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What is the Use of Cutlery?

In the most literal definition, cutlery means to cut food with a fork, knife, or spoon. A good cutlery set goes a long way in making your dinner table look more elegant and efficient. Each has its uses and makes dining an enjoyable experience. Most cutlery has different shapes and sizes for many uses like a butter knife is quite blunt and is used to spread butter on toast, bread, or food. A fruit fork is two-pronged to lift all fruits for maximum benefit with minimum effort easily. When it comes to baking or cooking, a teaspoon which is the smaller quantity, and a tablespoon which is the larger quantity, are both used daily and are also part of the cutlery. 

The soup spoon is bigger and oval-shaped for drinking soup to cool it down. In contrast, a dessert spoon is smaller to enjoy a mouthful of the tasty dessert. Arcedior Shop has many types of cutlery, including innovative shapes, agate spoons, cake serving sets, salad serving sets, soup spoons, gold dipped cutlery, cheese knife sets, and so much more. 

What are the Different Types of Cutlery?

Cutlery sets are not just the basic spoon, fork, and knife. It has an array of different elements that are used for particular food. Like how drinks taste better with their designated glasses; similarly, food tastes better with their designated cutlery.

Dinner Fork

It is characterized by its four tines which are of equal length. Dinner forks are used to eat all types of food, especially for cutting meat and vegetables. It is prevalent in the household since it is used the most. Buying good quality dinner forks will ensure a seamless dining experience. 

Salad Fork

This fork resembles a regular dinner fork but is shorter in height. Its side tines are wider to cut the lettuce. Though you can eat every food with it, it is specially designed to eat leafy vegetables, which are harder to cut. 

Fruit Fork

Fruit forks have only two or three tines, making them look distinct from the rest. They have sharper tines since they are used to pierce the fruit's skin and have a solid grip. If you are serving fruit as dessert in a cup, then it should be done with this fork. 

Dinner Spoon

Having the perfect size to fit a mouthful of food, a dinner spoon is also known as a tablespoon. It is called such since it is used the most at the dinner table. In Indian households, dinner spoons are used more than a dinner fork since the food consists of rice, curries, dals, and stews.

Soup Spoons

Bigger than a regular spoon, a soup spoon has a rounder front. The round shape allows more surface area for the hot soup to cool down. The mouth is flatter which allows more soup to accumulate. Soup spoons in Eastern cultures have short and thick handles, which allow easy access to the soup. 

Dessert Spoons

A dessert spoon is bigger than a teaspoon and smaller than a tablespoon. Its long and slightly pointed bowl distinguishes it. It is an excellent companion to dessert. Arcedior has a variety of unique dessert spoons and uses different materials like agate stone. 

Serving Spoons

They are the largest in dimension since they have to be big enough to serve food to multiple people. If its size is smaller, serving food with a dinner spoon can take forever. It is usually made of wood, stainless steel, or silver—the fancier the serving spoon, the better the impression on the guests. 

Tea Spoon

The smallest of the spoons, a teaspoon, is used to measure the quantity of sugar that goes in the tea. It is oval-shaped and is generally served with tea to stir it. It can be used to mix milk or sugar in the tea and to make it less hot.

Butter Knife

Not at all sharp, a butter knife has blunted edges that are used to spread butter on bread or crackers. The soft blade makes sure that the bread does not crumble. You can also use it to spread dips and sauces. 

Cheese Knife

When it comes to a cheese knife, there is a very wide variety. Since cheeses are of different kinds, different knives are used to cut them. Soft cheeses use a soft knife; a pronged cheese knife is used to cut hard cheeses with its sharp blade.

Cake Knife

Fancy cake knives are shaped almost like a shovel with edges used to cut the cake. The wide base helps to pick up each slice of the cake. It looks like a wholesome package when you buy it, along with a cake stand. 

Bread Knife

It is long with separated edges to easily cut through the bread without making it crumble. It can cut sourdough, baguettes, croissants, and bread loaves. It is also helpful to cut dry cakes, which are soft and can crumble easily.

Paring knife

This is used in the kitchen to chop fruits, vegetables, and anything else. It is sharp and lightweight, which allows excellent handling. Though its size is small, it can be used for many things while preparing food.

Different Materials used for Cutlery

The most popular material for cutlery is stainless steel, which has many benefits. However, several other materials are used for manufacturing silverware.

Silver Cutlery

The most coveted material for cutlery sets is generally known as silverware. It is not widely used due to its high price and difficult maintenance. It needs to be polished regularly and washed with careful consideration. Silver is only used for high-end places and very formal events.

