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Add Elegant Warmth to Your Room With The Stylish Blanket & Throws From Arcedior

What are throws and blankets?

The throw blanket is a lightweight fabric that keeps you warm while adding a style statement to the home. The quilt blanket is a perfect soft furnish when you want to take an afternoon nap or snug while watching movies at night. These are smaller than the regular bedding blanket but cover a person to the entire length. Along with providing warmth and comfort to a person, these throws add a pop of style to the room with their vibrant colors and versatile patterns and textures. Due to their carriable size, the blanket can be taken with you on adventurous journeys and long drives. The blanket adds a charm of aesthetic while also being functional enough by providing a perfect cocoon to a person.

Materials used in making throws

The materials of the throws determine if they will last for a longer duration or tear right away, so it is vital to consider the appropriate material and its quality before buying any quilt blanket. Here are some of the materials listed to provide you with ease.


For a cozy flair in the room, the blanket made from high-quality sheepskin is ideal to use. These are perfect to elevate your soft furnishings while adding soft tones. These are durable and have different patterns, like fringes and pompoms on the edges.


The blanket made from high-quality silk is sure to add a luxurious touch to the home when sitting on the beds, couches, and chairs. These are known for their natural luster and extensive durability when taken care of properly.


The cotton baby blanket is a lightweight and the most breathable quilt. It comes in a variety of colorful prints and patterns. These drape nicely around the furniture and are often easy to clean with soft hands. 


A velvet blanket is not only soft to the touch but also adds a classy look to the spaces in the home. This quilt adds warmth and a luxurious touch to the furniture while invoking visual interest.


The cashmere blanket is made from Kashmiri fabric and offers high fabric breathability. These have the most beautiful patterns and prints. Also, add a bohemian touch to the throws, including the fringes and pompoms on the edges.

Different sizes of throws

There are several sizes of throws available in the market today. An appropriate length is necessary for your space so that it neither falls too short nor too long. Following are some of the dimensions of the throws listed. 

Small Throws

The small throws usually come in 30" x40" or 36" x50". This blanket is perfect for covering the lower body portion, like your lap, when using your laptop and watching TV. These blankets are easy to fold and can be draped around the baby while he's enjoying the nap.

Medium Throws

Medium throws have a size of 50" x60". The size of these throws is also known as the standard size and is thus used commonly. This quilt blanket is large enough to cover a person while he relaxes, enjoying the movies and talk shows in the chilled drawing rooms.

Large Throws

Large throws have a size of 60" x80", which is large enough to cover the bed and couches. These are perfect for draping the furniture and accentuating the rooms. This blanket is perfect for taking you on long drives and journeys to cocoon yourself by providing warmth and comfort in style.

Oversized Throws 

The oversized throws have a bigger size of 80" x90" than large throws. These throws are ideal to take with you for picnics at the beach and gardens. They are great for adding aesthetic charm to the home by being hung on the wall as wall art in vibrant colors. Keep these on the corners of the beds and couches to invoke a unique style element in the home. 

Uses of a quilt blanket

Most people feel that a quilt only provides warmth and coziness. But that is not the case because besides giving a warm feeling, the blanket offers some unique services. 

Keeps Warm

The primary purpose of the baby blanket is to provide warmth. If you feel heavyweight quilts are not your cup of tea, choose the throws. This blanket covers the person from head to toe. It provides him with a cozy and comfortable feel on chilled winter evenings.

Accessorize The Furniture 

No one likes simple and boring furniture in their homes, and one of the easy ways to accessorize them is to place a baby blanket on them. Add a touch of elegance and style to the quilt blanket by placing them on chairs, couches, and beds.

Wall Hanging

A wall decor always invokes a creative touch in the home space. The baby blanket with vibrant patterns can be used as a home decor item. It can be hung on the dull walls of your home to spruce up that arena of the house.

Cocoon For Traveling

Traveling during the winter season is what almost everyone hates. So, an easy option to enjoy long drives even in winter is to drape yourself in a quilt blanket and make a warm cocoon for yourself. 

Types of baby blankets

There are different types and styles of baby blankets available in the market. Here are some throws that can add a unique style statement to the home.

Luxe Throws

The luxe blanket has a plush soft texture that adds luxurious warmth to the space wherever it is placed with a touch of sophistication. These come in various styles and patterns, so choose the one that appeals to you and goes well with your home decor.

