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Pink Agate Coasters Set of 2

Agate, a semi-precious gemstone created in nature, is used to make these beautiful coasters. Known for having healing properties, these table coasters can also charge your beverage with good vibes. Their natural finish and unique shape, along with a pop of pink, magenta, and white, are like a sight for sore eyes. The best part of agate stone is that its design will differ each time. Its boundless charm is enough to use these coasters daily so that hideous water stains do not smear your surfaces. These stains can make the tabletop's finish dull over time. They come in a set of 2 handcrafted pieces that are rimmed with gold plating.  



Some of the specifications of these table coasters are:

Set (No. of Pieces)- This home decor product comes in a set of two (2).
Material- Crafted using the vibrant semi-precious agate stone.
Dimensions- The dimension of this product is 4 - 5 inches.
Assembly- No assembly is required for these table coasters.



These beautiful table coasters can be used for drinks, bar cart decor, wedding gifts, or showpiece holders. Their non-skid, scratch-free bumpers feature does not spoil the furniture and keeps the drink from spilling. You can keep it on your desk and place a glass of water and a bottle for a more well-kept desk.



No occasion is necessary to give your loved ones these gold-plated gemstone coasters, as this is an artistic embellishment. It can be an excellent gift for someone with a new job or a fresh venture. It can be a gesture to give them positive vibes for their endeavors. 



     •  The vibrant pink color looks exceptional and striking to the eyes. 
     •  The gold-plated rim creates extra pizzaz. 
     •  Each piece has a different design since no two agate stones look identical.
     •  Agate has many therapeutic properties and, for centuries, has been known for healing.
     •  Agate can also help stimulate the release of endorphins, chemicals responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being.


Suitable Home Decor

These beautiful coasters look magnificent with all decor styles. This is the right product for any home that needs a pop of color but wants something subtle. Its pink color matches all interiors and aids in creating a striking look. The gold rim of the coasters is a perfect pairing with the gold accents in many pieces of furniture.


About the Brand 

Gemtherapy by Rosado strives to create a diverse product range with the motto of 'Heal, Glow, Grow.' Their brand's name is derived from combining gemstones into items of daily use that are also responsible for healing therapy. They use the expert craftsmanship of the 'Karigars of Jaipur' in creating their magical and spellbinding products.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What type of coasters is best?

The most moisture and water-absorbent coaster material are the best of the bunch. According to this factor, the finest material for coasters online is cork because of its well-known absorption qualities. There are also leather coasters, marble coasters, stone coasters, plastic coasters, and wooden coasters. Additionally, make sure the coaster is big enough to fit the glass, drink, coffee, or tea of your choice. You can also choose a coaster online based on its design and style to better complement your tableware.


2. What are table coasters made of?

Table coasters online can be made of numerous materials like ceramic, cork, wood, marble, leather, plastic, and more. The type of coaster suitable for each person or household greatly depends on individual to individual. Coasters are great for preventing water from damaging the surface and also for preventing nasty water rings. It would be best if you bought a coaster according to its material, design, and size. 


3. Where should coasters be placed?

Wherever a glass of water, drink, or beverage is placed, that is the exact place for a coaster. Mainly coasters are used on the dining table, coffee table, kitchen, and bars. Coasters come as a lifesaver as you don't have to clean the surface after each drink. An innovative idea is to place coasters beneath the soap dispenser or face wash so that your bathroom countertop is clean. You can have sets of coasters in all these places since they are the most used in the house. 


4. What kind of coasters absorb water?

The optimum choices for absorbing water are porous stones like porcelain and sandstone. They prevent water from penetrating the surface, which would otherwise result in stains and dents. The porous stones feature tiny holes and gaps that quickly absorb water, giving them the appearance of being dry. Cork coasters are another choice for good absorption because they are made of good absorption material. Today's coasters online, including hardwood coasters, are made in a way that can aid in improved water absorption. They contain water with lines or patterns, so it does not rush off to the surface.


Care Instructions

Gently wipe with a damp cotton cloth. Do not use any harsh abrasives to clean this product.



These agate drink coasters feature distinctive shapes, patterns, and colors due to their natural sources. Agate rock coasters can vary in whether or not they feature minute mineral-lined cavities. They are all noteworthy in their unique ways.


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