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Wooden Tray with Bracelet, Watch Holder 

Desk organizers, bedside organizers, and tray desk organizers come with a wooden tray that puts your desk accessories in place, eliminating clutter. It enhances sophistication by being made of Sheesham and pine wood. It's past 9 o'clock; time to call it a day by dropping off your favorite day-to-go items with a dash of aesthetics and a touch of utility. The appropriate bedside table for your needs is the Desk Organizer Tray. It makes it simple to get gifts, sundries, and accessories from home to work. 



Set/No. of Pieces - 1 Sheesham wood tray and Pinewood cone 

Material - Made using Sheesham wood and Pinewood 

Dimensions - L9” x W3.5 ” x H5 ”in 

Assembly - No assembling required 



Look no further if you want a simple and attractive bedside tray with a dash of utility. This desk organizer made of Sheesham and pine wood will be a conversation starter every time you place it on your bedside table. Desk organizers are wonderful holiday, festival, or birthday presents. This item will be regarded highly for its charm and originality. It's also great for storing all your daily necessities in one place, so you don't have to look for them when you wake up in the morning! Enough already; let's call it a day. It makes an excellent housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift for friends and family. 



Desk organizers make a fantastic holiday gift, housewarming present, or office gift. This piece will be highly appreciated because of its beauty and uniqueness.



With its clean and elegant appearance, a bedside tray is ideal for putting your fingers into the tabletop design. With its wonderfully simple shape and gorgeous finish, Dash Dot's Call It A Day Tray desk item makes a statement. It's also good for you. This desk organizer would look great in your home office or bedroom. The Desk Organizer Tray is the ideal bedside table for your needs. It makes it simple to bring accessories, small items, and gifts to work from home. Desk organizers make wonderful celebrations, birthdays, or workplace gifts. Because of its beauty and originality, this piece will be greatly admired. 


Suitable Home Decor Style

It works well as a desk accessory, bedside accessory, tray, table organizer, and other items. The desk organizer tray makes the ideal bedside table for keeping your most frequently used items close at hand. This tray is made of Sheesham wood and has a gorgeous color. It may be used as traditional decor. It can be utilized in many different styles of decor. Check out this incredible desk organizer if you're looking for a tray or bedside table to keep your daily necessities close to home or work. Desk organizers make fantastic gifts for birthdays, festivals, or the home. This piece will be highly praised for its charm and uniqueness. 


About the Brand 

Half Dot aims to use natural elements and transform them into elegant and stylish products suitable for a modern home. Each creation reflects its creative energy, further enhancing its persona. They attempt to combine geometric patterns with an organic feel. Half Dot is a trendsetter who wants to show the underlying beauty of basic yet rich designs. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What should be included in a desk organizer? 

A desk organizer's purpose is to organize essential items you ordinarily keep in, on, or near your desk: pencils, tape, staplers, paperclips, thumbtacks, stamps, and whatever else you require regularly. Arrange everything on your desk using the desk organizers. They will help you keep your essential items organized, allowing you to focus on the tasks and other things that are more important at work. 


2. What is the best way to organize your desk at work? 

Here are eight ideas for organizing your desk so you can be your most creative self at work: 

- Look over your belongings. 
- Follow your workflow. 
- Save your space. 
- Remove visible clutter. 
- Put your touch on it. 
- Make the switch to digital. 
- Check under your desk. 
- Wipe it clean. 

3. What are the benefits of a desk organizer? 

Everyone has a different work style, which includes how clean their desk is. Some employers want you to keep your desk tidy because it looks more professional and saves time looking for misplaced invoices, meeting notes, or office supplies like pens and sticky notes. However, with the switch to telecommuting, you have a more significant say in how your desk is organized. They will assist you in keeping your vital belongings organized, allowing you to focus on your present chores and other more critical work-related tasks. 


4. What are some things you need on your desk? 

Some items you should have on your desk include 

- A notebook. Place a memo book or notepad on your desk where you can jot down notes and to-do lists. 
- A USB charger. 
- An organizer. 
- Headphones and a holder 
- A meaningful cup. 
- A laptop 
- Desktop stand. 
- A nice pen. 
- A good water bottle 
- A vertical phone charger, etc. 

Care Instructions

Gently wipe with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials since they can damage the product. 



These products may have slight variations in texture, look, or color because they are handmade by local artists. 


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- We only accept return requests for products dispatched incorrectly or in poor condition.

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