Pintuck Throws

The pintuck throws have a pattern of tiny folds, bringing a unique look out of them. These adorable tucked throws are perfect for snuggling under and great for draping cute little pets like puppies, cats, and rabbits during cold days.

Shimmer Throws

The shimmer throws have a glossy and glittery texture that appeals to the human eye and sits nicely on the couches and sofas to provide an elegant flair. This glittery baby blanket stylizes the room by acting as a wall hanging. 

Faux Fur Throws

The faux fur quilt is sure to add soft luxury to the room with the fluffy and ultra-soft furs into the room. These throws are ideal for winter when there is an excellent requirement for warmth and comfort.

Knit Throws

The knit blanket is made from the hand knitting of various fabric materials like wool, cotton, and acrylic. These throws are known to provide a cozy feeling and warmth in a chic style. Moreover, their texture makes them perfect for winter days.

Goose Down Throws

The down throws are made up of the feathers of geese and ducks. These are pretty comfortable and cozy. They are a great choice when draping chairs and sofas with blankets are needed.

Fleece Throws

Fleece throws are a great alternative to the wool blanket. If the heavy weight of wool throws disturbs you, then opt for this lightweight and affordable option of fleece throws. This also provides warmth and softness like that of a blanket made of organic fabric.

How to style the blanket on different furniture at home?

The following list gives you the idea that you can adore your home's furniture with throws and blankets.


If the bed is the body, then the throws on it act as its accessory. This baby blanket can be put at the corners of the bed to add the magic of aesthetics. The soft and luxe feel silk blanket is perfect for placing on the bed horizontally or diagonally at the foot of the bed. 


The large-sized and hand-knitted blanket is excellent to accentuate the charm of the sofa resting in the drawing room. The placement of a quilt blanket on the sofa adds class and personality to the space while making it warmer and more welcoming.


The velvet and faux fur quilt blanket for a sophisticated couch look will make them appear more elegant and comfortable. These throws can be folded, stacked, or draped all around the couch to add a style tone to the space.


The chair is great to accent the decorative quilt blanket when sitting on it for long hours feels boring. Drape the chairs with medium-sized blankets and feel comfort and warmth at ease.

Why choose Arcedior?

Arcedior offers a luxurious range of unique and elegant throws and blankets. We have every quilt blanket that suits your style, whether you wish to cuddle up under one or decorate your home with chic patterned throws. The days when people transported heavy quilts on their voyages are long gone. Now all you need is a medium-sized blanket to wrap around yourself and take full use of the season. The classy blanket available here not only offers warmth and comfort but also accentuates the home's furniture by decorating it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between a blanket and a throw?

The difference between a blanket and a throw is their use and size. A throw is a small, lightweight blanket that provides warmth and comfort to the person. In addition to providing a warm feeling, the throws also work as a home decor item. You can hang it on the wall; that will make a perfect wall hanging. A baby blanket can be put on the bed, sofa, chairs, and couches to enhance their visual appeal with vibrant patterns and textures. At the same time, a blanket is mainly used to layer the bed while providing warmth and comfort. These are available in different sizes like, small, medium, large, and oversized.

2. What size is a throw?

A throw comes in different sizes small, medium, large, and oversize. The small throws usually come in 30"x40" or 36"x50". These are perfect for covering the laps while binge-watching the television or working on the laptop. Next are medium-sized rugs with the size of 50"x60". People commonly use these standard-sized rugs to drape themselves from head to toe. Now the large throws have a size of 60" x80". These are ideal for covering the furniture partially, like beds, sofas, and couches, to add a style statement. Finally, there is a category of throws size 80"x90". These are perfect to be taken along during journeys to beaches and gardens.

3. Is a quilt a blanket?

No, a quilt is not a blanket. A blanket is a fabric of wool, cotton, fleece, or polyester used to cover a body. On the other hand, a quilt is a thick and heavy blanket made by layering three or more layers together with a soft batting in between to provide comfort and warmth to a body. 

4. What is a quilt used for?

A quilt is primarily used to provide warmth and a cozy feeling to the person. These are layered coverings sewed in a stylish manner that also serves as a home decor item. These accentuate the home's furniture, like beds, sofas, couches, and chairs. In addition, these are known to add a pop of style if placed as a wall hanging in the house.