and is a favorite amongst people. It provides an option for you to opt for milk. Creamers are ideal for storing milk in portion-controlled settings like restaurants and cafes. It allows the tea maker to make strong or weak tea.


4. What is the function of Sugar Bowl?

A sugar pot, also known as a sugar bowl, is designed to hold sugar or sugar cubes served with tea in the Western tradition of tea service. This indispensable accessory caters to those who prefer sugar in their tea and those who do not. When hosting a tea party, a sugar pot is a must-have item. It enables you to choose the sugar you require in your tea or coffee. Along with the tea set, they make excellent accessories.


Care Instructions

- Hand wash with mild detergent
- Dry with a soft cotton cloth.
- Use a soft sponge, do not scrub.
- Not suitable for microwave & dishwasher


Return and Replacement Policy 

- Kindly note that for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery with an unboxing video and images of the product received.

- We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.

Shipping & Returns

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  • Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.
  • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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