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About the Product 

Designed with elegance and charm embedded in every line, Half Dot’s Double Decker is a masterpiece of carving in every sense of the word. The unique make of the wooden tray has revolutionized the game of serving trays. The tray features two sections, giving you an individualistic piece that is as efficient as beautiful.

The bottom half of the wooden tray is 2.5 inches in depth, making it perfect for shallow bowls and plates of snacks. The top half of the tray can be used to hold everything from drinks to desserts. Two finely crafted rods keep the upper tray in place to ensure it doesn’t slip or fall. The black duco paint and pine wood in this wooden tray ensure it will last a long time. The graceful design of this wooden tray makes it ideal for casual and formal parties.     


Here is every crucial detail you need to know about this wooden tray.  

  • Set (No of Pieces) - The tray is a set of one (1). 

  •  Material - The piece is carved from pine wood. 

  • Dimensions - The tray measures 15” x 11” x 4’. 

  • Assembly - This serving tray requires no assembly.


This serving tray is perfect for a relaxing afternoon by yourself or an intimate party. The tray can hold both food and drinks at the same, making it an efficient choice for when you’re hosting. 


This wooden tray is the ideal present for every occasion. Its fine craft and pocket-friendly nature make it a perfect choice for everybody! 


The unique design of this tray is something you aren’t likely to find elsewhere. Additionally, the pine wood of this piece makes it a very durable choice. 

Suitable Home Decor Style  

The elegance of this wooden tray is suitable for any home. The design is perfect for minimalist, modern, and contemporary homes. At the same time, the deep tones of the tray will add a touch of groundedness to traditional and Indian-styled homes. 

About The Brand 

Half Dot believes in crafting wood to represent more than just decor. Their attention to detail gives birth to elegant pieces embedded with a sense of ethereality. Blending geometry and an organic essence, Half Dot elevates everyday things, recognizing the beauty surrounding us in our daily lives. Half Dot’s philosophy revolves around artistic expression, drawing from an age-old material like wood and making space for it in our contemporary times. 

Frequently asked questions 

How do you maintain a wooden tray?

To maintain your wooden tray, wipe it clean at regular intervals. In case there is a stain on your serving tray, or it looks a bit dull, you can use a soft cotton cloth, lukewarm water, and a few drops of mild detergent to polish and clean it thoroughly. 

For some added shine, you can also try a few DIY hacks. A popular choice for restoring a wooden tray to its original glory is scrubbing it with a paste made from baking soda and lime juice. Alternatively, you can also spruce up your tray with the help of some mayonnaise or vinegar. However, it is essential to remember that no matter how you clean your tray, you must let it air dry before storing it in a closed space. 

What is a wooden tray used for?

A wooden tray can serve many purposes, including serving and decor. 

Wooden serving trays are elegant pieces suitable for any home. They have a classy look that can add grace to any surroundings. Wooden serving trays keep your delicate glassware or ceramic utensils from getting scratched or damaged. They are also anti-rust and environmentally friendly!

Wooden trays can also double as great desk gardens. You can set up the tray with a few rocks and small potted plants to create your own paradise. You can also use your wooden tray as a staple on your coffee table to ensure that the clutter stays contained in a singular space. The tray can also be kept on your kitchen platform to make frequently used items like oil, coffee, sugar, salt, etc., easily accessible.

How big is a serving tray?

A serving tray can come in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. You can also get customized serving trays to best suit your needs. 

Small serving trays are ideal for a singular person. They are perfect for lazy afternoons when you treat yourself to hot tea and a few snacks.

Medium-sized serving trays are best for serving snacks to a small group of people. They are also an exquisite choice if you are serving breakfast in bed. 

Large serving trays are usually used for parties and other gatherings. You can use the tray to serve appetizers to everyone. Large serving trays can also double as the perfect charcuterie board for a big group of people. 

What is the importance of serving trays?

Serving trays are an efficient way to serve food and minimize effort and time. They allow you to be the best host you can be while still enjoying the party yourself. Alongside serving, trays are also an integral part of the presentation. They allow you to arrange and decorate the food in the most aesthetic manner possible. 

While serving trays are an exquisite choice for parties, you can also bring one for yourself. They are the perfect way to get all your snacks and drinks in one place, so when you sit to relax, you don’t have to get up repeatedly!

Care Instructions 

To main the looks and shine of your Half Dot Double Decker tray, clean it regularly with a lightly moistened, soft cotton cloth. 

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