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Whether it is a birthday party or a get-together, the appetizers are the heart of these fancy occasions. To enjoy their taste wholly, it is equally important to have ideal cutlery. For that, we have a set of 6 beautifully crafted appetizer forks with multi moonstones on the tails of their handles, giving an elegant and firm grip. The handles are pretty slim to hold and made of high-quality gold-colored brass to give a pleasing and unique shape. It has a U-shaped head with two sharp enough tines to poke and pick up the appetizer. Even if you want a minimalistic elevation of your dining table in an aesthetically pleasing manner, then these are the perfect items. Additionally, this is developed to be food safe considering a person's general health.


Here are some of the specifications of the cocktail fork: 

Set (No. of pieces)- This fork comes in a set of six (6)
Material- Made using quality semi-precious stone with brass
Dimensions- 5 Inches
Assembly- No assembly is required for these appetizer forks


This extremely beautiful set of cocktail fork made with precious stones with brass is perfectly useful for having a super delicious meal placed on the dining table. In addition to this, this set of cocktail fork adds an enchanting flair to the table. Munch the salad or poke the fork to have a slice of a delicious cake; the appetizer forks set is all you need.


Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or office party, the set of these beautifully crafted appetizer forks will be a unique gift to your special ones. This cocktail fork will serve its purpose of having different kinds of food items, including noodles, fruit salad, cake slices, and cheese. 


   •  Made with semi-precious stone
   •  Made using high-quality brass 
   •  Polished stones with different and unique patterns for every fork 
   •  Finely crafted U-shaped fork tines to pick up the food item
   •  Light in weight
   •  Easy to grip in hands 
   •  The cocktail fork set is food safe 

Suitable home decor

The differently colored semi-precious gemstones on the tail of golden-colored brass with a polished finish will suit the contemporary home decor style. In addition to this, the golden-colored brass is well suited for the Indian style of home decor. Set them on the dining table or place them in the kitchen cabinets and enhance the allure of your arena.

About the brand

Gemtherapy is a brand that believes in the motto that "Energy is the new religion." This brand aims to heal the lives of the gemstones. They want to pack the powerful energy of stones into everyday home essentials. Gemtherapy is a neat, simple way to turn daily basics into constructive problem solvers, as each gemstone carries its healing properties, providing a unique solution. The products are loved for self-use and even more as gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is appetizer fork?

An appetizer fork is a small-sized fork used for having appetizers. This kind of fork has tiny and narrow tines to pick up the appetizers, including sausage balls, eggs, and cocktail shrimp. In addition, the cheese fork is perfect for picking up any kind of cheese, including parmesan, blue cheese, or ricotta. So be it any special occasion, the set of including oyster fork and cheese fork is what you should have at your dining table.

2. Is cocktail fork used for appetizer?

Yes, a cocktail fork is used for the appetizer on the dining table. Be it a fruit cocktail or a shrimp appetizer; the cocktail fork will help serve your purpose. In addition, it is a perfect gift item that will be a very thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys appetizers and snacks in the evening or those who love to throw parties occasionally.

3. What is the purpose of a cocktail fork?

A cocktail fork is a small fork with a small handle consisting of three small tines. This is mainly used to eat the food served with the cocktail. With the appetizer forks, it is easy to have shrimp at a party or handle shellfish, fruit salad, and cheese. The cheese fork is apt for picking and having any cheese like parmesan, blue cheese, mozzarella, cottage cheese, or goat cheese. 

4. Are cocktail forks on the right side?

Yes, the cocktail forks are on the right side of the plates. Also, the oyster fork is placed on the right side of the table. This is the only fork placed on the right side of the plates on the dining table. Although the forks are placed on the left side of the dishes, there is an exception to this fork. The oyster fork has a round shape with a broader surface area to loosen the inside particles.

Care Instructions

   •  Clean with a dry cloth
   •  Use lemon juice and vinegar to clean it
   •  Use brass polish such as Brasso to prevent oxidation


As this product is handcrafted, there may be few differences and imperfections.

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