Spherical Wooden Desk Planter
Spherical succulent planter for desk and table
Key highlights of Spherical Wooden desk Planter
Deimension of small wooden planter
Succulent pot on hand
Spherical wooden succulent planter
Two Spherical wood planters
Brown wooden planter
Brown wooden succulent pot

Spherical Wooden Desk Planter

₹ 999.00
Tax included.
Dimensions Dia. - 9.5 cm
Material Acacia Wood


Spherical Wooden Desk Planter


With perfection in its every curve, the Studio Indigene Spherical wooden desk Planter is the abstract piece you need to liven up your decor. The wooden finish of this desk pot ensures it can fit perfectly in an office space. It is also suitable in more casual settings, blending in with all types of decor, but still holding its own charm. This desk planter is ideal for small plants like succulents, giving you a touch of greenery in every setting that has the ability to calm your nerves and soothe your soul. Add this to the price point of this desk pot, and you are looking at your dream planter!



The curved edges and circular finish of the wooden desk planter take a notch above the usual wooden planters. Each piece has been handcrafted with care to the finest details resulting in a unique piece always one of a kind. The rich brown finish of this tabletop planter adds a sense of groundedness to rooms. And the earthy tones of the natural wood make it a subtle piece everyone can appreciate. This wooden planter is of a petite frame, ensuring it will make itself at home on the smallest of desks.  


Features & Specifications

Here are the details you need to know before you purchase this wooden planter!

Set (No of Pieces) - This Spherical Planter is a set of one (1). 

Material - The planter is made from the highest quality Acacia Wood. 

Dimensions - The desk pot measures a delicate 9.5 cm.  

Assembly - The tabletop planter requires no assembly except for setting up your plant inside it!


Uses and Benefits

This desk planter is the ideal companion for miniature plants like Baby Toes, Echeveria, Lithops, and more. The planter comes with an in-built drainer so that your plants can thrive. The Acacia wood of the desk pot also means that you have a beautiful wooden planter that is highly immune to rot, fungus, and water degradation. With proper care this planter will last you decades. Additionally, having plants in your home has also been proven to improve cognitive health, reduce stress, and improve environmental wellness, amongst other things. 



The extremely budget-friendly nature of this desk pot makes it a gift for all occasions. The miniature size of the desk pot will be perfect for everyone as it can be placed anywhere. Be it someone with a deep appreciation for nature or somebody who enjoys the stress-relieving effects of plants; this tabletop planter is the way to go!



The handy size, the beautiful wooden finish, and the sheer brilliance of the craftsmanship behind every Spherical Planter make it an absolute must-have. The well-thought details of the desk pot result in a piece that is graceful and what is needed to liven up your home and office. 


Suitable Home Decor Style

The earthy tones of this tabletop wooden planter mean it will be a cozy fit in minimalist-themed homes and will add charisma to contemporary and modern decors. However, this desk pot will also add much-needed freshness to Indian-styled interiors. 


About the Brand 

Putting functionality at the forefront of their pieces, Studio Indigene finds beauty in minimalism. Their craftspeople have unrivaled skills, carving wood to create something that goes beyond decor and speaks to your soul. With their clear-cut lines and gentle curves, Studio Indigene marks where utility and artistry collide, resulting in statement pieces that transform a space. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are flower pots made of?

There is a long list of materials from which flower pots are made, the most popular being wood, concrete, plastic, metal, clay, foam, glazed ceramic, and fiberglass. Out of these, wood is one of the best choices, credit to the fact that its lack of toxic materials is great for plant health. 


2. Which containers are suitable for plants?

Materials like glazed ceramic, terra cotta, and wood are the healthiest options for your plants. Due to their durability, thermal coefficiency, and eco-friendliness, wooden planters are a solid choice. 


3. Do all pots need drainage holes?

While all pots do not need drainage holes, you can add a drainage hole to your favorite planters, and having one is of great advantage. The Studio Indigene Spherical Planter has an inbuilt drainage hole which helps you saturate your plants without risking over-watering. 


4. What else can you use a planter for?

Used and old planters can be recycled as multiple things. A few ideas include: 

Pen stand - Use your old planter to store stationery.

Tissue Holder - Convert your planter to a beautiful tissue holder. 

Bathroom Storage - Your old pot will make a great organizer for extra toiletries. 

Jewelry Box - Use your planter as a jewelry holder.   

5. Do you need to waterproof a wooden planter?

Even though it is not an absolute compulsion to waterproof your wooden planter, it is advisable to give it a once-over lacquer, waterproof paint, or varnish once every little while to limit water damage or rot and prolong your planter's life. 


6. Which wood is best for planters?

Pine, Cedar, and Redwood are a few of the most popular and common choices for wooden planters. However, Acacia wood is one of the better choices for a wooden planter. Acacia is extremely durable, water-resistant, and holds up very well against fungus and mold. Additionally, its natural antibacterial and insect-resistant properties make it an exceptional choice for a planter. 


Care Instructions 

 To get the best out of your wooden planter, please avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Heavy watering is also inadvisable. To clean your Spherical Planter, take a lightly moistened cotton cloth and gently wipe the surface. 

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    • Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.
    • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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