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Roseate Handblown Glass Carafe - Pink 

With a subtle pink hue reminiscent of a rich taste and style, this roseate glass is hand-blown by master artisans in India. Shaped like a perfect hourglass that is narrow and complements any beverage or drinks you enjoy. If you prefer entertaining guests often, this one is a definite must-have, as it will make them aware of your fabulous taste and original fashion. 

You can pour many drinks from this glass vessel, which can double as a pitcher. The middle has a leather strap to aid in better pouring and handling. Delicate lines run through the circumference of the glass and make it an ode to the Art Deco movement, where pastel colours were of prime importance. You can buy this as a singular piece or use it as an accessory in the kitchen for pouring water on the dinner table. Bar tools transcend from mere accessories but become cherished pieces of decor you will use with a sense of happiness in choosing the best-suited product for your taste.  



Here are some of the specifications of this glass carafe:

Set (No. of Pieces)This piece comes in a set of one (1).

MaterialMade using high-quality premium glass

DimensionsD 4-¾", Ht 9.5"

AssemblyNo assembly is required for this glass carafe



There are several purposes for a glass carafe, including storing and serving different liquids such as alcohol, juices, syrups, water, and more. A wide bottom and a tall, slender neck distinguish them. This assists in regulating the flow of liquid from its mouth to guarantee less spillage. They help aerate various wines and spirits and are a very fashionable way to pour wine.



A perfect gift for people who want to add more innovative and luxurious items to their home bars. This glass carafe can be gifted to those who are fond of collecting classy items and is also a wonderful gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and house warmings. 



• The beautiful light pink color is undoubtedly eye-catching and unique.

• It can be used for any drink, like alcohol, juices, water, etc.

• The leather strap on its neck gives it an edge and also helps in a better grip.


Suitable Home Decor

This modern carafe is made to combine beauty with a utility which is not just suitable for modern and contemporary homes but all other styles too.


About the Brand 

Serein Decor is a decor brand that wants to inspire and help you discover your inner pleasure. Their products are made with an emphasis on quality and refinement. They are designed to last and have a significant impact. Through experiential curation, they work to connect good things, good people, and good ideals while bridging the gap between master artisans and their clients. Take part in their path towards mindfulness and improve your daily life with Serein.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a wine carafe called?

A wine carafe can be called a decanter as well. It holds wine, water, juices, and other liquid substances. It is shaped like an hourglass, but the top is slender, and the bottom is wide. It is mainly used to aerate the wine so that its robust flavors can become more enhanced. It is usually made of glass or crystal, so it does not react to any liquid or alcohol. A decanter is a perfect companion to any wine to make it spring to life.


2. What is a glass carafe used for?

A glass carafe has many uses, including storing and serving various liquids like alcohol, juices, syrup, water, and more. They are characterized by their tall and slender neck and wide bottoms. This helps control the amount of liquid dispensed from its mouth to ensure minimum spilling. They are also a very stylish way to pour wines, and it also helps to aerate many wines and spirits.


3. What is the difference carafe and pitcher?

A carafe is noted for having a narrow neck and a broad base. They are a stylish way to serve beverages in lesser quantities and are meant for serving drinks that are consumed slowly. This helps serve and pour wines, liquids, and water for formal and informal use. 

Whereas pitchers are large vessels that can hold several drinks at one time. They are primarily used for cold beverages like sangria, lemonade, and water and for drinks with loads of ice. They can be made from any material, while carafes are usually made of crystal or glass. Carafes don't have a handle, whereas pitchers have, which makes them great for more consumption drinks. 


4. Why is it called a carafe?

The origin of word 'carafe' comes from an Arabic word called 'gharraf,' which means a drinking pot. Then it was used as 'karafa' in French, which also meant a vessel to serve wine. It can be noted that there is also an Italian word, 'caraffa,' which has a similar meaning. Over time, the term 'carafe' started to get used as we know it today as a fancy utensil to serve liquids.


Care Instructions

Wash using water and mild soap with utmost care. Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials since they can damage the product.



Due to the nature of handcrafted items, they should not be considered imperfections. 


Return and Replacement Policy

- Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.

- We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.

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