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Romantic White Marble Decorative Candle Holder 

This white marble candle holder reverbs the phrase 'beauty in simplicity' and accentuates the romantic design with a dreamy air to it. Its two-step design is ideal for providing abundant light since it can accommodate two candles. Perfect for cozy evenings on chilly nights, this one sets the mood for a time filled with the company of loved ones. Divulge in the nuance and elegance of this romantic marble candle holder and bring more joy into your life. This candle tea light holder’s primary and obvious usage is to uphold the candle and prevent the dripping wax from spoiling anything. Candle holders have always added flair and class to an interior design or a living area, livening up all the furniture and walls!



Here are some of the features of this candle holder:

Set (No of Pieces)This piece is a set of one (1).

MaterialMade using white marble

DimensionsThe dimensions of this product are 4" x 4".

AssemblyNo assembly is required for the product. You simply need to put a candle on the stand. 



It can be used anywhere for decoration, festive decoration, home decor, in the living room, for a relaxing bath, etc. You can use it singularly or in multiples for a more dynamic look. To create a pleasant and indulgent atmosphere, you can place it in the bedroom. The aura from the candle will transform your room into a cozy haven. 



An excellent gifting option for the festive season, as a housewarming present, or as an office gift. You can gift it on any occasion, and it will imbibe a sense of calmness in the air. It is a thoughtful gift that all will utilize. 



The most prominent feature of this home decor product is its two-step design. The varying height aids in creating a wholesome look that lights up the area where it is placed. Also, the marble material gives it an edge over other products since not many candle holders use marble. 


Suitable Home Decor Style

Since marble has always been associated with opulence and royalty, including this in your home decor will reverberate the same. Marble works exceptionally well with all types of home decor, be it minimalistic, Indian, Moroccan, or even modern. 


About the Brand 

Half Dot's ethos lies in utilizing natural elements and transforming them into opulent and chic products suitable for a modern home. Their inventive spirit is reflected in each product, further enhancing its persona. They try to fuse geometric patterns with a dash of organic sensibility. Half Dot is a trendsetter who wishes to demonstrate the inherent beauty in simple yet complex designs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a candle holder called?

A candle holder can also be called a candelabra and holds candles. They come in different shapes and sizes, though their inherent usage is the same: to prevent the candle wax from dripping to the surface. They also keep the candle upright as it can be prone to falling from external factors. Some other names of candle stands are candelabra or votive candle holders. They have been used since ancient times as candles were the only source of light, and these candle tea light holders come in very handy. 


2. What are the different types of Candle Holders?

Some of the popular ones are taper candle holders, which are, as the name suggests, lean and take up less space, and can be used in compact areas. The other is tealight candle holders, which are smaller in size and burn for a lesser duration of time. Votive candle holders are another type of candle stand with a votive candle inside, which can be fragrant or non-fragrant. Many different types of candle holders are used according to the space and decor of the room.


3. Which type of candle stand is the best?

The best candle stand types are votive candlestand, candelabras, taper candle holders, and many more. You can choose according to the area you want to decorate. To use it for a festive setting or your living room, you can opt for something larger in size that captures the guests' attention. You can choose more compact candle stands for outdoor spaces and in rooms. Since there is a massive market for candle stands that cater to multiple needs. The best one is, of course, the one to your liking and use. If you are someone who loves to light candles every day, then a candle stand is a must. 


4. What is the appropriate size of Candle Stands?

A tealight candle is the smallest. That's why its diameter could be anywhere between 3/4th inch to 1 inch. A votive candle is slighter bigger; hence its size can range from 2-4 inches. A pillar candle is longer; therefore, its size is 3-9 inches. Otherwise, there is no limit to the size of candle holders; you can choose according to your space and liking. There is a standard size for different types of candle stands. Still, it is not limited to that nowadays since everyone's requirements are expanding. 


Care Instructions

Gently wipe with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials since they can damage the product. 



Since this candle holder is handmade by local artisans, they are subjected to slight variations in texture/appearance/colors. 


Return and Replacement Policy

- Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.

- We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.

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