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A Wide Range of Hanging Lights Only on Arcedior

Why are Hanging Lights a Popular Choice for Home Decor?

Hanging lights are a popular choice for interior decor, as they can add style and function to a space. They also serve as a stylish way to add light to any room in your home. When choosing a hanging lamp, it is essential to consider the size and shape of the room, as well as the type of lightbulb that will be used. LED bulbs are a popular choice for hanging lamps, as they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. You can use hanging lamps as accent lighting, task lighting, or even ambient lighting. 

There are many types of hanging lamps that you can add to magnify the personality of your home decor, including 

     • Pendant lights
     • Bowl pendants
     • Drum pendants
     • Mini pendants 
     • Linear pendants

For the most dramatic and opulent effect, you can use intricate chandeliers. Besides these, foyer and outdoor hanging lamps are also used to light up the dark outdoors at night. Hanging lights can also be used to create ambient lighting in your room. Dimming the lights and using soft, glowing bulbs will give your space a calming atmosphere. Alternatively, you can use brighter bulbs and bolder shades to create an exciting mood. Experiment with different lighting combinations to find what works best for you.

What are the Different Types of Hanging Lamps?

You can choose an array of different hanging lamps on Arcedior’s website.


Chandeliers are one of the most popular types of hanging lamps. They are often used in formal settings, such as a dining room, and can add a touch of elegance to any space. Chandeliers are available in various styles, from traditional to modern, and can be made from various materials, including glass, crystal, and metal.

Foyer Lights

Foyer lights are typically hung above the entryway to a home to provide light for guests as they enter. These lights can be either flush-mounted or semi-flush-mounted and come in various styles to suit any home's décor. Many foyer lights also have matching wall sconces that can illuminate the space further.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

Outdoor hanging lights are a type of lighting fixture typically used to illuminate patios, decks, porches, and other outdoor spaces. They can be hung from the ceiling or a wall and come in various kinds and designs to suit any aesthetic.

Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights are a type of light fixture hung from the ceiling. They are often used as accent lights and can provide task or general lighting in a space. Pendant lights can be made from various materials, including glass, metal, and plastic. There are several types of pendant lights, including:

Multi Light Pendants

These types of pendant lights have many lights attached to them. They have many variations, but the most prominent one is where there is one pendant light in the center of the long rod. Its ends also have lights attached to them. Since they provide plenty of light, they are used in large spaces like restaurants and living rooms.

Bowl Pendant Lights

If you're looking for a classic bowl pendant light, you can't go wrong with one made of glass. Clear or frosted, these lights are timeless and elegant. For something a little different, try a bowl pendant made of metal. These lights often have more ornate details and can make a statement in a room. Whether hanging in a formal dining room or a more relaxed setting, they add a touch of class to any space. From the materials they're made of to the details and finishes, there are endless possibilities for these hanging lights.

Dome Pendant Lights

Dome pendant lights are a type of light fixture designed to hang from the ceiling. They are often used in kitchen and bathroom areas, as well as in living rooms and bedrooms. Dome pendant lights typically have a metal or glass shade that is open at the top, allowing light to shine. Some of their styles have a second layer of fabric or glass that helps to diffuser the light, creating a softer glow.

Cylindrical Pendant Lights

This light fixture consists of a cylindrical-shaped shade. They are suspended from the ceiling by a cord or chain and emit downward-facing light. Cylindrical pendant lights are often used in kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms as a task or ambient lighting.

Linear Pendant Lights

Linear pendant lights are a type of pendant light with a long, rectangular shape. Linear pendant lights often provide task lighting over a kitchen island or workspace. 

Lantern Pendant Light

A popular choice amongst rustic and minimalist styles of decor. They channel the core aesthetics of lanterns that provide an old-world charm with added modern functionality. You can hang them on your entrance for a dramatic look. Otherwise, they look great above the kitchen island as well. 

Globe Pendant Light

This one is an absolute crowd-pleaser since globe pendant lights resemble beautiful balls of light. They disperse light equally all across the room and can be found in multiple or singular. Their light is dimly bright, which creates a surreal atmosphere.

Some Features of Hanging Lamps

1. Hanging lamps are a great way to add light to a room without taking up valuable floor or table space.

2. Hang lamps at different heights to create an interesting and inviting ambiance in your home.

3. Use hanging lamps to highlight specific areas in your home, such as a cozy reading nook or a beautiful piece of artwork.

