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Moira Sculptures - Stunning Animal Figurines & Showpiece

About the Brand

Moira Sculptures has steadily expanded into a successful company. The first sculptures were developed using paperboard as a medium. As the demand grew and the positive feedback poured in, the next step was to transition to fiber resin, which was more durable and produced equally magnificent works. The sculptures develop a polygonal framework by lining up geometric forms next to one another. As a result, beautiful animal forms are created that perfectly reflect the spirit of the species they stand for.

Besides polygonal sculptures, Moira Sculptures are also available in contemporary and antique styles. Custom-made sculptures of different shapes and sizes can also be ordered to add that extra panache to both interior and exterior sites. Every piece created by Moira Sculptures has been expertly crafted with careful detailing. Every design is a display of style and talent that regales you with its realistic form and presence.