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About the Product

A burst of freshness is amalgamated with a dazzling golden contrast embodied by these exclusive gold swing planters. They add a punch of glam with their vibrant golden color. They are best when placed together since they have different heights that add dimension to the space. They can also be kept separately, with the smaller ones going on table tops while the larger ones are on the floor. 

Indoor plants have been shown to improve air quality, boost your mood, and help you focus. They can also purify the air of toxins and help reduce noise pollution. Plus, they're just so fresh and vibrant to look at! Planters make adding plants to your home easy without worrying about them getting enough sunlight or water. 


Here are some of the specifications of this pot and planter:

Set (No. of Pieces)

This piece comes in a set of two (2).


Made using high-quality Iron


Large – Dia. - 10 in x H - 19 in

Small - Dia. - 10 in x H - 13 in


No assembly is required for this pot and planter.


Plants can be grown for decoration or to collect their seeds and leaves. You can add your pots inside, which can be both fresh or faux. You can place this in your office, bedroom, living room, dining room, and even at the entrance. 


Perfect for a housewarming or festive present and for someone who admires large planters. It is an excellent housewarming or festive gift for your friends, family, and colleagues. Whenever the recipient breathes in the fresh air due to their planter, they will remember your kind gesture. 


  • The gold color, along with a minimal design, looks great in any setting.
  • You can make this your room's focal point without any effort. 
  • Since this comes in a set of two planters at varying heights, it adds dimension to the room. 

Suitable Home Decor

You can use this large planter with any home decor since gold is an evergreen color. Besides, this gold planter has the quality to gel with the decor in an instant. This makes this pot and planter very versatile and loved by everyone. 

About the Brand 

The Decor Remedy has become synonymous with trendy designs, good quality, and artisanal products. Each product is specialized in transforming the home into an aesthetic paradise. They have always held the phrase 'vocal for local' and are proud to use the expertise of skilled Indian artisans. With various products under their belt, you are sure to find the most suitable home decor item. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do metal planters last?

Good quality metal planters can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years and even more if they are cared for well. The factors that determine their longevity are placement, material, quality, and the plant placed in them. 

Planters made of metals like steel, cast Iron, and aluminum have a better lifespan. External factors also come to play, like if the metal planter is placed inside the home or outside. Its general care, like proper cleaning and good ventilation, also plays a good role in determining its durability. 

What are the benefits of metal planter?

Metal planters have many benefits, like being sturdy and long-lasting. They are also weather resistant and do not break or chip very easily. They come in many styles and designs, which makes them a good choice for plant lovers. 

They come equipped with a drainage hole which allows the excess water to get proper drainage. They are also less prone to termites and insects than wooden planters. They also have easy maintenance and are environmentally friendly since they are recyclable. 

How do you maintain metal planters?

You can easily maintain metal planters by doing the following steps:

  • Clean the metal planters regularly so that dust and other particles do not accumulate. This can be done by wiping them clean with a dry cloth or using a lens spray. 
  • If there is rust, stop it right in its track by cleaning it. You can use various tools like sandpaper to remove the rust entirely. 
  • Make sure that the drainage hole works appropriately and water is not getting accumulated inside. 
  • Do not place them in rough weather, which can cause damage to its body. 
  • Refrain from using abrasive cleaning methods like chemicals and harsh scrubs. 

How do you keep metal planters from rusting?

You can keep metal planters from rusting by applying rust-repellent sealants that do not let the moisture soak. Keep the planters away from areas with high humidity by placing them in dry areas. 

Another way is to put a layer inside the planter to stop its contact with water. Make sure that the drainage hole works appropriately and water is not getting accumulated inside. Metal planters are primarily built to be stored inside the home and not outdoors.

Care Instructions

Use in an indoor setting only. Since they are made of Iron, clean them with a dry cloth and refrain from using water or other chemicals. 


Since the planters are luxuriously handmade home decor items, they are subjected to slight variations in texture/appearance/colours. 

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