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Rose Quartz Candle Stand | Healing Stone Candle Holder - Gift

Rs. 1,500.00 INR
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Dimension 4 x 4 Inches
Material Rose Quartz Stone


Rose Quartz Healing Stone Candle Stand


Things that can give peace to your mental health should always deserve a place in your rooms. For instance, this exquisite quartz candle holder. The handmade masterpiece can calm your heart down while keeping your mind relaxed. It has a cosmic healing effect that will help you to assemble all your chakras at the center of your body. It is a precious gemstone that would bring good fortune to your home and spread a pleasant aura. It is a fascinating tea light holder that has the power to heal your heart. When lit, the pure rose quartz stone builds a strong and emotional thread that can give a euphoric vibe. You can even use oil that would give you a puristic feel and jump into the realm of inner awakening. It has some powerful essence and is a healing candle stand.  


Product Specifications

This candle stand is an agate stone available in various shapes and sizes. It is a precious gemstone in several varieties like citrine, carnelian, jasper, and many more. Its transparent rose color has a celestial and heavenly power that makes it desirable. The agate stone has a rich and interesting history. Many believe that it got created out of volcanic eruptions, while many assume that its translucent and cosmic look is due to the exposure it got to various natural elements over the years. During the mineral formation, the internal look of the stone get affected by the temperature and pressure. The crystal and glassy look is due to the presence of iron, aluminum, and so on.

Set/ No. of Pieces – 1 Candle Stand

Material – Made out of Rose Quartz Stone

Dimensions – 4x4 inches

Assembly – No assembling required


Uses and Benefits

Candle holders can be used anywhere. Since it has a versatile look, it can blend everywhere. It can be kept in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom and can also be used for candle night dates. The euphoric and dynamic look is what makes the candle stand so enticing. It’s a wonderful home decor product.  



Healing Candle is an appropriate gift for any season. It can be gifted during festive times, inauguration occasions, housewarming occasions, or as a corporate gift. As it looks attractive and has some cosmic effect on the body, people would love the gift and remember you for the same. 



This rose quartz candle stand has pious and strong energy. It can bring positivity and good vibes inside a home. If you are tired of your hectic schedule and return home with a baggage of negative energy, this can uplift your mood instantly. It is unique, attractive, and can be kept in any place.


Suitable Home Decor Style

The Candle Stand is a perfect piece for decorating homes. It can be kept in the drawing room so that if guests arrive, it can spread positivity in the heart and mind. As it has a transparent rose color, it will go well with dark background walls.  


About the Brand 

Gemtherapy believes in healing with the help of stones. The company believes that some naturally powerful vibes come out of gemstones. This powerful energy and vibration can bring peace to the hearts and minds of people. The vision took them on a journey where they could blend the stones with everyday home essentials. As each gemstone has a specific power and purpose, Gemtherapy ensured that this power and purpose should solve the problems in every house. That’s how the company took off and is flying high today.  


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which type of candle stands are the best? 

Candle Stands are usually exotic. It provides strong energy. If it is about decorating your space and giving it a calming look then candle stands are your best option. You can select your candle stands according to the requirement of your room.  There are several kinds of terrific candle stands. You can use taper candle stands for having sophisticated dinners, tealight candle stands for giving a romantic look to your room, votive candle holders for giving a classy look to any place, and this list can go on.  


2. What is the appropriate size of Candle Stands? 

Candle stands are like life saviors. They provide a soft warming light, beautiful fragrance, relaxation, and romantic essence. The size of candle stands may vary, but you can choose according to your needs. There is no particular size of the candle stands. It varies according to the types and kinds. You need to select according to your vibes and decoration needs.  


3. Where Do You Put the Tealight Candle Holders? 

Tealight Candle Holders are dynamic and versatile. They look magnificent in any place. The candles are small in size but can do wonders. They are used in bedrooms that would romanticize the rooms, used at the wedding as decorative lights, used at birthday parties, and used in some housewarming parties. Tealight Candle Holders can blend at any place and enhance the look instantly.  


4. What Can I Use If I Don't Have A Tea Light Holder?

 Tealight Holders are wonderful and they can mesmerize anyone. If you don’t have tealight holders and have a party to host or some romantic dates then you can use other candle holders instead of tealight holders. You can use votive candle holders, mason jars, and many more. These are equally exotic candles that are used for decoration purposes.  


Care Instructions

Handle the product gently. Do not wipe the product with rough and damp cotton cloth. Avoid the usage of harsh chemicals as they can damage the product.



The product can have slight variations in its color, appearance, and texture as the lantern is made locally by the artists. 


Return and Replacement Policy

- Kindly note that if you want to return and/or replace any product, you have to send a prior intimation within three days from the time of delivery of the product. Make sure to send an unboxing video along with images of the product.

- Requests are accepted only if the product is damaged or wrongly shipped. 

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