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Lazy - Wooden Tissue box with Bin

About the Product

A perfect tissue box for when you are down with a cold or are lazy to throw your used tissues. It is already attached to a bin that lets you throw the tissue paper. This makes it a user-friendly tool that allows the space to be tidier.

Gone are the days of boring tissue boxes; a modern and stylish home requires a sculpted, trendy and fashionable tissue box. A unique wooden tissue box is not only just an accessory to beautify your dinner table, but it also reflects the owner's style.


Here are some of the specifications of this tissue stand:

Set (No. of Pieces)

This product comes in a set of one (1).


Built with pine wood


Length- 8.5", Height- 5.5"


No assembly is required for this unique tissue stand.


This tissue box can simplify cleaning for people who have ailments and cannot get out of bed. It is excellent for flu season and for a lazy person who likes maximum results with minimum effort. Place the tissues in the black compartment. Then throw the used tissues in the yellow bin, which is detachable. After it is full, remove the lid and dump the tissues in the dustbin. 


An appreciable gifting option for friends, family, and loved ones who love innovative products. It is also an interesting gift to have a little fun with your friend who always has a cold. You can also gift this to someone starting a new job or venture. They would always think of your gesture whenever they use this innovative product. 


  • The excellent color combination of pale yellow and black looks both chic and stylish.
  • The tissue disposal bin has a lid that allows you to easily throw the tissues in the dustbin when full. The best part is you don't even need to touch the used tissues. 
  • The tissue box can accommodate lots of tissue and doesn't need to be refilled frequently.
  • The design in itself is a unique feature of this tissue box.

Sustainability Factor

The fact that this tissue stand is made of wood means it will last for a long time. We frequently observe that cardboard and plastic tissue boxes generate a lot of garbage because they can only be utilized for a short time.

Suitable Home Decor

Wood is a material that always stays in style because it matches to all home decor. This product's subtle yet trendy color combination would be the talking point with your guests. 

About the Brand 

Half Dot's ethos lies in utilizing natural elements and transforming them into opulent and chic products suitable for a modern home. Their inventive spirit is reflected in each product, further enhancing its persona. They try to fuse geometric patterns with a dash of organic sensibility. Half Dot is a trendsetter who wishes to demonstrate the inherent beauty in simple yet complex designs. 


1. What is a tissue holder used for?

The uses of a tissue box are numerous. It can hold tissues, keep them from being soiled or wet, and dispense them. 

There are many things you may put in them besides tissues. You can put reusable plastic bags in the tissue box. Since they are scattered across the house, a tissue holder will make them more accessible. 

They are handy for storage and can carry items like towels, spices, and medications.

2. What is a tissue box?

Generally, a tissue box is a compact, rectangular container that stores tissues. 

The box typically includes a top that opens and closes to hold the tissues. It is constructed of cardboard, plastic, or wood. 

The lid keeps the tissues dry and sanitary. Most tissue boxes are made only to release one tissue at a time. 

On tables, nightstands, or worktops, tissue stands are frequently positioned. They are practical since they make it simple to grab a tissue. 

They also aid in maintaining a clean environment in your home by preventing tissues from being strewn about. They may be positioned within cabinets as well.

3. Where do you place a tissue holder?

First of all, tissue boxes ought to be put in a convenient position. This might be on a nightstand, end table, or coffee table. 

They should then be positioned such that you can reach them comfortably. 

Thirdly, candle flames and other heat sources should not be allowed to come in contact with tissue holders. 

In addition, you may put them on the nightstand next to your bed. In this manner, getting out of bed in the middle of the night to obtain a tissue is nullified. 

A tissue box should always be on the dining room table and in the bathroom; following this rule, you can keep your house tidy.

4. What material is tissue box made of?

Various materials, including cardboard, plastic, wood, and metal, are used to make tissue boxes. 

The most popular material for tissue boxes is cardboard because it is lightweight and simple. The disadvantage of cardboard is that it has a worn-out, messy appearance. 

Since plastic can be molded into many different shapes, it is also widely used for tissue boxes. Plastic, however, is neither a biodegradable nor environmentally friendly material. 

Due to their ability to offer tissue boxes a more opulent appearance, wood and metal are becoming increasingly popular. They can be reused for several years and are also environmentally friendly.

Care Instructions

Gently clean with a dry cotton cloth.


The grains of the wood can have mild variations and can be unique from piece to piece.

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