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Agate White Clock | Wall Clock for Home & Office | Round Clock - 10"x10"

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Dimension 10x10 Inches
Material Agate Stone


Agate White Clock


Introducing Gemtherapy’s White Agate Clock, a gorgeous wall clock available online. This clock combines the simplicity of white agate with gold accents for an ethereal look. The careful craft on this clock makes it a truly splendid piece. The versatility of this design makes this wall clock perfect for your bedroom, living room, and home office. The white agate of this wall clock can mesmerize. Whether you use it as a statement piece for your living room or bedroom, this timepiece can blend well everywhere. 



Here are all the details of this wall clock available online. 

Set (No of Pieces) - This piece is a set of one (1). 

Material - The timepiece is made of agate stone. 

Dimensions - The clock measures 10” x 10”. 

Assembly - The piece requires no assembly. 



This Gemtherapy wall clock is the most aesthetically pleasing way to keep track of time. The timepiece will ensure you manage your time well and know when to start working and when to take a break. Additionally, the marvelous design of this clock helps you add a touch of grace and charisma to your home.  



This wall clock is the ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and festival parties. The positivity of the agate stone that the piece carries ensures that with a clock, you are also gifting your loved one joy in life. Additionally, since this wall clock is available online, you can send it to relatives who live far away without hassle. 



Along with a wall clock, this piece is also a doorway for you to lead a happier life. White agate is known for its ability to help you deal with mental issues and reduce anxiety and frustration in your everyday life. The stone aids in building your immune system. White agate can also enhance an individual's concentration and ability to trust. 


Suitable Home Decor Style  

The versatility of the Gemtherapy timepiece is unlike any other wall clock available online. The white agate and simplistic design make this clock an exquisite choice for modern and minimalistic homes. At the same time, the gold accents of the clock help it fit into traditionalistic homes. 


About The Brand 

Gemtherapy is a brand that focuses on harnessing the limitless power of crystals. They believe in creating aesthetic pieces that help you incorporate the positivity of crystals into your daily life with ease. Gemtherapy goes beyond pretty pieces and encourages you to embrace happiness in simple things like decor.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where should you not put a wall clock?

While modern decor does not put a lot of importance on where you should not put wall clocks, Indian Vastu suggests avoiding the South and Southeast corners of your home. According to Vastu, North, and East are the best directions for hanging a wall clock as they represent the Hindu gods Kubera and Indra. Hanging clocks in these directions can result in prosperity for the homeowner. If the North and East corners are unavailable in your home, you can place your wall clock in the West direction. Indian Vastu Shastra also emphasizes that one should not hang a wall clock above any entryway in the house. Similarly, you should ensure your wall clock isn’t hung higher than the top of the doorways in a room. Your wall clock also should not be placed near your bed in the bedroom. You should also avoid hanging a wall clock outside your house. 


2. What is the importance of wall clocks?

Wall clocks help you manage your time smoothly without any unnecessary accidents. A wall clock in your home office or bedroom can also aid you in keeping track of time to ensure that you do not lose yourself in your work. A wall clock is also a crucial detail for those who tend to lose themselves on the phone when they had just picked it up to check the time. A beautiful wall clock also goes far beyond its original purpose of telling time. It can act as an integral part of your decor, adding charisma to otherwise plain walls. The Gmethreapy White Agate clock is one of the most aesthetically pleasing wall clocks available online, making it a must-have for your home.  


3. How many types of wall clocks are there?

The list of types of wall clocks is endless, with Indian, contemporary, vintage, metallic, and more being popular choices. Indian-style wall clocks lean into the traditional look. They are usually carved into wood, with a heavy frame adding grace to their look. These clocks are best suited to urban and ethnic interior decors. Contemporary wall clocks look what they sound like. With modern and trendy designs, these clocks usually feature glass and carefully carved wood. Metallic wall clocks tend to be pieces on the heavier side. Featuring intricate edges and frames, these clocks create an aura of intensity wherever they are. Vintage clocks are defined by their slightly rustic look. With their faded colors and Roman numerals, these clocks are great for any home. You can find all these wall clocks available online at Arcedior. 


4. What shape should a wall clock be?

According to Vastu Shastra, circular wall clocks are the best choice for your home. Their straightforward shape encourages the flow of positive energies through your home. Additionally, the shape of your wall clocks should match the rest of your wall decor. For example, if you have a wall adorned with circular photo frames, a square wall clock might look out of place in that setting. 


Care Instructions 

To ensure your Gemtherapy clock has a long life, clean it regularly with a soft, dry cloth.


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  • Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.
  • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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