Antique tall metal planter set of 3
White Tall Planters for living room
Key highlights of Ovate tall planters
Three Ovate tall indoor planter dimensions
Three Ovate tall white planter stand
Antique Indoor Planter with Stand Set of 3
metal planter for living room

Ovate Tall Planters Set of 3 | Metal Indoor Planters for Living Room | Plant Stands

₹ 12,000.00 ₹ 9,990.00
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Material Iron with powder coating and lacquer. Electroplated with zinc for protection.
Color White, Golden


Ovate Tall Indoor Planter with Stand - Set of 3


Presenting the Ovate metal indoor planters, a striking new design from The Decor Remedy. The Ovate metal planters are the definition of grace and beauty. Their every curve is crafted with care to help elevate your entire decor. The white and gold of these indoor planters create an aesthetically pleasing contrast that has the power to stun with its simplicity. The understated beauty of this metal indoor planter with a stand can be the centerpiece for your living room or foyer. With its abundant charisma, this piece will quickly become an invaluable part of your decor. The Ovate planter consists of three iron pots colored an enchanting white. Each planter is placed on a champagne gold stand. The golden stands are delicate frames featuring three legs and a ring on each end. Each stand is slightly taller than the last to create a break in the monotony. The delicate balance of white and gold in this metal planter gives it an almost ethereal look. Its elegance is exemplified in every single line. The simple colors and design also make this planter highly versatile. Whether you place it in your living room or balcony, it can blend well with any surroundings. 



Here are all the crucial details of the Ovate planter.  

Set (No of Pieces) - This planter is a set of three (3).  

Material - The planter is fashioned from high-quality iron; and electroplated with zinc.

Dimensions -

  • The small planter measures 11” x 28.7”
  • The medium planter measures 11” x 34.6”
  • The large planter measures 11” x 37.8”

Assembly - These metal planters require no assembly. 



    This white planter is the perfect addition to any home. The exquisite design of the pot is sure to add a little bit of liveliness to every kind of decor. You can place each of the three planters in a single place to act as a statement piece. You can also spread them throughout your house for consistent decor. Either way, the Ovate planters are the most elegant way to welcome the positivity of plants into your life. 



    This set is an impressive gift for extravagant occasions. Whether it is the wedding of a close friend or the housewarming of a relative, these metal planters are always the perfect gift. With their boundless charm and positive aura, everyone will appreciate the Ovate planters.  



    With finesse in every curve, these metal planters are a unique set. The different sizes of the Ovate planters give them an almost abstract look. With their artsy vibes, this set of metal planters is the best way to incorporate beauty and nature into your everyday life.   


    Suitable Home Decor Style

    The versatility of these indoor planters is endless. The exquisite make of these planters is an exceptional fit for modern, contemporary, and minimalist homes. At the same time, the golden stand helps it blend well into more traditional settings. The sophistication of these white planters also makes them a suitable choice for slightly professional spaces like a home office. 


    About The Brand

    The Decor Remedy means what they say in their name. They are a type of remedy, encouraging people to heal and grow in the space they call home. Believing that your home is a reflection of your true self, The Decor Remedy hopes to provide you with accent pieces that can beautify your home and life. 


    Frequently asked questions

    1. Can the planters be used for any other purpose? 

    If you’re looking to be more eco-friendly and upcycle your old planters, there are a lot of DIY ideas on what to do with them. You can recycle them as pen stands, toiletries organizers, jewelry holders, and more. Tall planters like The Deco Remedy’s Ovate indoor planter can be used as a showpiece in your living room. You can also utilize them as a container to organize keys, change, and other tidbits. 


    2. What materials are planters made of? 

    Planters are made of a variety of materials. Glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, terracotta, and metal are a few popular choices. Each of these materials has its own advantage. The Ovate white planter is crafted from the highest-quality iron. The iron is electroplated with zinc for further protection. 


    3. What are contemporary planters?

    Contemporary planters are defined by their simple and elegant designs. They feature understated colors and graceful curves that make for beautiful pieces. As their name suggests, contemporary planters are the best choice for contemporary, modern, and minimalist decor. With its simple design and delicate frame, the Ovate metal planter perfectly fits the definition of a contemporary planter. 


    4. How do you care for indoor planters?

    The process of taking care of indoor plants varies depending on the material. For a wooden planter, you need to clean it at regular intervals and treat the wood with natural oils at least once a year. With a terracotta pot, you need to soak it in water or vinegar, scrub off the dirt from the surface, and let it dry in the sun for a few days. Metal planters should be cleaned using mild detergent and warm water. You can use a simple damp cloth to wipe down the surface of the glass and ceramic planters. 


    Care Instructions

    - To keep your Ovate metal planter in its best shape, clean it regularly with a dry cloth.

    - You should not use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals to clean this planter.

    - You should also be careful when using water around this planter. 


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    • Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.
    • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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