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Product Description 

A wonderfully handcrafted combo of coaster and paper weight, "cut it close" from the collection is a fable of an enigmatic season that captures the inherently raw aspects of nature into a versatile, artistic desk item.

Each paperweight wooden coaster has been expertly crafted from Sheesham wood and features a traditional natural brown wood finish with flat planks. 

Artisans lovingly crafted this paperweight in the country's interior to remind you of simpler times spent with loved ones and the beauty of nature as it was in the spring of your memories. The coasters and paper weight are made of wood and are brightly colored to bring a welcoming vibe to your tea time. 


Set (No of Pieces) 

Two paperweights and two coasters are included in the set for those avant-garde moments in your day.


Highest grade paperweight made of Sheesham wood; there's no denying the endearing quality of these wooden coasters and paperweights. Placed singly around the room, you are guaranteed to receive praises on how lovely they appear on your table.


Sized at 4.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height, this coaster, and paper weight pair is ideal for providing a haven for your tabletop and keeping your papers from blowing away.


  • Take the paperweight rod and coaster out of their packing.
  • The rod can be used to stow a paperweight or a coaster.
  • Sturdy and adaptable in application 


This product is ideal for use on the home desk, office desk, and where you want to stack papers. 


These wooden paperweight coasters come in a lovely gift box, making them ideal for giving or receiving. The paperweight sleek design and packaging make them perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, weddings, holidays, and housewarmings.


  • These premium hardwood paperweight coasters will nudge you toward splurging on a home makeover because of their distinctive grain and high quality. 
  • In addition to being created without chemical finishes, these wooden paperweights stand out from the crowd. 
  • The unique personality of each paperweight also makes it an excellent object of admiration and discussion.
  • These coasters are made of wood and are sure to last very long. 
  • They are beautifully fashioned and constructed and will last a long time with careful care.

Suitable Home Decor

This dual-purpose paperweight and coaster set is attractive to any home or business since it prevents papers from flying and protects surfaces.

About the Brand 

Halfdot thinks that if you want to live a natural life, you should only use homemade goods and never use plastic. Because of this, we have partnered with skilled artisans to produce a paperweight and coaster set made of Sheesham wood that you will enjoy using. The grain of each piece of Sheesham wood is entirely distinct. The desk accessories are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting because we use only the highest quality Sheesham wood.


1. What is a paperweight used for?

Despite its diminutive appearance, a paperweight can crush multiple newspapers or magazines. Even while it serves a practical purpose, a well-designed paperweight can also be displayed proudly. 

Furthermore, you can set one up wherever, from your desk to your living room coffee table. 

Paperweights can also be given as a present because of the thought that goes into their creation. An elegant paperweight may be personalized with a special message by engraving it on its flat top. 

A paperweight is essential for every home or office worker who values order and efficiency at their workstation.

2. What is a paperweight?

A heavy, usually attractive instrument used to secure loose papers. Even the earliest examples of modern paperweights were made more as aesthetic pieces than practical aids to keep documents from blowing off a desk. 

Perhaps more accurately, they could have been called glass sculptures, minor planets, or even orbs, as some contemporary artists do.

Nowadays, the term "paperweight" is more open to interpretation than ever as artists explore new forms and decorative techniques.

Now a paperweight can be any shape, from a cube to a cylinder to an organic form. Some of them might be adorned with a reptile or a flower. 

They can be painted with elaborate detail or carved and etched. Metallic electroplating, minerals, or even cremated remains may be used to embellish these items.

3. What is a coaster used for?

Coasters protect your tables from unsightly water rings and other blemishes. Various beverages, including beer, soda, water, and juice, cause this phenomenon.

Condensation on the outside of the glass or plastic causes these rings. The water vapor in the air will condense as the liquid on the surface of your cold drink if the temperature is below the dew point. Now it's dripping and might even make a puddle!

In addition to preventing water rings, coasters can also prevent scratches and nicks on the table surface that sharp edges on some cups and glasses may cause. This is particularly important if you plan on repositioning your beverage frequently.

With all of this in mind, using a coaster is the responsible thing to do before placing your beverage down. You can protect your furniture from scratches and add personality to your home!

4. What is the best kind of coaster to get?

Choosing the suitable materials and dimensions for your next set of coffee table coasters is essential regardless of where you plan to use them.

The best coasters are sturdy and protect surfaces even after repeated use. Coasters are great because they prevent drinks from leaving marks on furniture and floors, and they can soak up excess wetness. 

Coasters made of cork are a terrific option, but you can also discover many attractive options made of marble or wood. 

Ensure something is on the bottom of the table to prevent scratches and keep it from moving around too much, regardless of the material used.

Care Instructions 

We advise washing this Sheesham wood paperweight set by hand with warm soapy water and drying it thoroughly to ensure it is always clean and ready for use.

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