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Serve The Delicious and Fluffy Cakes On The Stylish Cake Stand From Arcedior 


What is a cake stand?

A cake stand is a fancy serveware primarily used to place delicious cakes on it to decorate and serve them pleasingly. Now, cakes are not limited to just birthdays, but they have become an integral part of almost every ceremony, including anniversaries, office parties, retirement, and graduation functions. Due to the immense popularity of cakes, it has become quite important to present them in an eye-pleasing manner, making people crave more. A baker's hard work of making a soft and delicious cake creatively gets justice when the cake is presented attractively. The cake stands come in various shapes and styles, from swinging cake stands to multi-tiered cake stands. So, choosing the one that goes perfectly with your function is required.


Types of cake stands available online

Cake stands are functional pieces that act as serveware and elegant decor items in various styles and patterns. Different types of cake stands are available online, and many are listed below.


Two-Tier Cake Stand

A two-tier cake stand has two plates placed at a distance from one another to place and present two different sizes of cakes. The two plates are of different sizes, with the lower one bigger in dimension than the smaller one on the top.


Three-Tier Cake Stand

A three-tier cake stand has three plates placed at an equal distance from one another. These plates are attached with a stylish support that adds charm to the cake stand.


Multi-Tier Cake Stand

The multiple-tier cake stand can have several tiers that can go up to four, five, six, and a lot more. As we go up from the bottom, the tiers get smaller in size, with the bottom level having the broader surface and the uppermost deck being the smallest.


Floating Cake Stand

A floating cake stand gives the illusion of the cakes placed on it floating in the air. These are the most trendy cake stands these days. This cake stand online has the most stylish appearance. The plates are connected with each other with sleek support that can be covered with flowers and other decorative materials.


Rotatable Cake Stand

The rotatable cake stands have a fixed base with the top plate rotatable. These cake stands are ideal to use in the kitchen specifically. While doing the frosting of the cake, the plates need to be rotated, and the cake stand online are the best for this purpose.


Pedestal Cake Stand

The pedestal cake stand has a base plate to accommodate cakes, cupcakes, and sandwiches with support at the bottom. These cake stands are primarily found in cafes, restaurants, and homes. They come in different styles and materials, including marble, ceramic, and porcelain.


Cake Stand with Dome

A cake stand with dome has a big lid to cover the cake and other food items so that they remain fresh for a more extended period. This cake stand with dome in glass material looks the most elegant because it gives a clear view of the food items like sandwiches, cupcakes, and cakes.


Plateau Cake Stand

A plateau cake stand has a base shape the same as that of a pedestal cake stand. However, it doesn't have the elongated support of pillars. These have three or four short legs to give the base plate, structural support, and a great design.


Materials used in making cake stands

The cake stand online used for placing and presenting fluffy and delicious bakery items like muffins, cupcakes, pastries, and giant cakes has to be made of sturdy yet elegant material that withstands daily wear and tear and acts as a beautiful decor item. 



The handcrafted wood cake stands are the classic choice due to their sturdiness and durability. These cake stands come in various finishes, like lacquered and varnish, which gives these stands a unique look.



The glass-made cake stands exude a touch of elegance and sophistication together. These cake stands have the most beautiful designs and styles to choose from. Also, these are resistant to high temperatures, breakage, and high pressure. Also, the glass cake stand with dome looks quite graceful when used to cover the cakes placed on the wooden or marble base platter.


Iron Wire

The iron wire-made cake stands are light in weight and easy to carry stands that come in various unique designs. These can simply carry cupcakes and other bakery items without taking up much of the space on the table.



The cake stands made of aluminum material are light in weight and look appealing. The aluminum cake stand is durable and need not be changed very often. Mix the lemon juice with warm water to keep the aluminum cake stand clean and rub the stand with a sponge dipped in this solution.



For the fine dining experience, Porcelain cake stands to add charm to the dining table. This cake stand online is light in weight and resistant to cracks caused by daily wear and tear. The cake stand online in porcelain material comes in various styles, designs, and patterns available in vibrant colors.



Ceramics is a rigid material that can withstand high temperatures while being classy and luxe. This is one of the sturdiest materials that last very long. In addition to this, the cake stands made of ceramic are also versatile.



Marble is one of the most preferred materials when choosing the perfect base for a cake stand. The marble material is quite hard in nature, due to which it can withstand daily wear and tear and extreme temperatures. They come in a variety of rich colors and natural textures to choose from.

Appropriate size of a cake stand

There is no specific size needed for a cake stand. You must always choose a cake stand depending on the size of your cake. However, the thumb rule says that the plates of the cake stand online must always be more significant or equal to the size of the cake that you have baked. It is so because a giant plate can easily accommodate a cake of a smaller size. It is always advisable not to use a cake stand that has a smaller size than the size of the cake. Otherwise, the cake will be imbalanced and look dull on the cake stand.


Why choose Arcedior?

Arcedior offers a wide selection of one-of-a-kind and elegant cake stands. We have cake stands created of every fashionable and durable material, from wood to marble. Serve the fluffiest, tastiest desserts possible such as cakes, pastries, and cupcakes, on the premium cake stand. The cake stands online to serve as a practical item to serve snacks and desserts while also enhancing the design of your table space. With our incredibly distinctive cake stands range, make a fashion statement at the parties you host and other special occasions.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to have a cake stand?

Yes, it is necessary to have a cake stand. A cake stand helps you serve the cakes, pastries, and pastries elegantly at parties and various other ceremonies. The cake stand comes in multiple materials like wood, marble, glass, and numerous other materials. The wooden carved cake stand gives a vintage look to the cake stand and will add a classy touch to the parties and ceremonies.


2. What material is a cake stand?

A cake stand comes in various materials like wood, glass, marble, aluminum, iron wire, steel, and other materials. A wood cake stand has several finishes, like varnish and lacquer. The mango wood can also be used in this. These are strong and last for a longer time. It makes the cake more inviting. A cake stand with a dome looks most elegant in glass material. These can withstand high temperatures. The lid on the base plate keeps the bakery items fresh for an extended period. Marble cake stands are pretty hard and come in natural textures and rich colors that withstand high temperatures and pressure. Aluminum is a lightweight material that adds a sophisticated touch to the dining space. These come in various designs, which are easy to carry and clean also. 


3. What is the purpose of a cake stand?

The primary purpose of a cake stand is to serve the cake elegantly at parties and daily celebrations. This cake stand online comes in various types like a pedestal cake stand, plateau cake stand, floating cake stand, tiered cake stand, rotatable cake stand, and cake stand with dome. A pedestal cake stand has a base plate with a pillar of a few inches at the bottom to provide support. A plateau cake stand is a comprehensive round plate to accommodate cupcakes and pastries. This cake stand has three to four tiny legs to provide support. The floating cake stand consists of stylish plates that make the cake look like it is floating in the air. A tiered cake stand can have two, three, four, or multi-tiers available. The base of a cake stand must always be greater than the cake so that the cake does not fall down.


4. Does a cake stand need to be bigger than a cake?

Yes, a cake stand needs to be bigger than the cake. It is essential to find an appropriate cake stand that has a base bigger or equal to the cake. This is so because if the plates of the cake stand are smaller than the size of the cake, then it will become imbalanced and ultimately fall down, creating a mess.