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Why are candle holders an integral part of the home?

Candleholders provide a calming or romantic atmosphere. You may relax after a busy day or create a cozy and tranquil environment by lighting candles in your living room or bedroom. Candles Holders have been used for centuries for their practical value and generating a sense of tranquillity. The gentle and opaque light projected from the candlelight holder generates a soft and subtle glow. This will remind you to turn off your devices and technology and enjoy the time with your loved ones. If the harsh light from bulbs is too much for you after a long day, then candle holders are the right option for you. They may be hung from the ceiling, placed in a row on a mantel or shelf, or used as part of a centerpiece. At Arcedior, you will find the most sought-after collection for daily use and festive occasions. Candleholders have the unique advantage of being both decorative and practical. If you need help finding the ideal holder for your area, consider shopping for one that doubles as art. Many lovely and distinctive holders lend a touch of refinement to any space.

What Are The Different Types Of Candle Holders?

Candle holders have evolved into many styles that take a cue from past and current trends. Here are some popular designs that will make your home guaranteed success.


Lanterns are bigger in shape and have been used for ages to burn candles for daily use. They can be hung, put on the floor, and even on the table. Though they have many shapes, the tall rectangular ones with a handle on the top are the most popular. You can place one or two candles inside for a longer glow.

Pillar Candle Holder

These types of candle holders are taller and broader than taper candle holders. They easily accommodate any size of candle which stays in place. They are a popular choice for dining table decor and festive occasion decor. 

Votive Candles

Bigger than tea light candles, votive candles are generally placed in glass, metal, or ceramic containers. They have more wax in their body, making them burn for longer.  They burn uniformly, and the pool of wax gets collected inside the candle, allowing it to burn strongly. They come in many shapes and scents, making them one of the most popular candlelights. 

Tealight Candle Holders

They are generally smaller in size to accommodate the small tea light. Tea light is made of a small amount of wax encircled with a thin metal. It is very economical and does not burn for too long. There are wide varieties of tealight holders that are made explicitly for tea lights.

Hurricane Candle Holders

Candle holders with a tall glass topper are used to protect the candle from being blown away from the wind and fall under this category. They have a sturdy base upon which the candle sits. The heavy glass and the subtle warm glow from the candle make a wonderful ambiance. 


It was used for centuries to illuminate any space when electricity wasn't invented; candelabras mean candle tree in Latin due to its tree-like shape. They are still used today as decoration, with candles alight on each of their stands. They are made of silver or brass to give them an old-world charm.

Taper Candle Holders

Perfect for the dining table and places with less space since taper candle holders are compact. They are usually tall and thin, which helps to make a candle fit perfectly on its top. They help create a warm, soft glow that resonates with a calm atmosphere. This candle holder is ideal for a cozy evening.

Different Materials Used for Candle Holders

With each new season, new trends emerge, which also calls for new materials. Nowadays, tons of materials are available, which can be singular or a combination of two.


A relatively newer material used in the realm of candle holders. Ceramics combine traditional and contemporary in an exquisite manner.


Metal, including aluminum, iron, and stainless steel, has been widely used for candle holders. Among these, iron is the most popular since it is sturdy and lasts longer. 


Indian-style diyas, lanterns, and candle holders are made of brass to give them an antique look. Brass looks exceptionally well in the puja room and for festive occasions.


Wood brings nature into the house, which is why wooden candleholders and lanterns use this material. It matches well with almost all types of decor due to its versatility.


Many candleholders are encircled with a glass topper that allows for the protection of the candle. Glass is tinted with different shades, which projects a glow of different hues.

Benefits of Using a Candle Holder

There is not one but multiple reasons to purchase a candleholder. They are practical, elegant, and, most importantly, fun to set up.

No Wax Spilling

The primary purpose of a candle holder is to stop any wax spilling that occurs when a candle burns. If it spills on the surface, there is a chance that it can cause damage. So to provide a candle with a sturdy base and a place to accumulate all the wax drippings, a candle holder is a must.

Easy Handling

A candle can become hot when it burns, and if touched by the bare hand, it can cause burns. For convenient handling, candle holders come in extra handy. They enable the user to move the candle even while it is lit.

Candle Burns For Longer

A candle holder protects the flame for longer to burn without interruption. Since the candle is enclosed in the candle holder, it is not prone to falling from outside forces. Even if it does not fall, there is a chance that slight wind can extinguish its flame.

