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Side Tables Online at Arcedior

What are side tables?

A side table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home. They can be used as decorative pieces, to hold a lamp, to display photos or art, or to store items out of the way simply. They come in various styles and can be placed in just about any room in your house.

Here are some ideas for how to use side tables in your interior decor

      • As an end table next to your sofa or recliner

      • As a nightstand next to your bed

      • As an accent table in your entryway or foyer

      • As a catch-all table in your mudroom or laundry room

      • As a plant stands in your sunroom or greenhouse

      • As a sculpture holder in your drawing room

It can be as simple as just a wooden slab next to your bed or a proper side table in the kitchen. You can place your water bottle, phone, tablet, medicines, alarm clock, gratitude journal, and gadget chargers on the end table of your bed. With such versatility, the best part is that there is no standard size, and it can be of any size or shape, depending on your space.

What are the Different Types of Side Tables Online?

Each space needs a different type of side table since it makes a room spark with more robust energy. A right-side table can be the end puzzle piece to make a room more complete and put together. These are the different types of side tables, among others, that are available on the Arcedior Shop: 

End Table with Drawers

This type of end table is like a mini cabinet with loads of drawers to store multiple items. All the excess knick knacks that make the living room or bedroom cluttered can be safely put away in the drawers. This type of end table can have multiple drawers or a large single one. You can store items like tv remotes, napkins, coasters, tealights, and other items in this type of drawer. 

Nesting Table

A nesting table is a side table with one or two tables stacked from largest to smallest. This combines into one table that can be dismantled to have two or three separate tables of different sizes.
Nesting tables are handy for smaller spaces since they take less space but provide more benefits. The uppermost table can be used to place small trinkets or decorative items. The other smaller tables can be used for eating or just extra space. 


A C- Table is not necessarily shaped like a C, but its name is derived from the fact that it's one side is open. A strong table top with legs on two sides can be maneuvered to be placed beside the sofa or bed. They can sometimes be movable, which allows the user to place them anywhere. You can place beverages, snacks, and other small items. 

Drum Side Table

As the name suggests, a drum-shaped side table is literally in the form of a drum. It is comparatively narrow from the top and bottom while bulging in the middle. It is usually used in rustic and contemporary styles of home decor. They can be made of metal or wood, with many new shapes being conceptualized. 

 Tray-Top End Table

This type of end table complements well with a minimalistic home. Since its table top can be removed and placed back like a tray, it is primarily round or rectangular to easily carry them in the house. They are placed in the living and dining rooms since they are mainly used for eating and serving. Some design even allows the user to fold the table when unused!

What are the different materials used for an End Table?

Material can be the essential facet of determining the usability of a side table. It defines the room and makes the furniture more sought together. Arcedior has many materials to choose from that will best suit your home.


The most commonly used material is wood since it matches well with other interiors. Being of a neutral color allows the table to stand out yet blend with the rest of the furniture. Its durability is excellent, and it can withstand loads of wear and tear. Since it is very adaptable, it comes in many shapes and sizes. You can get multiple options for drawers, shelves, and storage in wood. 


A modern-day marvel, metallic side tables have become beloved pieces of furniture in every home. Metal beams have become a designer staple in many restaurants and bars since they can be molded into many new forms. The metallic colour gives a more glamorous and expensive look to the room it is in.


A clear glass top creates an illusion of more space, which is why it is preferred in compact areas. Glass also has a very modern vibe and suits every decor style. You can certainly never go wrong with a glass top accent table since it will gel seamlessly with the room. Glass top is super easy to clean, and if it breaks, it can be easily replaced.


A wicker side table works exceptionally well in outdoor settings since they are reminiscent of nature. The earthy tone suits the great outdoors and decor styles like boho, Scandinavian and rustic. They are weather resistant, lightweight, and versatile, which makes them desirable. 


A marble or granite table top can answer your question for a luxurious and plush look. The big stone is durable and will withstand come what may. It can be used in minimal decor since it tries to bring natural elements to a room. Marble can work well with other marble items in the room, making the space more coordinated.

Where To Place Side Tables?

