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Half Dot’s Space Planter Natural is a piece revolutionizing the game of wooden planters. The finely arched structure and marvelous wood go easy on your eyes and provides your houseplants with a cozy place to grow and thrive.

With its space-inspired look, this planter has an air of superiority that makes it simply unforgettable. The care to detail on the pot also makes sure to elevate the decor around it, making it a perfect choice for your office, library, dining room, and more. 


With its contrasting colors and glossy finish, the Half Dot Space Planter Natural is a wooden planter unlike any other. While one half of the wooden planter is colored a deep brown, another half boasts a lighter brown; the, the two colors complement each other greatly. 

The pot is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, meaning it will make itself at home on coffee tables, desks, bookshelves, and other places. The perfect hollow of this wooden planter also ensures enough space for you to center your plants correctly for the dream aesthetic decor. 

Features & Specifications 

Detailed below are all the crucial details that will make you desperately want this wooden planter! 

  • Set (No of Pieces) - This planter is a set of one (1). 
  • Material - The pot is carefully carved from the highest quality Sheesham Wood. 
  • Dimensions - This wooden planter measures 4" x 3" x 5"
  • Assembly - Half Dot’s Space Planter Natural requires no assembly. 

Uses and Benefits 

With their delightful frames and earthy tones, wooden planters always have their distinctive charm. The Space Planter Natural takes this to another level with subtle details and a petite frame that adds a sense of serenity unique to a wooden planter. The pot also helps homes in the heart of a busy city to add a touch of nature and greenery to otherwise industrial surroundings. Add this to the fact that your plants will always be uber comfortable in this pot, and you have a winner. 


The simplistic style and pocket-friendly nature of this wooden planter make it a splendid gift for all occasions. Be it the birthday of a gardening enthusiast, or a housewarming party, you cannot go wrong with Half Dot’s Space Plant Natural.   


This pot is a dream come true for all gardening enthusiasts who lack enough space for an actual garden. Be it a small desk garden or a collection on your balcony wooden planter will fit right in. Its dimensions and lightweight structure will allow you to easily reposition it to meet sunlight so that your plants are always happy and healthy. 

Suitable Home Decor Style 

The Space Planter Natural is as versatile as it gets. The neutral colors and shape of the pot ensure that it fits in with all kinds of decor - traditional, contemporary, modern, minimalistic, and more. 

About the Brand

Focused on spirit and innovation, Half Dot stands for much more than furniture and decor. Crafted with care, their wooden pieces are a foray into merging time harmoniously, a testimony to how well instances of the past hold up under scrutiny even today. Half Dot is a lesson in moving forward while looking back. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to buy wooden planters?

Wooden planters may be available in every decor shop near you, but Arcedior is where you should turn for immaculate designs. With an unending list of wooden planters, you are sure to find what is right for you. You can browse through an extensive catalog from around the world, and find a piece that will add the finishing touches of perfection to your home. 

Are wooden planters good?

Wooden planters are a good choice for enthusiastic gardeners for multiple reasons. The natural materials of the pot will ensure that your plants stay healthy. Wooden planters also benefit from their aesthetic value, which cannot be mimicked and replaced. As the cherry on top, wooden planters are ecological, making them the perfect choice for an environmentally friendly individual.  

Are wooden planters durable?

While there are certainly more choices in terms of durability, wooden planters can last you a long time with patience and care. Appropriate care can ensure that your wooden planter lasts up to 2 to 3 years, if not longer. Combine this with its other benefits, and a wooden planter seems like the way to go!

How can I make my wooden planter last longer?

There are a plethora of things you can do to ensure your wooden planters lives a long happy life. A few of these things are -  

  • Use a plastic liner to limit the contact between wood and moisture.
  • Palace your planter on a stand to avoid contact with drained water.  
  • Use wood preservatives on your planter to eliminate the risk of rot.
  • Coat your planter with varnish, waterproof paint, or liquid sealant to limit water damage. 

Following these steps and repeating them at regular intervals will ensure that your wooden planter lasts a long time.

Can you plant in a wooden planter?

Yes, you can plant various plants in a wooden planter. In fact, wooden planters are often the healthier choice for plants. 

Which wood is best for planters?

Pine, Cedar, and Redwood are the most popular and common choices for wooden planters. However, Sheesham is the most valued source of timber in India. Sheesham wood is essentially immune to dry-wood termites, has great durability, and its resistance to degradation makes it an excellent choice for all types of furniture, especially planters. 

Care Instructions - To get the best out of your wooden planter, please avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Heavy watering is also inadvisable. To clean your Space Planter, take a lightly moistened cotton cloth and gently wipe the surface.

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