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Why are desk accessories necessary?

A desk is a place that brews the most ideas and where those ideas are turned into reality. Thus desk accessories are an indispensable part of that creative process. Having a decluttered desk can lead to a clear and peaceful mind, a blissful state of zen. It would make a ton of difference to your productivity rate and overall goal clarity. 
One of the most revered desk organizers is a pen stand. This sleek and modern organizer can hold your pens, pencils, and other small items. Organizers are also great for keeping your cords organized and tangle-free. Another must-have desk accessory is a good paper tray. This will help you keep your desk tidy by corralling all loose paper in one place. You can also use it in other ways, like stacking jewelry, small items of everyday use, and more, making it a brilliant multipurpose tool. And if you want to take your desk organization to the next level, invest in a set of drawer organizers. With various desk organizers on Arcedior's website, choosing one according to your taste and preference will become a cakewalk.

What are the Different Types of Desk Accessories?

Pen Stand

A pen stand helps to manage all your pens, pencils, markers, scissors, and scales in a collected place. You can choose a compact or large pen stand according to the size of your desk and the number of items you require daily. There are many fun shapes and designs to choose from in Arcedior's diverse desk organizers collection.

Tissue Box

Taking tissue out of unflattering cardboard and plastic packaging is a thing of the past since it looks refined in an innovative tissue box. Tissues come in handy for all sorts of purposes, like cleaning your face or desk. If you suffer from frequent bouts of cold and cough, then a tissue box comes to the rescue.

Desk Lamps

A well-lighted desk means less strain on the eyes and a higher level of productivity. You can opt for a desk lamp of an advantageous size that only takes up some of the space on your desk. Make sure it has a moveable head to adjust the light to your current requirements.

Organizing Tray

An organizing tray on the desk looks superbly professional and is held together. You can place all your knick-knacks like a stapler, sticky notes, watch, phone, paper clips, spectacles, and whatnot. There are so many organizing trays to choose from that match the aesthetics of your desk only at Arcedior Shop.

Card Holder

Impeccably stylish, a cardholder is a bold statement in itself. It creates a lasting impression on the client, who can see your level of productivity and clear mind. It holds all the small business cards in one place, so you can easily hand them out to any client. Some cardholders even have a separate section to hold stationery as well.

Paper Weight

A paperweight is a must if you use a lot of paper on your desk for official use or if you are an artist working on your latest creation. Paperweights don't have a dull old blob but can have funky or classy designs that look stylish. Using the fan or sitting by a window means that papers will fly everywhere.

Cellphone Stand

Since we all need cellphones the whole day to check work, social media, and WhatsApp, a cellphone stand is a great addition to any desk. We often need to look at our phones which hampers our work since they are held in hand. But with a cellphone stand, you can maneuver it easily without any neck bending.

Tape Dispenser

If all the aspects of the desk are organized, why should the tape be overlooked? Get rid of boring old plastic packaged tape dispensers and move on to unique wooden ones. They help reduce unnecessary plastic waste since they are reusable.

Coin Box

Never lose your coins by putting them in a fancy coin box that can be placed on the desk or inside the cupboard. Most of us have loads of change in our pockets that do not find their way to our wallets. They keep juggling here and there, and with a coin box, they can finally have a place to be stored.

Toothpick Holder

Toothpicks usually come in plastic packs, which look very shabby when offered to guests or clients. Instead, opting for an elegant toothpick holder ensures that they are well-kept and not misplaced.


If you are a smoker, having a fancy ashtray to hold the ashes is your go-to item. Cigarette buds can damage furniture, so you can opt for an ashtray to eliminate that. Make sure it blends with your desk decor for a seamless look.


Write your important tasks, thoughts, ideas, and even expenses in a notebook. Though there are a ton of notebooks in the market, you should opt for one that fits with the aesthetic appeal of your workstation.

How to Declutter Your Desk with These Easy Steps:

If you suffer from unproductivity caused by a messy desk, then with these easy steps, you can quickly transform your desk into a proper workstation.

1. Clear your desk out and segment all the similar items into individual groups to access your stuff.

2. Look at each item and consider its utility on your desk; once you have decided, place it in one corner. Things that are required less can go in another section. Also, make a separate section of old, broken, and useless items that need to be chucked away.

