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Wooden Cutlery Holder

Bought a new home? Revamped your kitchen? Well, make your very first purchase of a wooden cutlery holder for your kitchen or dining table. It is a kitchen accessory that completes your kitchen decor. It serves two purposes: decorative (unique finish with black handles) and functional (keep cutlery, tissue, and sauce bottles). This cutlery stand for dining table comes in handy while cooking and needs to be swapped from ladle to spoon quickly. The perfect addition of a spoon stand for dining table will make your table setting organized. The wooden material is durable and gives a rustic touch to your decor. It is coated with a food-grade lacquer because it is used as a spoon stand. The handles ease the handling and transfer of the spoon holder from one place to another. 


Here are the few features of wooden cutlery holder:

Set (No of Pieces) - This spoon holder for dining table comes in a set of one (1).
Material - It is made using teak wood.
Dimensions - W- 10" X D- 6.5" X H- 4.75"
Assembly - No assembly is required for this wooden cutlery holder. 


   •  It is ideal for keeping spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, ladles, tongs, or straws. 
   •  You may also roll tissue or napkins at the back portion of the spoon holder.
   •  You can also keep pens, scissors, pencils, and notebooks in this beautiful wooden cutlery holder. 
   •  You may decorate it with flowers, candles, or fairy lights. 
   •  You may use it in cafes, restaurants, office dinner tables, or bars.
   •  You can keep ketchup bottles, salt-pepper, and seasoning shakers.


Present your loved ones with this durable wooden cutlery holder that will beautify the cutlery presentation on the dining table. Cutlery stand for dining table is a perfect Diwali gift for those who have revamped their kitchen or home during Diwali. This spoon holder is appropriate as a present for newly opened pubs, restaurants, or cafes.


The raised handles in the cutlery stand on either side allows you to lift it easily. This rectangular spoon stand for dining table has three square-shaped compartments and one long rectangular compartment. 


Sustainability factor

Wood is a nature-originated material that is durable and environmentally favorable. This cutlery stand for dining table is made with termite-proof wood. Wood is a renewable resource, so it goes back to earth, where it comes from. 

Suitable home decor

The wooden cutlery holder with handles and compartments brings a rustic touch to your kitchen or dining area. This spoon stand for dining table is a must addition to your sinner table setting. 

About the brand 

Nestroots is a symbol of elegance, beauty, and design. They operate with the conviction that the process should be equally as fascinating as the outcome, and their goal is to produce honest work and captivating solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is cutlery holder?

A cutlery holder is a kitchen accessory where spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, and related items are kept. It is a highly usable kitchen item because it accommodates napkins and kitchen rolls. It is a perfect tool to organize the kitchen and makes the kitchen look spacious. In addition, it is an affordable and simple-to-maintain option for the kitchen. 

2. What is the use of cutlery holder?

A cutlery holder is a piece of equipment used to store spoons, ladles, forks, tongs, and spatulas. It aids in the effortless display of cutlery. Cooking spoons, ladles, napkins, sauce bottles, and spatulas can all be stored in the cutlery stand. It makes it easier for visitors to serve themselves at the table by keeping the spoons, forks, and tissues in one location. In addition, a stylish, ornamental cutlery holder for the dining table and kitchen will enhance the space's aesthetic appeal. 

3. What is the advantage of cutlery holder?

The cutlery holder is a multipurpose tool for the kitchen and dining tables. 

   •  Organizing cutlery: It helps in organizing spoons, forks, sporks, or ladles.
   •  Hygiene: Keeping clean and dried cutlery in a holder after every use is hygienic. 
   •  Easy access: It eases the cooking and eating act while you’re in the kitchen or at the dining table. 
   •  Decoration: cutlery stand for dining table comes in different sizes, materials, and shapes, which makes the dining table attractive. 

4. What is the use of spoon holder?

A spoon holder is a tool to keep a spoon or spoons. It helps in an effortless display of a spoon. The spoon holder holds ladles, spatulas, or cooking spoons. The spoon holder keeps the spoons in one place and eases the guests to help themselves at the dining table. A designer spoon holder for dining table and kitchen that is unique and decorative will accentuate the kitchen's aesthetic appeal. 

Care Instructions 

   •  Use a mild chemical agent to clean it.
   •  Do not scrub the cutlery stand.
   •  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
   •  Do not use water or soap directly on it. 


It is a hand-made cutlery stand; thus little imperfections should be neglected. 

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