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Anusvara - Pen Pencil Holder | Pen Stand for Office

 Anusvara is a stylish complement to any workstation. It is cylindrical and reclaimed with teak wood and brass. This simple pen stand complements my home office desk accessories. It would make an excellent present for any writer or admirer of unique design. With this beautiful pen holder, you can make a statement at your workplace. Customization is possible. Adding a wooden pen holder to your decor is a simple way to improve the appearance of your house, workplace, and workspace. It will be practical for keeping your pens and other stationery organized while adding a touch of class. This chic wooden pen stand is a beautiful way to show off your cells and keep them handy. Its simple but stunning cylindrical shape is noticeable. The holder can accommodate larger pens.



Set/No. of Pieces - 1 reclaimed teak wood and brass Pen Holder

Material - Made using reclaimed teak wood and brass 

Dimensions - Dia 3.25 ” x H4.5 ”in 

Assembly - No assembling required


Uses and Benefits 

The Anusvara is an elegant desk accessory made from reclaimed teak wood and brass. It is cylindrical and can be used as a pen stand, desk accessory, and pen holder. Anusvra's basic yet exquisite form is attractive in any situation. It helps remind everyone who uses it that beauty lies in the heart's comfort. It makes an excellent housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift for friends and family. This chic wooden pen stand is great for showing off and keeping your pens organized. The pen holder's cylindrical design allows it to carry more giant cells—hand-sculpted brass with a natural wood finish.



Pen holders are an excellent holiday, housewarming, or office gift. Because of its beauty and uniqueness, this piece will be highly valued. Those who view this one-of-a-kind item in your house or office will be impressed. This pen holder is carved from beautiful wood and would make an excellent holiday, housewarming, or office gift. 


Uniqueness of the Product 

The modern appearance inspired the Anusvara Pen Holder. This unique design is made of recycled teak wood and brass and provides a stylish and functional solution to storing your pens. It has a cylindrical form. It can be used in various ways as a pen stand, office pen stand, desk accessory, and pen holder. The appearance is quite luxurious. Pen holders make lovely gifts for offices, welcome gifts, and other events. Due to its beauty and distinctiveness, this object will command a high price. Your visitors will be impressed after seeing each item in your home or office. This exquisite teak pen holder would be a fantastic holiday, housewarming, or workplace gift. 


Suitable Home Decor Style 

Are you holding an artist's brush or a weapon to oppose evil? In any case, Studio Indigene's Anusvara Pen Holder is both bold and lovely. It's a beautiful addition to any desk or home office, made from reclaimed teak wood and brass with a cylindershape and top-mounted brass button. Allow your creativity to bloom by using this as a pen holder or pen stand for your desk. Pen holders are ideal for special occasions, welcome, and office gifts. This item will be highly valued due to its beauty and uniqueness. People who visit your home or office and see each item will be impressed. This lovely teak pen holder would make a wonderful holiday, housewarming, or workplace present. 


About the Brand 

Studio Indigene aspires to adapt natural elements into beautiful and fashionable objects for a modern household. Each creation reflects its creator's creative force, increasing its individuality. They try to blend geometric designs with organic elements. Studio Indigene is a pioneer that aims to highlight the underlying beauty of simple yet elegant designs. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a pen holder? 

A pen stand is helpful as it holds pens, pencils, and other tiny stationery items. An octagonal, pentagonal, hexagonal, rectangular, or spherical pen stand is also an option. But there must be adequate room inside for holding stuff. Important notes should be kept in a pen stand organizer along with separate pens, pencils, rulers, and scissors. 


2. What do you keep in a pen stand? 

A pen stand organizer is ideal for keeping important notes and individual pens, pencils, rulers, and scissors. It also contains shallow slots for clipping, thumb-tacking, erasing, and other minor supplies. 


3. What is a pen stand made of?

These pen stands can be made of ceramic, glass, cardboard, wood, or enameled metal. A pen stand typically has a mouth the same width as the base to hold as many pens and pencils as possible. 


4. What is the importance of a pen stand? 

A pen stand is valuable because it holds pens, pencils, and other small stationary items. A pen stand can be spherical, hexagonal, rectangular, pentagonal, or octagonal. Still, it must have enough space within to hold stuff. Important notes and individual pens, pencils, rulers, and scissors are best kept in a pen stand organizer. Additionally, it has little space for erasing, clipping, and other small supplies. The pen stand is a stunning example of handcrafted art and would make a wonderful holiday, housewarming, or workplace gift. 


Care Instructions

Gently wipe with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials since they can damage the product. 



Since local artisans create these items, there may be minimal variance in their texture, appearance, or color. 


Return and Replacement Policy

- Kindly note that for any product eligible for return and replacement, the customer shall send the intimation within three days from delivery with an unboxing video and images of the product received.

- We only accept return requests for products dispatched incorrectly or in poor condition.

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