Pichwai pink coffee mugs set of 2
Pichwai cow design pink coffee mug
close up of Pichwai pink mug
Pichwai pink bone china coffee mug

Pichwai Pink Coffee Mug Set of 2 | Best Coffee Mugs for Gift

₹ 3,830.00
Tax included.
Dimensions 4'' x 4'x 4.5''
Material Ceramic
Finish 24k Gold Plated


 Pichwai Pink Coffee Mug Set of 2

These pink coffee mugs, which take their inspiration from the Pichwai paintings, include exquisite motifs of cows and trees in white and green, respectively, that represent Krishna's never-ending devotion and highlight India's rich culture and legacy. Additionally, there is 24-karat gold plating on the upper and lower edges as well as the middle portion. This high-quality ceramic is used to create this coffee mug set that is strong and stylish. The handle and space of the coffee mug are wide enough for you to hold it comfortably. To ensure excellent quality, these coffee cups underwent thorough quality inspections. The colors and gold plating are also food safe.


Here are some of the specifications of this appealing coffee mug set:

Set (No. of Pieces)- This piece comes in a set of two (2)

Material- Made using high-quality ceramic

Dimensions- 4”x4”x4.5”

Assembly- No assembly is required for these gold-plated coffee cups.


These are the best coffee mugs in terms of both material and appearance. You can use the set of this coffee mug to sip brewed coffee, spice tea, hot chocolate, shakes, or any other beverage that you like. Its curved handle will make it easy for you to hold this coffee mug firmly.


Whether you are searching for a unique home decor piece or something functional to gift your beloved, grab these coffee mugs as they serve both of these purposes. The gold plating on it gives them an elegant touch. Give it to the ones who love to have coffee all the time, and you will make a special place in their hearts.


  • It has a gold plating of 24K 
  • Motifs of cows and trees with the pink color as the background
  • Sturdy and sleek handle for a firm grip

Suitable Home Decor

The delightful Pichwai mugs with the motifs of cows and trees will go well with the Indian-style home decor. So whether you are having casual coffee in the evening or it is party time at your home, these delectable and the best coffee cups will spruce up every atmosphere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the perfect coffee mug?

The materials used in the production make the perfect coffee mugs. Suppose the coffee mug is made of fine bone china, porcelain, or ceramic. In that case, it retains the heat for a more extended period. Also, the coffee cups made of double walls are ideal for keeping them warm. In addition, the mugs' handles should be spacious and wider enough to hold them quickly when the cup is hot.

2. What is the purpose of a coffee mug?

The sole purpose of a coffee mug is to hold beverages such as brewed coffee, spice tea, and hot chocolate. The coffee mugs should be made of sturdy material so that it does not easily break down due to heat and withstand daily wear and tear. The cups come with saucers, and the mugs without saucers. The coffee mugs can come in different styles, materials, and shapes. These mugs made of ceramic are quite a lot used in households. These have the designs printed on them and have the most variety from other material cups. On the other hand, the coffee mug made of glass is quite appealing and does not stain the tables when put on it. 

3. What are the advantages of coffee mugs?

The advantages of coffee mugs are as follows:
The ceramic coffee mugs are sleek, sturdy, and ideal for both tea and coffee.
  • The mugs made of ceramic are microwave and dishwasher-safe.
  • The coffee mugs with seals are ideal for holding the beverages for a longer time as they keep them warm for a longer time.
  • The mugs in glass materials exude grace and are commonly used in cafes and restaurants.

4. What are coffee mugs made out of?

The coffee mugs are made of different materials such as ceramic, fine bone china, metal, glass, and metals. The coffee mug made of ceramic is sturdy, durable, and widely used. They retain the aroma and flavor till the time you get them finished. The cups made of glass materials are aesthetically appealing and often easy to clean. In addition, they give a clear view of the beverage inside, making us want to get more. 

Care Instructions

  • Wash the coffee mugs using your hands with mild detergent. 
  • Use the sponge to clean them. 
  • Do not scrub. 
  • Dry them with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Never put them in a microwave, as the plating of 24K gold is at risk of getting rubbed out and losing its original shine.

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    • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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