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About the Product 

Half-Dot has outdone itself with the new Line Ashtray. The piece is a work of art, embodying the core essence of what Half-Dot stands for as a brand. The sleek straight lines of this piece, combined with the soft curves at the edges, give birth to a mesmerizing and ethereal wooden ashtray.

The ashtray features jet black ducco paint and Sheesham wood for a look of class and elegance. Sheesham wood is highly durable and fire-resistant, making this piece as efficient as it is beautiful. The exquisite features of this wooden ashtray allow it to double as the perfect desk accessory. 


These are all the crucial details of this wooden ashtray! 

Set (No of Pieces)  -  The ashtray is a set of one (1). 

Material - This piece is carved from the highest quality Sheesham wood. 

Dimensions - This wooden ashtray measures 6.5” x 2”. 

Assembly - The piece requires no assembly. 


The exceptional design of this wooden ashtray balances aesthetics with practicality. The wooden ashtray features gently carved curves on one edge of the piece where you can rest your cigarette. The deep tray of this product can hold a fair amount of ash so that you don’t have to empty your ashtray every ten minutes. 


This wooden ashtray is the optimal gift for a friend who smokes. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is; they are sure to love the enchanting look of this ashtray. This piece is also the perfect present for a friend who adores classy decor. Additionally, the pocket-friendly nature of this gift makes it ideal for events like your office Secret Santa and more. 


The detailed design and unique shape of Half Dot's wooden ashtray quickly set it apart from the rest. The beautiful Sheesham wood of this piece makes it a remarkable piece you will cherish forever. You can also customize this wooden ashtray for a more individualistic look. 

Suitable Home Decor Style 

This wooden ashtray is a truly versatile piece. The craft and elegant design make it perfect for modern, minimalist, and contemporary homes. At the same time, the earthy tones of Sheesham wood make it ideal for homes decorated in traditional and mid-century styles. The classy look of this wooden ashtray also makes it a great desk accessory for an office setting. 

About The Brand 

Half Dot believes in crafting wood to represent more than just decor. Their attention to detail gives birth to elegant pieces embedded with a sense of ethereality. Blending geometry and an organic essence, Half Dot elevates everyday things, recognizing the beauty surrounding us in our daily lives. Half Dot’s philosophy revolves around artistic expression, drawing from an age-old material like wood, and making space for it in our contemporary times. 

Frequently asked questions 

What does an ashtray mean?

An ashtray is a tool used to hold the ash from cigarettes. It is also the ideal place to dispose of extinguished cigarette butts. An ashtray is a crucial accessory for smokers as it helps them avoid unnecessary mess. Having one within arms reach of yourself can ensure that you can work or rest in peace without having to get up repeatedly to discard cigarette butts. 

Other than its central purpose, ashtrays have always been an integral part of home decor. In the older days, it was common to have an ashtray in a house where no one smoked out of respect for guests who might. A finely detailed and elegant ashtray was considered very classy. Even today, a beautiful ashtray has a lot to offer in terms of home decor. It can add grace and charisma to any setting. 

Why is an ashtray important?

Ashtrays are a crucial detail for any individual who smokes. An ashtray is a perfect accessory to throw your cigarette ash and cigarette butts. A handy ashtray allows you to periodically tap your cigarette against it to avoid burning your rugs and sofas with residue. An ashtray is also an essential apparatus when it comes to avoiding fires. Improperly disposed cigarette butts are a prominent cause of fires, and an ashtray is proven to minimize this risk.

Ashtrays are also a significant part of classy home decor. Even if you do not smoke, having a well-placed ashtray as a part of your living room can breathe fresh life into the entire space. Classy pieces like wooden decor are always a welcome addition to any setting. Additionally, non-smokers can use their ashtrays as organizers for jewelry like rings and bracelets. Ashtrays can also double as the perfect holders for spare change, keys,  and other knick-knacks you might have to lie around the house. 

What is the best material for an Ashtray?

The best materials for an ashtray include wood, cement, resin, copper, and more. 

Wooden ashtrays are a great option in terms of durability and decor. They can last you a long time with the proper care. Wooden ashtrays have a timeless look that is classy and perfect for any occasion and setting. Cement ashtrays often feature beautiful abstract shapes that make for a great statement piece and desk accessories. They also knock it out of the park in terms of durability. 

Resin ashtrays have a variety of designs where everyone can find something best suited to their tastes. Resin is also a highly fire-resistant and scratch-resistant material, meaning it will retain its beauty for a long time. Copper ashtrays are ideal as an addition to your patio and garden. The material holds up well against fire and weather elements, making it quite durable. Copper also has a rustic charm you cannot find in other materials.  

Care Instructions 

To ensure your Line ashtray has a long life and retains its looks, clean it regularly with a soft, dry, or lightly damp cloth. 

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