Trance Stainless Steel Cheese Knives
Trance Stainless Steel Cheese Knife set
Trance Stainless Steel Cheese Knives set
Trance Stainless Steel Cheese Knife
Trance Stainless Steel Cheese Knives set

Cheese Knive Set - Trance, Set of 3 pcs

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Dimensions L 5-2/8", W 2", H 2/8"
Material Brass/S.Steel
Finish Steel/Gold


Trance Stainless Steel Cheese Knives - Set of 3

Setting up a perfect table can be facile with this set of cheese knives. This elegant knife set is all set to make you a great host. You may like your cheese in various forms and tastes. Whether your cheese comes in blue, hard, pasta filata, processed, semi-hard, semi-soft, soft, fresh, or soft-ripened forms, you need to slice it differently. Every cheese lover has a different love for cheese. And that’s the purpose that sets our cheese knife set apart. Whether you like your cheese as a spread or as a slice or would like to cherish it as a cheese cube or want to chip it or shred it, our cheese knives set can fit in any dining room.



Here are some features of this cheese knife set:

Set/No. of Pieces:

   1. Flat cheese knife: This knife has a wide, flattened paddle-like blade with a sharp bottom edge.
   2. Parmesan cheese knife: It has a sharp-pointed tip and a triangle-shaped stubby blade with a sharp-long edge.
   3. Cheese fork: It’s a standard soft-cheese knife curving sharply upwards at the tip and ending in two pointed prongs. It is suitable for holding different cheese types that range from semi-soft to hard ones. 

Material- Stainless steel blades with brass handles in golden finish. 

Dimensions- L 5-2/8”, W 2”, H 2/8”

Assembly- No assembly is required. All the 3 cheese knives come as ready-to-use in a box packing.



This knife set is a must-have in the dining cabinet of any cheese connoisseur. If you follow the dining etiquette, you know that each cheese knife has a role to perform on a cheeseboard for a different type of cheese and serves a different purpose. The flat cheese knife, also known as a chisel knife, slices down the aged cheeses very finely. It has a flat frontal blade. You need to hold it vertically over the cheese and push it downwards. And then, you can use the sharp end to slice the cheese into additional pieces. You can use it to cut semi-soft cheese types through semi-hard ones like Swiss, Provolone, Asiago, and Gruyere cheese types. 
The Parmesan cheese knife has a pointed edge. This makes it suitable for breaking off chunks from hard and dry cheese types, like Parmesan, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Castelmagno. The sharp edge of the arrow-head-shaped blade helps cut cheese rinds open. It chips off the crumbs to preserve the cheese’s classic dry and crumbly mouthfeel. While the two cheese knives help you cut your cheese, the accompanying cheese fork will help you plate the cut cubes. It helps you easily pick up cheese pieces from the cheeseboard and plate them. You can also use it to break down the cheese pieces into smaller chunks as you may prefer to serve them. It’s a pretty choice for presentation when party guests like to cut their own cheese slices. They’ll love the fine function and the aesthetic design, which can make them consider buying one. So, you know what you can gift them next time.



This knife set is an excellent gifting option for housewarming parties. Also, it’s an ideal gift for any cheese lover. It is also a great choice for festivity gifting and can enlighten the recipient when opted for as a corporate gift. It is a perfect gift for a newlywed couple looking forward to filling their counter space. With a unique beauty and aesthetic elegance, it will be warmly received and well appreciated. 



You may find multiple knife sets on various store shelves. What makes our Trance-Cheese knife set unique is its high-polished stainless steel blades forged with beautiful brass handles for better grip. Multi-purpose knives make it easy for you to slice, spread and serve all cheese types. Its exquisite design is sure to bring a touch of luxury to your gourmet experiences. 

Suitable home decor style

Trance cheese knives are all set to give an elegant start to the day at your breakfast table. Or you can use it to serve and impress your guests on any occasion on the party tray, dinner table, potluck, or backyard barbeque.


About the Brand

Trance is a famous cutlery brand that uses the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. The brand is known worldwide for both quality and design. All their cutlery comes in mirror-finish. Trance strives to enhance the eating pleasure by offering elegance to the dining table.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the knives in a cheese set for?

The different knives in a cheese set serve different purposes. They vary in their utility as well as ideality for cheese types. The flat cheese knife, also known as a chisel knife, slices down the aged cheeses very finely. The Parmesan cheese knife has a pointed edge. It is suitable to slice down hard and dry cheese types. A cheese fork can serve both as a knife and a server. You can use it to cut the cheese cubes into smaller pieces. Also, it serves best when used to pick the cheese pieces from the cheeseboard and serve directly on the serving plates.


2. What is the best tool to cut the cheese?

The challenge in slicing cheese is finding the best tool to prevent the cheese from turning into a mushy mess. Soft cheeses can easily stick to the knife. They do not need sharp edges but ones that can cut them easily while preventing the cheese from getting messy. While hard cheeses need sharp-edged blades to end up in several pieces quickly. The ideal cheese knife depends on the cheese type you want to slice and how you would like to cut down the cheese block into pieces. Go for a knife that can cut the cheese easily, quickly, and in equal slices. 


3. Why is a cheese knife curved?

A cheese knife is curved to add to its functionality. It increases its surface area, making it suitable for spreading cheese, besides slicing it easily. Unlike the butter knife, which is not that sharp, a cheese knife is a bit sharp. This is because there are many hard kinds of cheese as well, which need a sharper knife.


4. What is the difference between a cheese knife and a butter knife?

While a cheese knife can chop off hard cheese slices with its sharp edges, a butter knife is dull, making it a subtle spreader. A butter knife is usually used to spread butter, soft cheese, sauces, jams, creams, honey, and similar food items. Whereas a cheese knife has a sharp end making it suitable to deal with different cheese types ranging from soft to hard with ease and without having the cheese sticking on the blades.


Care Instructions

This cheese knife set can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Or you can hand wash them with mild soap and water.  Avoid putting them in a dishwasher.



Due to the crafted nature of this item, please expect slight variations in the appearance of each unique piece.


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  • Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.
  • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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