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Why Is a Vase Essential in Home Decor?

Vases may be used in various ways, including flower arrangement, storing makeup brushes, blending beverages, holding water, and drinking. You may produce a refreshing summer punch or a warming winter brew by putting fantastic drinks or mocktails in the vase, swirling it, and then chilling it. You can make strawberry punch, champagne-based sparkling cocktails, and many other things. The beverages have a clear look and exude even more brilliance as their gorgeous colors bubble up.
A glass jar is handy for a long time because it never goes out of style and serves a valuable purpose like holding flowers, mixing drinks, and general decoration. You may select from various jars, including glass, brass, ceramic, and metal. But for a more transparent look, such as in floral arrangements, you should choose one as it goes with any color scheme in the house. They can be long, short, wide, or narrow, depending upon the type of usage. They are fantastic gifts for the festive season or special occasions since they are widely utilized and well-appreciated.

Different Shapes of Flower Vases

Arcedior offers a wide range of vases in different shapes, sizes, and materials to adorn your home for all occasions.

Bowl Vase

This vase is shaped like a bowl with a round and big surface. This allows multiple flowers to be placed easily. However, you cannot place long-stem flowers since they will fall off. They look excellent when placed on the dining table and at the entrance.

Cylindrical Vase

Long and cylindrical flower vases look sublime in any space. Their simple design resonates with the minimalistic ideology since all focus is on the flower. Long-stem flowers look the best in them since they are taller.

Bouquet Vase

As the name suggests, it is designed to accommodate a beautiful bouquet. It has a broader bottom which sinches in the middle and then opens up again on the top.
Both long and short-stemmed flowers look great in them as they are not as tall as a cylindrical flower vase.

Square/Cube Vase

This unusual shape can become the eye-catching element of the room in which it is placed. The body is such that it only allows a few flowers inside it. Due to this, you can place small flowers like daisies, pompoms, and roses.

Rustic Vase

Wide from the bottom and narrow on the top, the rustic vase’s unique shape gives it an earthy flair. However, it does not fit many flowers due to its tiny mouth. They can accommodate heavier flowers since the base stops them from tumbling over.

Bud Vase

Small and compact, bud vases resemble the bud of a flower. It is rounder at the bottom and narrows at the top. This allows only a single flower to be placed inside it, or you can place a petite bouquet. They can be placed in a cluster or singularly on the bookshelf, tv set, or coffee table.

Trumpet Vase

Usually seen in weddings or similar functions, Trumpet vases are like a trumpet with a long neck that opens at the top. They are placed on the dining table because they are tall, and the flower arrangements do not come in the way of the food.

Different Uses of a Home Decor Vase

Besides the conventional usage of a vase, it can also have multiple other uses. It can be utilized in almost all corners of the home.


The most prominent use of a vase is to show off the colorful flower arrangements. Glass vases come in many different shapes and sizes that suit the varied styles of flowers. They can be placed strategically in areas of a room that need more beautification and color.

Salad Bowl

Since vases are usually large and tall, you can make a fancy salad. All the freshness and shades of the ingredient will gleam from the clear vase. Mix all the ingredients and add the dressing; give it a good shake and enjoy a tasty salad.

Utensil Holder

A tall vase like a cylindrical vase or a bouquet vase would work exceptionally well as a utensil holder. When your flowers have died out on the dining table, replace them by placing your silverware in them. In the kitchen, you can put your wooden spoons, slotted spoons, etc.

Drink Mixing

A home decor vase can make a delicious summer punch or a winter mule. All you need to do is add the ingredients like fruits, alcohol, mixers, soda, and ice to the vase. Then stir well with a wooden spoon to blend in all the flavors. Place it on the dinner table or the patio to enjoy with family and friends.

For Stacking Fruits

It is a well-known fact that if we see fruits in front of us, we will eat them. Otherwise, they are left inside the fridge where they are not visible, so we tend to snack on junk items. Take a vase and stack all your favorite fruits on the kitchen counter. Now you have yourself a relatively healthy decorative element.

Different Materials Used for a Vase

Vases are usually associated with glass and crystal, but with new trends emerging, the materials have evolved too.


This is the most common material when it comes to vases. Its clear and see-through texture allows the flowers to reveal their beauty. Make sure to change the water regularly since you want clean water in a clear vase.


The latest trend, ceramic vases come in many shapes and sizes, which allows them to adapt to many decor styles. Ceramic vases are made from baked clay and heated at a high temperature. This solidifies the shape, which gives it a lovely texture.