An end table can be placed in any part of the house or office. Not only are they utilitarian, but they also help beautify and declutter a space. These are some of the rooms in which you can place a side table:

Living Room

Accent tables are primarily used in the living room beside an armchair or a sofa set. They are selected according to the decor style of a room so that it complements it further. You can place decorative items like sculptures, small planters, and intricate vases to add more character to the room. Plenty of floor space is available in the living room, and a compound table fills that gap.


Nightstand or bedside tables are a crucial part of any bedroom since it holds all the necessary items that are utilized before or after sleeping. On the drawers of the nightstand, you can stack away your medicines, tv remotes, books, moisturizers, and other items that will make you have a stress-free sleep. You can place a swanky lamp or a vibrant clock that will serve the purpose of comfort. 


When we enter the house, it is usually with many items in our hands like keys, mobile phones, wallets, and small knick knacks. They can get misplaced since we habitually throw them here and there. So the best way to utilize an end table is to place it on the entrance as a catch-all. You can even display your family photos in a beautiful picture frame as a sign of warmth and homeliness. 

Dining Room

A tray table top end table or a small round table will work wonders in the dining room. Sometimes there needs to be more space on the dining table to place all the food items. A tray table top can hold extra servings, which can be easily removed and served. There can be a small coffee table that can be a sit-down place to have coffee afterward. 

Designer Side Tables Online At Arcedior

There are many stylish options on Arcedior to buy the latest designer side tables, which will not make you look elsewhere. High on quality and design aesthetics, Arcedior’s wide range of side tables come in many designs, materials, and colours, making it easy for you to find your perfect match.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How high should side tables be?

Side tables are kept beside a sofa or a chair and should be around 20 to 24 inches tall. It should be at least equivalent to the height of the sofa arm or below 2 inches or 3 inches. A side table’s width can be anywhere from 15 inches to 23 inches. Also known as end tables or accent tables, when they are placed beside the bed, they are known as bedside tables. A bedside table usually has enough space to accommodate a lamp, books, water bottle, phone, and other knick-knacks that you wish to place. 

2. Which shape of the table is best?

A circular or square is the most popular shape for an accent or end table. The most traditional shape has to be square since it fills the space quickly, meaning no blank spaces. This shape is mainly used as a bedside table. Round or circular side tables are great and primarily used as coffee tables or in front of the sofa set. Since it has no corners, moving around them is easier and more comfortable. Rectangular-shaped side tables are also great since they can provide a room with more structure. If you want to play around with the ascent and end table, then fun and quirky shapes are advisable.

3. What is the purpose of a nesting table?

A nesting table is a type of table that comes in a group of two or three stacked one below the other. When combined, they look like one piece of furniture but are one or two more tables. The largest comes on the top, and the other tables’ size keeps decreasing to fit the bigger one. They are usually placed in the living room for eating and placing decorative items. They are of a good height, so a person can quickly put their stuff on them and eat from a nesting table. They are great space savers and can be used in other parts of the house, even like a stool.

4. How do you decorate a nested table?

A nested table can be decorated in multiple ways, including a plant display, photo frame display, sculptures, lanterns, vases, and even a clock. You can also use it to stack and arrange makeup or as a nightstand. The uppermost side table can have interesting decorative pieces like a unique colored sculpture, adding more life to the room.
You can place a medley of small, medium, and large planters and pots around the side table with some plants. Two lanterns of neutral tones of varying heights, like golden, silver, or bronze, would look spectacular.

5. How do you make nested tables?

A skilled woodworker or a carpenter can make nested tables. Though if you know how to make items of wood at home, then there are plenty of tutorials on youtube and other websites. Otherwise, it would be great to buy these accent and end tables from the market or through online shopping portals like Arcedior. A nesting table is layered one on top of the other in groups of two or three even though they are one or two additional pieces of furniture when joined in, seem like one. The largest is placed on top, and the size of the other tables gradually gets smaller to accommodate it.

6. What should the bedside table include?

You can put many things on your bedside table, which will help in easy navigation during the night. First and foremost, a lamp should be placed but choose a size that only covers part of the nightstand area. If you like to read, you can put a book and keep the other books in the drawer below. Then you can place essentials like a water bottle, phone, phone charger, medicines, clock, and tissue paper box. Inside the drawers can be any daily items, like moisturizer, notepad, pen, jewelry box, small food items, and medicine box. Besides these items, decorative goods like sculptures and planters will instantly spruce up your nightstand.