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Ellipse Indoor Planter- Set of 2

This versatile piece will liven up any space. It is a small tabletop planter designed to become your rejuvenation center. Desk planters, wooden planters, tabletop planters, and office planters are all varieties of small planters that can fit anywhere. Its adaptability makes it the perfect touch for everyone, whether as a piece of decor or for personal renewal, a tabletop planter to add life to your decor. Wooden wax is used for finishing, and customization is an option. 



Set/No. of Pieces: 2 Ellipse Planters

Material: Made using Sheesham wood

Dimensions: L- 4” x W - 2.75” x H - 2.75” in

Assembly: No assembling required


Usage and Benefits

Indoor planters made from Sheesham wood and treated with a lovely wooden wax treatment are available from The Half Dot Ellipse Planter. This exquisitely crafted small planter will complement your wooden planters, tabletop planter, and home or office planters and ensure the ideal position to add life to your surroundings. Refresh your space with this compact ellipse planter. It is compact yet stylish and can be used in any room as an accent. Our planter design is made from durable, eco-friendly Sheesham wood grown, collected, and harvested sustainably.



Our Ellipse Planter by One-Half Dot is a lovely housewarming, birthday, or holiday present for friends and family. This planter is designed for smaller indoor spaces and easily blends into any environment, so the flow of your area is smooth. It can be displayed in a desk planter, a wooden planter, a tabletop planter, an office planter, and other places. 



This beautiful planter is skillfully made from materials of the best quality and fits in your home or office. This stylish planter will provide the ideal finishing touch to any space, whether you're trying to renovate a wall cabinet, table, or the end of the bed. Thanks to the small ellipse designs, your plants will always remain in the ideal pot size area, which offers the ultimate space saver. Perfect for gifting an indoor planter as a present. 


Suitable Home or Office Decor Style

The Ellipse Planter is an ideal tabletop planter that adds a touch of nature to your home or office. This woodland-inspired indoor planter has a lovely, naturally shaped design and exciting specifics. This plant stand is made of finished Sheesham wood and has a wooden top personalized with your design. 


About the Brand 

The ideology of Half Dot is to use natural elements and transform them into luxurious and stylish products suitable for modern homes and offices. Each creation reflects its creative passion, further enhancing its identity. They attempt to combine patterns with a natural sensation. Half Dot is a style icon who wants to show incredible beauty in simple yet sophisticated designs. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How long do indoor potted plants last? 

Indoor plants are one of the most beneficial things you can have in your home. They brighten the room, purify the air, and make you feel better. Multiple indoor plant options range from extremely easy to care for to requiring plant experts only. Although many believe an indoor plant's average lifespan is between 2 and 5 years, most die much sooner due to poor care. House plants can live indefinitely if properly cared for and allowed to grow. Some plants can live for decades or centuries, depending on how they manage. 


2. Do indoor planters need drainage? 

Yes, whether your potted plants are indoors or outdoors, proper drainage is critical to their health. This method prevents water from pooling at the pot's base, which can lead to bacteria, fungus, and root rot. When the soil becomes too wet, the roots cannot breathe, causing them to die or rot. It can then spread to healthy hearts, killing the entire plant. Root rot is not something you want. Because of this, drainage holes in indoor planters are in high demand. 


3. What do you put in a large indoor planter? 

6 Alternatives to Soil to Fill the Bottom of a Large Planter 

  1. Recycled Plastics
  2. Packing Materials 
  3. Metal Cans
  4. Plastic Pots 
  4. Natural Materials 
  5. Waste Paper and Cardboard


4. Where to buy tabletop planters? 

The best option is to buy them online or in-store because they are made with care and will last longer. Arcedior Shop has a varied selection of tabletop planters. You can then explore and order them accordingly. 

5. What benefits of tabletop planters? 

5 Benefits of tabletop planters are -: 

  1. Reduce Stress - With so many of us working from home, studies have shown that having plants in your home or office space can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

  2. Air Filtration - Indoor plants can help to reduce the number of toxins and pollutants in the air. The ability to notice a difference depends on the number of plants and indoor space size. 

  3. Improve Mental Health - Plants can release oxygen into the air, reducing cloudiness and fatigue in the brain. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, bringing some plants into your home may be beneficial. Certain plant scents and fragrances can also help trigger positive emotions, making you feel relaxed and happier by increasing the number of positive chemicals released by the brain. 

  4. Boost Your Immune System - Plants can help your immune system by relaxing and allowing you to sleep better. When you are more relaxed, your immune system can function more effectively, making fighting off bugs and viruses easier, especially during the winter. 

  5. Humidity In The Home - Plants expel nearly all the water they consume. This water release will benefit both the environment and your health. Dry air can cause irritation and an uneasy feeling in the home. 

Plants are an excellent way to restore humidity to your rooms. If you have trouble sleeping at night due to dry air, having a plant in the room can help.


Care Instructions

Gently wipe with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials since they can damage the product. 



These planters may have slight variations in texture, look, or color because they are handmade by local artists. 

Return and Replacement Policy

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  - We only accept return requests for products dispatched incorrectly or in poor condition.

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