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Product Description 

This appealing wooden table lamp is a terrific lighting fixture for adding a lovely and natural touch to any area, and it is designed in a classic, traditional style. This lamp, with a robust wood base and a shade that emits a warm and calming light, is ideal for a nightstand or a side table next to your sofa or bed.

 In addition, table lamps are frequently used to task light, as it may be necessary to illuminate only a certain region occasionally. Table lamps can provide ambient lighting all across the room or draw attention to a specific room area, much like the sun does at night. If you frequently stay up late reading or writing, one of these table lamps will come in handy.


Set (No of Pieces)

This table lamp features a 2-meter cord, a 40-watt Philips bulb, and a 2-pin dimmer wire, all of which work together to illuminate your workspace and reduce the risk of eye strain.


The contrast between the lamp's cover and its base makes this table lamp so striking and refined. Furthermore, this lamp is constructed from mango wood, making it break-resistant and suitable for use in any space.


With a diameter of eight inches and a height of three, this table lamp is perfect for illuminating a nightstand. Their design guarantees you will have plenty of light to read by without disturbing your companion, and the on/off switch is conveniently located within reach.


  • Take the lamp base and lights out of their packaging.
  • In a clockwise motion, screw the bulb into the base.
  • Connect the plug to the outlet. Verify that the voltage is set appropriately.


This lamp is suitable for using anywhere in the house including bedroom, bathroom, living room and entrance. 


As a thoughtful present to illuminate a loved one's nightstand, kitchen, bedroom, living area, den, dining room, dorm, desk, meditation space, office, restaurant, or coffee shop, this compact wooden table lamp is a great choice. It is designed to complement both modern and industrial decor.


This exquisitely designed item can be used in various settings, from the ultra-modern to the classically modern, allowing you to appreciate the glow of a well-lit space in all its glory. Wearing a sophisticated work of art from our broad collection will help you to project an air of refined sophistication. 

You should get a table light that is both spectacular and jaw-dropping. Moreover, If you're the type that needs some light to fall asleep, a table lamp might be a great addition to your bedroom. Even if you don't need light to sleep, a table lamp in the bedroom can add visual interest by filling up gloomy nooks and crannies.

Suitable Home Decor

This bedside lamp has a soft, beautiful glow that won't blind you. Just what you need to light up your nightstand and read by.

About the Brand 

You can find table lamps for all room in your home, from the bedroom to the living room, at halfdot, each with its own distinct style. Because of its stunning aesthetics and practicality, it is the ideal decorative accent for the room. A table lamp that is well-suited for an improved interior only needs to be of a decent size and have a lasting design.


1. Is it safe to use a table lamp?

As long as you follow the manufacturer's guidelines and some common sense safeguards, using a lamp is extremely risk-free.

Lighting a dark corner or illuminating a room without getting out of bed or off the couch is so easy with the help of a lamp, which is why they are such a ubiquitous fixture in most homes.

The diversity of lamps is enormous, from those used in the workplace to those used in the living room, from those used in the bedroom to those used everywhere else. 

Whether you use your lamps as decorative accents or for daily tasks, you should take a few precautions to keep them secure at home.

2. What is the importance of a lamp?

The table lamp is essential to the room's aesthetics and comfort. 

The lighting in a home or business can either highlight the architectural details or soften them, conveying information about the occupants' culture and way of life in the same way that the furnishings and decor do. 

When everyone is concerned about global warming and other environmental threats, switching to a more eco-friendly lamp is a simple way to show that you value the planet's natural resources and are committed to protecting them.

3. What kind of lamp is best for a bedroom?

Before drifting off to sleep, many enjoy a few minutes of bedside reading; however, having the primary light switched on at this time can be annoying due to how difficult it is to get out of bed.

 Just what is it that needs to be done? The light next to your bed. These convenient lights are small enough to fit on a nightstand without taking up too much room, silent enough not to wake up your companion. 

It can be conveniently located within reaching distance of your hand. Choose from a beautiful selection of table lights to illuminate your nighttime reading.

4. Where should a lamp be placed in a bedroom?

Bedrooms benefit greatly from the soft, romantic light of table lamps. 

Bedroom table lamps are a great addition to any bedroom, whether your own or a guest room, because they help set the mood for a relaxing evening.

Table lamps are commonly used as reading lights and are placed on nightstands on either side of the bed. 

Nonetheless, if you're short on tabletop space, a floor lamp next to your bed is a perfect option; these lamps serve dual purposes as both job and ambient lighting. 

Keep in mind that tall lamps that cast most of their light upward may not be ideal for late-night reading because they won't deliver nearly as much illumination to the surface of the page.

Care Instructions

To clean, just wipe with a moist towel and dry off the surface.

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