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Pink Agate Stone Desk Planters


With its snowy white color, charming golden stand, and pink agate stone, this desk planter is a must-have for everyone. Whether you’re a plant enthusiast or not, you are bound to appreciate the aesthetics of this beautiful stone planter. With this Agate Planter, Gemtherapy has merged straight lines and smooth curves to create an invaluable piece. The flexible nature of this indoor planter makes it a good fit for every decor and every setting. The soft white body of this indoor planter, combined with the vivid pink of the agate, makes for a mesmerizing stone planter. The stand is colored a striking champagne gold, and the tabletop planter is a muted white. The contrast of these two colors combined with the unique charm of the pink agate stone makes this tabletop planter a vibrant piece to add to your collection. 



Here are all the must-know details of this stone planter. 

  • Set (No of Pieces) - This tabletop planter is a set of one (1).  

  • Material - The office planter is made from clay with an agate stone set in the middle, resting upon a stainless steel stand.  

  • Dimensions - The desk planter is 5” x 3” in size. 

  • Assembly - This agate stone planter requires no assembly. 


The Gemtherapy Agate Panter is an impressive addition to your life and decor for a multitude of reasons. While the beauty of the stone planter is obvious, the positivity that agate stones and plants can bring into your life is immeasurable. This desk planter is the easiest way to incorporate that positivity into your life. Agate stones have long since been regarded as the perfect way to fuse your life with joy, enthusiasm, and peace. Pink agate is known for its protective and comforting nature. The stone is the ideal way to calm yourself down when feeling lost, scared, or alone. Pink agate also helps in healing emotional issues and improving your self-confidence. Meanwhile, plants improve an individual’s mood and reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. All these benefits make this indoor planter a necessary addition to your home. 



If you’re searching for a perfect gift, you have found it. The Gemtherapy Agate Planter is the perfect gift for every occasion. From birthdays to housewarmings, the peace and joy of this desk planter, combined with its charm, make it the ideal present. With this gift, not only will you help your loved ones add an aesthetic stone planter to their home, but you will also help them open the doors to positivity in their life. Your friends who believe in the power of crystals will appreciate this thoughtful gift. This desk planter will also be a great addition to the endless collection of your plant-loving friends. This tabletop planter is also the ideal present for a college you don’t know that well or a distant relative you’ve only met a couple of times. 



The delightful design of this stone planter makes it stand out from the rest. The petite size of the desk planter makes it easy for you to move it around as you wish. The proportions also ensure that it blends into every setting with ease. The endless benefits of agate stone are another reason this stone planter is a distinctive piece to add to your home. The simplistic charm and the pocket-friendly ways of this planter make it an absolute must-have.


Suitable Home Decor Style  

The simple white color of this stone planter will help it blend in perfectly with the modern, contemporary, and minimalistic decor. At the same time, this piece is also suitable for homes decorated in a more traditional manner.


About The Brand 

Gemtherapy is focused on helping you welcome the joy and positivity of crystals into your everyday life. Creating aesthetic versions of everyday items, help you surround yourself with happiness completely. Gem therapy goes beyond decor and hopes to improve the quality of life for everybody. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are stone pots good for plants?

Stone planters have a ton of benefits. Since they don’t expand and contract with weather changes like other pots, they are extremely durable. The porosity of stone pots also helps in air circulation and minimizing root rot. Stone planters also absorb moisture very well, ensuring good health for your plants.


2. What is the best-rated product in Stone Plant Pots?

You will find a lot of highly-rated stone plant pots across the internet, but the Gemtherapy Agate planter stands out from the rest due to its unique design and charm. The handcrafted beauty of this planter is unmatchable and gives you an exquisite piece to add to your garden collection.


3. What is so special about an agate stone?

Agate stones are the best way to welcome positivity into your life. They help improve your mental health and raise your overall quality of life. Agate stones can provide a calming and grounding effect, and aid you in balancing your ying and yang energies. The stone can help you enhance your natural talents and help you speak your truth. 


4. Does agate break easily?

Agate does not break easily. It is a natural material formed over thousands of years, and its composition makes it an incredibly durable material. Agate scores a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is the same as granite. Combine this with the stone’s beauty, and you have your perfect planter. 


Care Instructions

To ensure that your stone planter has a long life, clean it regularly with a soft dry cloth. Do not use coarse materials or harsh chemicals on the surface of this tabletop planner as they can harm the agate stone.   


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