Stainless Steel Cutlery

One of the most commonly used materials for cutlery is stainless steel, which looks like silver without its many complications. It lasts for a very long time and does not need polishing from time to time. It is appropriate for usage on a daily basis or in restaurants that have many customers. Arcedior has a tremendous collection of cutlery in stainless steel, which even has many different colored coatings.

Brass Cutlery

A material commonly used in Indian households is revered for its multiple health benefits. Since brass has been known to improve immunity and strength, cutlery made in beautiful golden-colored brass is fancy and advantageous to health. 

Wooden Cutlery

Wooden cutlery is mainly used in outdoor and rustic settings. It also lasts very long but is generally not used in daily life. Wood is usually found in cooking since it works well with nonstick pans. 

Plastic Cutlery

Besides the one-time use of plastic cutlery, there is reusable plastic cutlery as well. They are mainly used as the handle of knives and sometimes for spoons and knives. They are not environmentally friendly and are not advisable for a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Cutlery from Arcedior?

Each item listed on Arcedior's website is quality controlled and made from food-grade metal. Also made by local artisans in a handmade fashion, the bespoke silverware is extraordinary. So many designs and materials to choose from that you will surely find the ones most suitable for your home decor. Your loved one will greatly appreciate a good cutlery set since it will never go out of fashion. Besides the basic cutlery, there are tons of options for other subcategories of cutlery that are great for use at home or for gifting purposes. So browse through India's beloved home decor brand for upgrading your home in every aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are two types of cutlery?

The basic cutlery set includes a fork, spoon, and knife used to eat our food. Besides this, numerous other kinds of cutlery, including kitchen shears, honing rods, cleavers, steak knives, dessert spoons, salad forks, bread, and paring knives. Each size and shape of knife, spoon, or fork has a purpose on the dining table. Soup spoons are more significant in increasing the surface area for the soup to cool down. A dessert spoon is smaller in size to have the perfect sweet bite. A salad fork has thicker fork ends to cut the salad without a knife. 

2. What is cutlery & crockery?

You use cutlery to eat, pick and cut your food, including a spoon, fork, and knife. Crockery is something you use to place your food on the table from which you eat. This includes plates, dinnerware, bowls, and platters. Both crockery and flatware's purpose are to eat food without which it would be difficult to consume. They both fall under the tableware category since it is usually placed on the table to eat. They can be matched, which forms a complete dinnerware set, and have similar polishing, generally in silver; that is why it is also called silverware. 

3. Why is it called cutlery?

The word cutlery comes from the Latin word 'culter,' which means a knife. To prepare a meal, we must first chop bread, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and other ingredients with a knife. A spoon and fork are used to consume food after it has been sliced. The use of spoons, knives, and forks started gaining prominence in the West during the 18th century. Silverware was expensive and reserved for the upper class and royalty. Then stainless steel was used to mimic the looks and feel of silverware and is since primarily used.

4. What is another name for cutlery?

Cutlery is also known as flatware or silverware since it is flatter in appearance and usually silver in color. Flatware also comes in sets of multiple and is part of tableware. However, in addition to this, there are many more types of cutlery, such as kitchen shears, a honing rods, a cleaver, steak knives, dessert spoons, salad forks, bread knives, and paring knives, to name a few. Each knife, spoon, and fork has a specific use at the dinner table, regardless of size or shape. To enhance the surface area for the soup to cool, soup spoons are bigger. A dessert spoon is smaller in size to obtain the ideal sweet bite. 

5. What is fancy cutlery called?

Fancy cutlery is called silverware since it is usually silver in color and made of silver sterling. Part of tableware, the word silverware originated in the 19th century when the use of silver cutlery became prominent. It was used by the rich and royal class, which attributed to it being considered an elegant affair. To mimic the silver look, stainless steel is also used daily. People even refer to stainless steel as silverware, but it is not. Even plates and bowls made from silver sterling are kept in the category of silverware.

6. Is cutlery just a knife?

No, cutlery is not just a knife but also includes a spoon and fork, which are essential to eating food. However, the word cutlery comes from the Latin word 'culter,' which means knife since food is first cut and then eaten with a spoon and a fork. The knife is the first step in preparing food, like cutting vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and bread to prepare supper. Knives are also of various kinds, including butcher knives, table knives, bread knives, cleavers, steak knives, pairing knives, boning knives, chef knives, carving knives, and shears.