4. Hanging lamps come in various styles to match any decor, from rustic to modern.

5. When choosing a hanging lamp, consider the size of the room and the amount of light you want to add.

Where can you Place Hanging Lamps?

Commonly known as ceiling lights, hanging lamps are the perfect home decor style statement that can make your home a haven of sophistication.

Living Room

You can opt for a full-blown chandelier in the middle of your living room for a regal look. But if you want something contemporary or modern, many different pendant lights can make your space pop up. The most trending is cylindrical and globe pendant lights. These can be situated in a particular corner of the room where an armchair or coffee table is placed.


When you imagine your dream kitchen on Pinterest, the first thing that can make or break the kitchen is its lighting. The difference between a stylish and boring kitchen is that of a hanging lamp. When it is placed above the kitchen island, it not only helps in focusing more light on preparing food but also makes the atmosphere more vibrant.

Dining Room

A place where hanging lamps look the absolute best is above the dining table. They can make any boring dining table transform into a luxurious dining experience. Make sure not to place a ceiling light very low otherwise, and it will cause someone to hit their head. Also, focusing light on the food is important to eat so that it can awaken all the senses.


Since the lighting in the hall is alight for most of the day, you can opt for an eco-friendly ceiling light. There are tons of eco-friendly options on Arcedior that ensures the highest quality standard. The website also has products using sustainable materials that are ethically sourced, which makes them stand out from the rest. So shop now to take one step forward by making your home and lighting more eco-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Are The Different Types Of Hanging Lights?

The different hanging lights are chandeliers, foyer lights, outdoor hanging lights, lanterns, and pendant lights. Pendant lights come in most options, including bowl, bell, drum, and linear pendants. Though small and big chandeliers add opulence and gratefulness to a room, the most popular nowadays are pendant lights. Pendant lights are those lamps that hang from the ceiling and can be singular or in multiples. Chandeliers are delicate and often made of glass or crystals, with multiple bulbs to light up the room. Foyer hanging lights are generally used at the entrance of a home and have a particular old-world design.

2. Which Type Of Hanging Light Should I Buy?

Pendant lights are the most popular hanging light that will make your home more elegant. Pendant lamps have numerous varieties and can work according to your space and decor. They include bowl pendants, bell pendants, drum pendants, and linear pendants. They have many shapes and patterns according to different decor. Though the trendiest in 2022 are inverted pendant lights with bold colors. Though chandeliers are also a good option but are primarily used in a formal setting and are usually larger; thus, they cannot be put in compact spaces and use multiple bulbs too.

3. What is a pendant lamp?

A prominent item in the space, a pendant lamp, is a lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling. With the aid of a rod, metal rope, or chain, they are held in the air. They are frequently positioned in the center of the room or on the dining table to give a hybrid task and accent light. They come in various forms and materials and may be used inside and outside. They can be built from various materials, including bamboo, metal, steel, brass, rattan, and cork. They can have several bulbs or lights on them, similar to a chandelier, but otherwise, they are also solo.

4. How do we hang a pendant lamp?

Mark the area where you want to place your pendant lamp, like in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Then decide its ideal height that would be compatible with the space so that it does not cause hindrance. Make sure it is comfortably placed; otherwise, a person can hit their head with it. Then cut off the power supply, attach the necessary wires, and set the mounting board. Now all you need to do is hang the light with the attachments it came with and then place the bulb inside. Switch on the power supply; with these steps, you have a perfectly positioned hanging lamp.

5. Can you put hanging lights anywhere?

Yes, you can place hanging lights anywhere in your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, outdoor seating, and more. You can place hanging lights above your dining table, on the kitchen island, above the bathroom sink, in the drawing room, etc. Any place with more highlights and focal points will be the perfect setting for a hanging light. Since pendant lights come in many sizes, colors, and design options, they can be customized to any space and decor. Their main benefit is that they are easier to install, and since they are inverted, the unnecessary glare from bulbs is eliminated.

6. What are the different types of hanging lights?

Chandeliers, foyer lights, outdoor hanging lights, lanterns, and pendant lights are among the various styles of hanging lighting. The widest variety of lights is available as pendants, including bowl, bell, drum, and linear styles. Even if pendant lights are more common these days, tiny and large chandeliers still offer elegance and gratitude to a space. Lamps that dangle from the ceiling in multiples or a single pendant are known as pendant lights. Chandeliers are delicate pieces, frequently made of glass or crystal, and include several lights to illuminate the space. At home, foyer hanging lights are typically used in the entry and feature an exclusive old-world design.