It Makes a Space Look Elegant

A candle holder will go a long way in elevating the room's decor. Since it creates a scintillating and charismatic look, a space is bound to look more elegant. They can be placed strategically across the home according to the style of the home decor. This will make the room more decorative and add more depth.

Where To Place a Candleholder

Candleholders are so adaptable that they can work with any decor or room. All you need to do is make space for them in your home and watch their magic unfold.

Living Room

Create a centerpiece in your living room with multiple candle holders. Since they come in many sizes, you can place the tall ones on the floor and the smaller ones on the side table. Make sure its color palette matches the room's theme for a more dramatic effect.


Making it more welcoming and cozy can be the first step to making your home a peaceful abode. Since entrances are the first thing anybody notices in the home, they should resonate with the overall vibe of the house. And what better way to create that ambiance than using candle holders?


A bedroom is a place where we spend our time sleeping and relaxing. For that, a calming environment is necessary. It is noted that candles do just that, elevate your mood, calm your senses, and bring tranquility to your mind.


If you enjoy a relaxing bath, scented candles in the bathroom will make you feel like you are in a luxurious spa. You can place multiple candles in the bathroom and enjoy an indulgent bath filled with fragrant aromatics.

Why should you buy candle holders from Arcedior?

Arcedior has some of the most elusive collections of candle holders. Since we have all types and shapes of candle holders and lanterns, you are sure to find your pick. Made from superb quality by local artisans, Arcedior is proud to have the creme de la creme of home decor products. You will also find great candlelight holders for festive gifting, as multiple boxing option is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where to buy tabletop candle holders?

With top-notch quality, the newest trends in fashion, one-of-a-kind items, and, of course, a long history of success, Arcedior is at the top of its game. There's no need to look further because Arcedior, a high-end home décor website, has India's best tabletop candle holders. Several blogs are available to help you if you want to add a little glitz and nuance to your home if you are still determining the current fashions. To browse and purchase the most luxurious home decor items, visit Arcedior Shop.

2. Where to buy candle holders?

You can find the most luxurious and trendy candle holders on Arcedior's website, a one-stop shop for all your decor needs. Each piece is hand-selected to ensure that it is both classic and modern, ensuring that you only receive the finest in home decor. Arcedior is pleased to offer candle stands that are proudly created in India. These products are updated frequently to fit the newest trends. You can shop candle stands ranging from votive candles, lanterns, diyas, and more through their website, Arcedior Shop.

3. What Is The Appropriate Size Of A Candle Holder?

There is a set size for many candle stand kinds; however, nowadays, it is not only that because everyone's needs are growing. Since a tealight candle is the smallest, its diameter can range from 3/4 inch to 1 inch. Votive candles are slightly larger; their sizes can vary from 2 to 4 inches. Because pillar candles are more prolonged, their size ranges from 3 to 9 inches. Many candle stands are placed on the floor and can be large, so there is no set size. Otherwise, you can pick any size candle holder you like according to your preferences and available space.

4. What Are The Materials In Which Candle Holders Are Available?

Materials like wood, ceramic, metal, agate, glass, and brass are available in candle holders. According to their placement, these candle stands can have many different shapes and sizes. Votive candles are usually placed in glass candle holders. Diyas are mostly made of brass and metal to give them an antique look. The most popular material for candle holders is glass and wood. Otherwise, all kinds of materials are used to make candle stands. Like on a desk or table, a huge candle holder will look too much. Whereas at the home's entrance, bigger candle holders look very chic.

5. Which type of candle stand is the best?

A candle holder is chosen according to its placement, utility, and style. The best candle holder depends from individual to individual. However, an optimal candle stand can easily accommodate a tea light or candle and is made of sturdy material. The material should also be heat resistant and should not topple easily. Many candle stands are available, including pillar candle holders, votive candles, tea light candles, hurricane candle holders, candelabras, and taper candle holders. You can have a mixture of these candle stands, which will look even more elegant to create a centerpiece.

6. Where Do You Put The Tealight Candle Holders?

Tealight candle holders can be used throughout the house, including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, entrance, and dining table. The best ones are glass candle holders from which the light disperses excellently, and the small tealight can be fully visible. Since a tealight candle is smaller, you can use it in multiples, making it look even more nuanced. A glass candle holder will create a comfortable atmosphere if you enjoy a relaxing bath. Tealight candle stands look exceptionally good on the dining table for a nice candlelight dinner in the comfort of your home.