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Elixir Glass Carafe With Stopper

₹ 3,500.00
Tax included.
Dimensions 172 x 172 x 290 mm
Material Glass / Wallnut Wood
Finish WNT-014


Elixir Glass Carafe With Stopper

This wine stopper exemplifies the word ‘elixir,’ an alchemic preparation that can significantly increase life. The same goes for this product that can prolong wine’s life when it is not consumed so that your wine stays fresh for longer. It is made with Karafe glass, used for airing wine that is instrumental in aerating liquids. It is made in such a form that it perfectly fits the narrow-mouth bottle and has a beautiful walnut wood body. The striking colors make this a drool-worthy product and are a perfect and unique gift for all wine lovers. The special design makes the bottle airtight and leakproof. It can fit almost all types of bottles, including wine, water, and olive oil.


Here are some of the specifications of this glass decanter:

Set (No. of Pieces)This piece comes in a set of one (1).

MaterialMade using glass and walnut wood

Dimensions172 x 172 x 290 mm

AssemblyNo assembly is required for this carafe. 


Carafes are used to store and stylishly serve wine. Rather than directly serving from the wine bottle, this decanter is a good and elegant change. This will make an excellent display for pouring wine, along with the stopper that can stop the wine from getting in contact with the air. This helps to preserve the wine for longer. 


A fantastic present choice for those who enjoy bar accessories and have a home bar. This item makes a lovely gift for important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and house warmings, as well as for individuals who enjoy making great drinks at home.


• Carafes are an elegant and sophisticated way of serving, storing, and pouring wine.

• It can keep other spirits, liquids, syrups, water, juices, and more.

• The curvy shape allows for it to accommodate lots of liquid.

• This glass decanter gives an old-world charm that is a great piece to cherish.

Sustainability Factor

You can often notice that once the wine is opened, it is assumed that it needs to be finished. This is because continued exposure to air can make the wine lose its taste. A wine stopper and decanter can help preserve the wine, which means no ideal waste. 

Suitable Home Decor

It is made from fine-quality carafe glass, which makes it ideal for all types of decor. The stopper is made from wood that fits perfectly to the mouth of the carafe to seal in the liquid.

About the Brand 

Anantaya is a brand based out of Jaipur founded by an architect-designer duo. Their home decor products are rooted in Indian craftsmanship traditions while maintaining a global sensibility. Their beautifully crafted products are a sight to behold and enrich the homes they are placed. Their products have also received the UNESCO Seal of Excellence for multiple years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is carafe and decanter are same?

Carafes and decanters are not the same, but their usage is somewhat similar. They are both used to hold liquids, but a decanter is specifically used to serve wine since it has a broader base which helps to aerate the wine and give it more flavor. A carafe has a long, narrow neck with a wide bottom that holds water, liquors, sauces, syrups, and more. It is a more fancy vessel to serve and pour drinks. 

2. What is the purpose of a decanter?

Decanters are large enough to accommodate a whole bottle of wine. Since a wine bottle is sealed, pouring it in a decanter allows it to aerate properly. This allows the wine to release all its aromatics and flavors, allowing for a better drinking experience. It is also helpful in separating any residue or sediments that can deposit in the wine. Since wine is acidic, it can react to some metals, which is why decanters are usually made using crystals and glass. 

3. Is it necessary to have a wine decanter?

It is certainly not necessary to have a wine decanter. Still, its usage is essential to wine connoisseur who swears by it. The shape of a decanter is such that it allows the wine to release its full aroma when coming in contact with oxygen. This makes the wine more flavorsome, especially for younger wines that have yet to mature too much. People who enjoy drinking wine know that a decanter is indispensable if they want to savor it. 

4. What is a glass decanter used for?

A glass decanter is a storing and serving vessel that allows for the aeration of wine and other liquors. Pouring wine into a decanter allows it to aerate properly because wine bottles are sealed. This enables the wine to unleash its tastes and aromas, improving the drinking experience. Additionally, it helps to separate any leftover particles or sediments that might settle in the wine. The size of the decanters allows them to hold an entire bottle of wine.

Care Instructions

Wash using water and mild soap with utmost care. Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials since they can damage the product.


Due to the nature of handcrafted items, they should not be considered imperfections.

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