3. Now strategically place the suave desk organizers you ordered from Arcedior's most lavish desk accessories section.

4. Place all the useful items in designated sections inside the various desk accessories. Also, neatly stack your drawers in separate areas with the help of dividers and organizing trays.

5. If necessary, arrange items as per your daily usage and keep all the essentials just one arm away. The rest can be kept strategically wherever you have ample space.

6. Now that your desk is ready to take on any task with maximum productivity, you can commence your work. Now all you need to do is maintain your desk by quickly cleaning it daily after work for 5 minutes. With this strategy, you will always have an organized desk each morning.

Why do you need a desk organizer?

Arcedior is home to some of the best office organizers online that can make your desk look professional and elegant.

Saves Time

Focusing on finding stuff on your desk rather than working means the time is here to upgrade. If you are well aware of where each item on your table is, you are already saving time. A forgetful person can keep things orderly in trays or pen stand right in front of them.

Stress-Free Environment

If each time you look at your work desk and a panic button sets off in your head, then it's time to bring in some desk accessories. They not only help to curb the unnecessary mess on your workstation but also ensures that you can work happily in a stress-free environment.

Boasts Creativity and Productivity

A great table organizer paves a straightforward way to more productivity. Your creative self will thank you later for making your workstation more orderly. Even the type of desk accessories you choose is a direct giveaway to your style.

Looks More Professional

If you have clients or employees coming to your desk often, it gives the wrong impression that you have a messy desk. It hints at your productivity level, which could make you look unprofessional overall. However, if you have beautiful and cohesive-looking desk accessories, your professional appeal and reputation will increase in multifold.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should things be on a desk?

The essential things on your desk are stationary, a notepad, a lamp, a laptop or computer, a bottle of water, and a pen stand. Without these desk accessories, your desk is incomplete. They are so crucial that your productivity rate can be maintained with office desk accessories. This could be because you are also searching for things in times of need. You can also put it on your desks, such as desk organizers like a tray, a small plant, a charging station, and headphones. A personalized picture frame of your happiest memory or moment will add warmth to your desk.

2. What do you need for desk decor?

A dirty or unorganized desk means a confused and cluttered mind. To work efficiently and smoothly, you need desk decor that ensures the items you need are just one arm away. The things you do not readily need are safely tucked away in the drawer. It would help if you had some organizing trays, folders, filers, a stationery box, and a pen stand to get the first step right. Then declutter the desk accessories you do not need and place them correctly in the drawer. Place the required office desk accessories in a new and convenient manner according to your desired desk decor.

3. What should I buy for my desk setup?

You can buy desk organizers like organizing trays, folders, filers, stationery boxes, and pen stands. Besides this, you can buy a phone and headphone stand that are the trending office desk accessories. A lamp and a clock also go a long way in ensuring good productivity. Since a lamp will give you ample light, your eyes don't get tired. On the other hand, a clock will give you a sense of proportion to take advantage of tasks. Desk mats and laptop stands are additional desk accessories that are optional for each individual.

4. How do you accessorize a work desk?

You must first decide on a color palette and theme to access your work desk. Then narrow down desk accessories that match that style; if you want to add color to your desk, you can choose orange, pink, red, blue, and green colored desk accessories. If you wish to be more minimalistic, select only one color palette, like black, gold, or white. If you want luxury, opt for ceramic, agate, or glass after deciding what type of decor you need, like fun, minimalistic, luxurious, and more.

5. Should you decorate your work desk?

You should decorate your desk because it is where you spend so much time. You will only enjoy using that space if it suits your liking. So opt for desk accessories that are compatible with your working atmosphere and make you more efficient. Desk organizers like organizing trays, folders, filers, stationery boxes, and pen stands are a must. Stationery, a notepad, a lamp, a laptop or computer, a bottle of water, and a pen stand are the standard tools to decorate an empty desk. Don't limit yourself to these items; curate an office desk just for you.

6. How can I make my desk more enjoyable?

You can make your work desk more enjoyable by adding elements of your personality where you spend all your time. Many desk accessories will match the space that you want to create. If you love traveling, accessories inspired by traveling can be on your desk. You can also create a photo collage from your favorite travel and hang it in front of you. Add a scented candle around your desk if you like warmth and coziness. Even adding a burst of freshness with colorful flowers can bring more life to your desk.