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Ini - Stoneware Ceramic Desk Planter with plate 

About the Product

This sustainable pot and saucer plate is handmade by skilled artisans from Tamil Nadu and uses the gorgeous stoneware technique to create magic. The unique blue color of the planters fuses nature and the colors of the sky together to bring a planter that will grace any area. This desk planter is suitable for succulents and cacti with minimal water and care. 

Stoneware is a type of ceramic that uses various types of clay heated at a temperature above 1,200°C. This makes the material extremely durable with a stone-like quality like porcelain or earthenware. It also uses 100% non-toxic glazes. 


Set (No. of Pieces)

This desk planter comes in a set of one (1).


Made using Stoneware Ceramic


Dia. - 9 cm x H - 9 cm


No assembly is required; place any of your favorite plants, and you are good to go. 


This desk planter can be used as a tabletop planter on kitchen tops, office desks, or living rooms. Also, you can create a niche in the garden with many of these planters. The great blue hue makes a subtle color combination with the green plant. The plate prevents excess water or dirt to not accumulate on the desk.


Planters are a reminder of nature that has a calming effect on the brain. Impressive as house warming gift or a graduation present. By gifting this desk planter, you will be gifting a piece of serenity for your loved ones. 


  • The appropriate size makes this desk pot ideal to be used on the desk. It doesn't look out of place but accentuates the look of the desk. 
  • The blue color gives an edge over other planters.
  • Since this desk planter is made of earthenware which makes it very durable. 

Suitable Home Decor

Blue is a color that looks very well with any home decor, like modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary, and Moroccan. This desk pot gives a Moroccon vibe that can become a part of your home. 

About the Brand 

Wallistry is a community-driven initiative that wants to provide helpful home decor products to the masses. They want every product to foster a conscious lifestyle for the user, which makes the planet better. They try to upgrade their designs based on their customer's feedback, which makes them very reliable. Their ultimate goal is to have an impact on communities with functional, clean, and simple designs. The best part is that all their products are gender neutral, unique, and promote better health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a planter used for?

Besides making the home more welcoming and adding to the element of home decor, there are many other uses for planters. It is well known that plants give off oxygen, which helps to lower stress levels, cleanse the air, and lessen allergies. Since we all live in cities with high pollution levels, planters also offer greenery to the house. We are unable to take in the outside vegetation because of this. 

Planters provide a convenient indoor reminder of nature. As a result, planters play a crucial role in home décor to enhance the space's aesthetics and make it more comfortable to live in.

2. What are the three types of planters?

The three types of planters are hanging, indoor, and outdoor planters. Materials that can survive the elements are used to make outdoor planters. Terracotta pots, which have been around for generations, are the most popular planter. 

Since indoor planters are used in a controlled environment, they can be any size, shape, and material. 

Arcedior offers a wide variety of planters, each intended for a certain location. The most common option is a hanging basket, ideal for plants that need to dangle or creep down (such as ivy or ferns). Since hanging planters are suspended from the ceiling, they are often lightweight.

3. Why are planters important?

Firstly, plants are known to provide oxygen which helps relieve stress, purify the air and reduce allergens. Planters also add greenery to the home since we all live in cities where pollution is rampant. This does not allow us to harp in the greenery outside. 

Planters are a reminder of nature right in the comfort of our homes. This makes planters a crucial aspect of home decor to beautify the home and make it easier to live in. 

4. What items can be used as planters?

You can use household items like plastic bottles, teapots, dresser drawers, paint cans, and colanders. The essential criterion for making a planter is to have a sturdy base that can hold the weight of the plant. Dresser drawers are great when you want to plant multiple plants in them as they are larger. 

Colanders already have small holes that allow excess water drainage, allowing for better plant health. Otherwise, paint cans, teapots, and plastic bottles can have small, aesthetically pleasing plants. 

5. What is the best type of planter?

The planters that meet every home's requirements are the best. Terracotta and ceramic planters are the most common. Some people like using ceramic and hardwood surfaces. 

While some believe plastic and terracotta planters are the superior choices. Choosing a pot based on the region, plant, climate, soil, and interior design would be beneficial. If you want a robust garden pot, the metal will survive very long.

 The earthy tones of the plants and the rustic home décor style blend nicely with wooden containers. If you reside in a windy area, concrete is a good alternative for your garden because it won't blow over.

Care Instructions

Use a damp or dry cloth for cleaning. Refrain from using any harsh abrasives for cleaning this product.


Since this ceramic planter is luxuriously handmade home decor item, it is  subjected to slight variations in texture/appearance/colours. 

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