Gingko Leaf Embossed Metal Planter With Stand
Metal Planter Stand for living room
Key highlights of Gingko leaf embossed planters for indoor plants
Dimensions of gingko leaf embossed planter stand
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Gingko Leaf Embossed Metal Tall Planter
Gingko Leaf Embossed Gold Planter with green plant
Gingko Leaf Embossed Planter with Stand
Two Gingko Leaf Embossed Antique Gold Planters with Green plants
Two Gingko Leaf Embossed Antique Gold Planters
Close up of Gingko leaf embossed antique gold planter

Gingko Leaf Embossed Indian Gold Planters for Indoor Plants | Plant Stands Set of 2

₹ 5,990.00
Tax included.
Material Iron
Color Golden


Intricately Embossed Ginkgo Leaf Design Planters

Elegantly show off your flora with this set of two gold iron planters. Put together with metal-finished accessories for maximum impact. You may use this dazzling metal planter as a centerpiece in the living room or the office.


Set (No of Pieces) - Two-piece gold planter set with base. This merchandise is made of iron and is typically employed in pursuing purely aesthetic ends, such as interior design and landscaping.

Material - This beautifully crafted planter will complement any fantastic accessory. Iron, a quality material, has been used in its construction, making it dependable and long-lasting.

Dimensions - These metal planters come in two sizes, large (32*64 cm) and mini (32*50 cm), making them ideal for bringing the outdoors inside.

Assembly - No assembly is required. 


These matching gold planters are constructed of iron with electroplated pots and powder-coated stands. These metal containers can accommodate a standard planter; some designers even use artificial flower arrangements or potted plants to give them a more realistic look. 


Gifting planters is a great way to show someone you care by sharing your interest in plants and providing them with a keepsake they may use for years. Moreover, The planter pot has a classy design and may be used indoors or out. It's clear that the flowerpot has been loved and used throughout the years, but the vintage charm remains.


These decorative iron planters are an excellent way to spruce up any room in your house. The perfect touch of green can be added with flower sticks, plant pots, or even fake plants. They can hold any sort of plant, whether upright or sagging. The drooping plants are equally as beautiful as the vertical ones, but they don't contribute anything to the height of the pots. Put some indoor plants to use. They are planters, so you may put them wherever inside where you'd like to have some greenery. You can either plant natural flowers plants or use artificial flower sticks. When the metal planters are complete, the plant containers can be placed inside. 

Suitable Home Decor 

Aesthetically designed planter pots can do wonders for interior decor. However, iron planters do well indoors and outdoors depending on their container's design, form, and composition. The aesthetic value of a room can be increased, and dark nooks brought to life with an exciting arrangement of indoor planters.

About the Brand 

Make your house a haven for nature by giving it a complete makeover to accommodate fauna better. The Decor Remedy is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly planters in a wide selection of styles, sizes, and materials. All your planter needs, from ceramic to metal to plastic, can be addressed there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will an iron planter rust?

Over time, steel and other metals will turn a rusty red when left outside in the elements and used as planters. The external environment accelerates this process. 

Since metal is impenetrable, you'll need to drill holes in the base to facilitate drainage and air circulation.

Despite their apparent incompatibility—metal is so industrial, and flowers are so beautiful—metal and flowers may make an excellent aesthetic statement when used together. Copper galvanized zinc, and cast iron planters offer an appealing blend of modernity and timelessness.

2. How do you maintain metal planters?

If you want to make an impression with your container garden, consider using a metal planter with an attractive design. Whether your planter is galvanized or powder-coated, you can do a few things to keep it in pristine condition for years to come. Use rubber, hardwood packers, or coordinating metal feet to lift your planter. This will allow water to flow freely from the drainage holes and prevent water from pooling in the margins of the planter. Don't let the soil get dirty in your planter. Regularly removing the dirt that has built up against the exterior of the planters can prevent the metal from corroding.

3. Will iron hurt plants?

An overabundance of iron can reduce the availability of other vital nutrients for plant growth, such as phosphorus and magnesium. For cell development and photosynthesis, plants require phosphorus. But the green pigment chlorophyll can't be made without the mineral magnesium. Sugars and starches are produced with the aid of chlorophyll in plants. The plants can't absorb enough iron from the soil, which is why they suffer. Your plants will likely get discolored, have problems regulating photosynthesis, and have weak roots.

4. Do plants get too hot in metal planters?

Both indoors and out, plants should not be placed in metal pots due to the potential for harm they provide. Externally, excessive heat can scorch the soil and harm the plants. The metal can rust on the inside, causing the bottoms of the plants to oxidize and corrode as a result. Rust is a common problem for metal planters, and it can weaken or even destroy the pot entirely. It's hardly surprising that metal planters would begin to show symptoms of deterioration, given the significance of watering plants. 

Care Instruction

Use a damp, gentle cloth to wipe down. To clean, use neither colin nor any other chemical.

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