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Premium Wooden Ashtray


Half Dot is here with the Line Ashtray, a simply breathtaking design perfect for smokers and non-smokers. The wooden ash tray features a cylindrical shape, with curves carved into one end to hold your cigarettes. The natural textures of this wooden ashtray give it a look of sophistication without seeming uptight. Sheesham wood is also fire-resistant, making this wooden ashtray an exquisite buy. The handy size and weight of the piece allow you to move it around easily. Additionally, you can also customize this piece to make it more individualistic. 



Here are the details of this wooden ashtray. 

  • Set (No of Pieces) - This ashtray is a set of one (1) 

  • Material - This piece is made of Sheesham wood. 

  • Dimensions - This wooden ashtray measures 6.5” x 2” 

  • Assembly - The piece requires no assembly. 


This wooden ashtray is the perfect addition to your collection. The heat resistance of the Sheesham wood makes it an exquisite choice for cigarette butts and ash. The tasteful design of the piece makes it the ideal desk accessory. The beauty of this ashtray also makes it a splendid option for non-smokers looking to add a little bit of class to their decor. 



This ashtray is the perfect present for a friend that smokes. Whether it is their birthday or they are hosting a housewarming or festival party, they will adore this wooden ashtray. This piece is also an exceptional choice for the birthday of a friend who loves timeless works of art.  



The gracefully crafted wood of this ashtray makes it a distinctive choice. Additionally, you can get this piece customized to suit your tastes and get an ashtray that is as unique as you. 


Suitable Home Decor Style  

This wooden ashtray is a truly versatile piece in every sense of the word. The delicate frame and elegant design make this piece perfect for modern, minimalist, and contemporary homes. The wooden work on it means it will blend well with homes decorated in traditional and mid-century styles. The sophisticated look of this wooden ashtray also makes it a great desk accessory for your office. 


About The Brand 

Half Dot believes in crafting wood to represent more than just decor. Their attention to detail gives birth to elegant pieces embedded with a sense of ethereality. Blending geometry and an organic essence, Half Dot elevates everyday things, recognizing the beauty surrounding us in our daily lives. Half Dot’s philosophy revolves around artistic expression, drawing from an age-old material like wood, and making space for it in our contemporary times. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does an ashtray mean?

The central purpose of an ashtray is to hold the ash from cigarettes and cigars. You can usually dispose of cigarette butts in an ashtray as well. Ashtrays have always been a classy part of home decor. In the earlier days, having one in your home was common even if none of the residents smoked. This was done for the convenience of visitors who may smoke. Even now, the charm of a beautifully carved ashtray is truly immeasurable. It is an especially crucial detail for smokers. It can help you avoid any unnecessary mess and keep you safe from the risk of cigarette butt fires. Arcedior features a large variety of ashtrays and you can choose which one works best for you!


2. Why are ashtrays important?

Ashtrays are a crucial aspect of any smoker's life. They help keep the mess of cigarette butts contained in a singular place. Improperly disposed of cigarette buts are also a cause of fires every single year. These fires tend to result in huge losses. A proper ashtray can minimize this risk by a large percentage. Having an ashtray handy also allows smokers to smoke in peace. Whether you are working hard to meet a deadline or relaxing in front of your tv, it can be annoying to get up every time you need to discard a cigarette butt. An ashtray placed an arm’s reach away from you is the perfect solution to this problem. 


3. What can ashtrays be used for?

The ideal usage of an ashtray is to catch the ash from cigarettes and hold cigarette butts. However, if you’re looking to get creative, there are many uses for an ashtray. An aesthetically pleasing wooden ashtray can double as the perfect desk accessory. It can also make for a beautiful statement piece on your living room coffee table. You can also use your ashtray to organize small pieces of jewelry. It can also double perfectly as a holder for keys, spare change, and other knick-knacks.  


4. What is the best material for an Ashtray? 

The most popular ashtray materials are glass, ceramic, silicone, marble, and stainless steel. Each of these materials has its own advantages. Glass ashtrays have always been a well-loved choice. The wide range of designs, combined with the fact that they are easy to clean, make this material a great option. Ceramic ashtrays share a lot of qualities with their glass counterpart. However, ceramic is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Silicone ashtrays are a relatively new trend. Silicone is an unbreakable material with high heat resistance making it the ideal choice for clumsy smokers. Marble ashtrays are a great choice if you are going for a timeless look. Their heavy weight also makes them a great desk accessory. Stainless steel is an age-old material that has stood the test of time. It is highly durable and easy to clean, making it a great buy.  


Care Instructions 

To ensure your wooden ashtray stays in its best shape, clean it regularly with a dry or slightly damp cloth. 


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