If you want to add a more luxurious element to your home. They have a beautiful finish and some of the most eye-striking intricate designs. They are perfect for gifting purposes, and you can add colorful flowers as a thoughtful present.


This material is known for its durability since it is virtually unbreakable. Metal vases are your savior if you have toddlers or small children at home who like to break stuff.


The elegance of the wood is undisputable since it gives a natural tone to the room. It will become a perfect compliment to the flowers. 

How to Decorate a Vase at Home for the Best Look

You can create the perfect vase look for any setting with a few simple ideas.

1. Create a centerpiece for your dinner table or living room. Add flowers that match your mood or current state of mind. You can place other home decor items like sculptures, candle holders, and more.

2. Fragrant flower arrangements look excellent in the bathroom but make sure to use a small vase like a cube or bud vase.

3. Small vases can be placed on the bookshelf atop some stacked books. Place a singular leaf or flower to create a cozy space.

4. Create a dramatic effect by placing high and low vases with similar flowers to create a great visual appeal.

5. In the kitchen, you can make a flower arrangement with exotic fruits of the same palette as the flowers.

6. To make your home smell like a million bucks, pour raw coffee grounds into the vase.

Why Arcedior Provides the Best Home Decor Shopping Online?

Being a reputable brand in the home decor industry, Arcedior delivers a platform for innovative brands to showcase their products. The decor items are crafted by local artisans using sustainable methods. This ensures that each item is made with careful consideration and love for craftsmanship. You can explore various products on the website to find trendy pieces each time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What types of vases are there?

Many types of vases differ in their shape, color, and material. The most prominent ones are bouquet vases, bud vases, bowls, urns, jars, jugs, and pitchers. Each form has its usage, like a bouquet, as the name suggests, is used place a bouquet in them. A bowl is round and used for flower arrangements and other decorative items.
Although jugs and pitchers can be used in floral arrangements, they are mainly used to pour and store a large quantity of water or drinks. Urns are the most intricate and have a particular shape that has been used since ancient times.

2. What vases do florists use?

Florists use many types of vases, like rustic vases, cylindrical vases, bouquet vases, square or cube vases, ceramic vases, and bud vases. These floral vases use different flowers depending on their look, texture, feel, and size. A cube or square vase can accommodate lesser flowers, so using smaller flowers like daisies, forget me not, fairy foxglove, rock cress, and sweet alyssum are used. Larger vases with wider mouths can hold flowers with thick stems, like sunflowers, tulips, lilies, and dahlias. For the middle size, you can make floral arrangements using both flowers.

3. Where can I buy a vase online?

You can buy the best vases at India’s beloved online home decor store, Arcedior.
They have a vast collection of unique shapes, colors, and textures that will make your vase search easy and breezy. Materials like wood, ceramic, glass, brass, crystal, and more are available in this curated list. Unusual colors that beautify your home decor, unavailable elsewhere, can be found in their large online store. From funky to elegant, bold to beautiful, you can find a vase that suits your needs at Arcedior. Shop now at Arcedior’s website.

4. What type of vase is best?

According to some surveys, the most likable vase is the opaque ones which could be more transparent. Transparent ones are also popular, but opaque ones are preferred for floral vases. This is because they hide the stems, which are completely visible in glass ones. The most popular shape is an hourglass, which is narrow on the top and broader at the bottom. It is the signature shape of a vase, but with time, trends have changed, and ceramic vases are the new thing. Choosing pastel or neutral colors ensures that it matches all types of decor.

5. What looks good in a vase?

Home decor vases can be so much more if you don’t wish to put flowers. Flowers look the best in a vase, and one of their essential uses is as a floral vase. You can put a single and big leaf that gives a great contrast to shiny vases. To suit an earthy or rustic decor, you can place small balls of yarn inside a sizeable transparent vase.
Wine corks can be saved from the wines you drink and filled in a vase, which adds more aesthetic to a room. Many coffee lovers who enjoy the aroma of coffee beans use home decor vases to put them in their kitchen.

6. What is another name for vases?

Jugs, urns, pots, containers, vessels, amphoras, pitchers, jars, and ewers are just some other names for vases. These, of course, have different uses but fall in the same category of vases. Even though jugs and pitchers can be used in floral arrangements, they are often employed to pour and store enormous amounts of water or other beverages. Urns are complicated and have a specific shape that has been utilized for centuries. A vessel or container is another name for vases since, and like vases, they also contain many items like water, drinks, food, and more.