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Onset Homes - Artisanal Cushions, Throws & Table Runner

About the Brand

Homegrown, handcrafted & unbounded. A handcrafted soft furnishings firm with a nearly two-decade history, it all began when our founder's mother noticed a lack of high-quality, well-designed cushions on the market. She began making her own covers out of leftover materials and turning them into lovely masterpieces, which led to the launch of the company we then called Onset.
Things progressed, and we eventually launched our first location in Kolkata in 2008 before opening a second one in Delhi the following year. Since then, we've been producing upholstery with export-caliber designs for a broad, contemporary market. And now we're standing at your door as Onset Homes in a completely different persona. Each of our collections has been carefully designed to work with the others and create a vibe that fits the character of your home. Our coordinated collections may fill any room in your house without being boring. Instead, give your den a unique aesthetic touch.