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What is a platter?

A platter is usually a large plate used for serving various foods on a single dish. These platters are generally used to help a large meal at different gatherings. It is a large shallow plate that comes in a variety of shapes like rectangle, circle, oval, and square, with stylish motifs imprinted on them. These serving plates accommodate several meals on them, like cheese, fruit, vegetable, sushi, fish, and meat, along with several other snack items. These uniquely shaped platters come in various popping hues that can be used to serve snacks during a high tea party or regular get-togethers. The cheese board comes in different materials like plastic, ceramic, stone, wood, and metal. To make them appear more attractive, these platters are covered with the plating of silver and gold. 

What are the different serving platters ideas?

Every party and get-together has different food platters. Here are some of the different kinds of platters written to give you an idea for the next event at your place. 

Fruit Platter

A fruit platter is a colorful assortment of several vibrant fruits, including mangoes, kiwis, apples, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and cherries. Arranging the fruits this way and serving them before dinner would make your guests love and enjoy the party even more. 

Cheese Platter

A cheese platter includes several types of cheese on a single dish. You can decorate your platter with different shapes and sizes of cheese. This platter may include cheddar cheese, stilton, blue cheese, ricotta, parmesan, and feta to make a delicious cheese board.

Sandwich Platter

A sandwich platter is apt when you want to host a fun and relaxed evening with your friends and family. You can include bread croutons, burgers, and kebabs with different dips in this serving platter. 

Salad Platter

A salad platter is the perfect meal for your guests with a large meal. This nutritious platter can add charm to large servings. Add the bunch of green veggies first, then adore the green background with red tomatoes, white radishes, and orange carrots with a squeeze of yellow lemon. 

Cookie Platter

For a perfect Christmas event, a cookie platter will ignite the magic. Add assorted cookies of different shapes and sizes to the platter and serve your guests with this baked meal platter.

Dessert Platter

A dessert platter consists of a variety of sweet and savory items that are served after a big meal on a single large plate. This luxe platter can include a colorful mixture of chocolates, sweet slices of bread, fruits, and dips with other delicious desserts. 

What are the different materials used in making this type of cheese board?

Good quality material for a cheese board is as essential as the food placed over it. The serving platter comes in various materials. Here are the materials for the platters. 


Wooden serveware is the most preferred choice when it comes to choosing the appropriate kitchenware. This is the most robust and durable material that also keeps germs and bacteria away. The wooden platter withstands heat and doesn't melt at all. These platters do not need special care. Just regular sanding is enough to keep them in perfect shape. 


Ceramic platters are the most stylish serving dishes as they come with a variety of unique and intricate designs on them with a soft fusion of popping hues. The ceramic platter is made up by mixing and fire baking the clay and other earthen material together to impart a great shape. These are chemically non-reactive and withstand normal wear and tear, corrosion, and high heat. 


Glass serving platters give the highest visual appeal and enhance the beauty of the dining table. These are fragile, so they must be handled with care. Due to their transparent texture, they give a beautifying view of the food items placed on their surface. Along with this, glass is also heat, and chemical resistant. 


Stone serving platters have become the most trending platters these days. These are hand-cut and hand-polished natural stones that give a unique shape with a beautiful amalgamation of colors. This natural gemstone gives your dining table and party a lavish look and makes the food appear more exciting. 


Plastic food platter is mainly chosen due to its easy maintenance and cleaning. These serving boards need a swish of water to be cleaned, and they are good to go. This material is resistant to corrosion and is quite durable than other materials. 


Brass is an eco-friendly material that has its own charm. It is durable and has several antibacterial properties. The brass serving platter comes with new designs to add glamor to the crockery set and requires the most negligible upkeep with minimal cleaning agents. 


Aluminium is a soft and lightweight material that can accommodate several dishes on its surface to serve a large gathering. In addition to this, aluminium food platters require low maintenance. A harsh scrubbing would harm it. 

What are the several shapes of this charcuterie board?

The different shapes of the charcuterie board add a unique beauty to the tableware. Here are some of the forms listed on the serving platter. 

Round Platter

The round-shaped platters are the most stylish and present the delicacies in a unique manner. This cheese board is ideal for a meal setup and makes your hosting relatively easier. 

Oval Platter

The oval-shaped platter is more comprehensive in between and narrower from both corners. The snack items with a larger size can be placed in between while the corners of the platter can be covered with minute items to grace it and serve to the guests.

Rectangular Platter

The rectangular serving platter is the classic choice, and it still competes with its contemporaries. This commonly shaped cheese board has enough space on it to serve a large variety of good food items. 

Square Platter

The square platter provides an equal area around all four corners to serve the guests vibrant snacks. This plate also comes with a broad handle which makes it easier to pass on to other people at the parties. 

How to care for these serving platters?

It is essential to clean the platters from time to time, and there are several ways you can keep the fresh look of your serving platters fresh.

Soft Wipe

For most of the platters, it is always great to wipe them off with a soft cloth. The swish from the soft fabric will not hamper the gleaming appearance of the platter. Firstly, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth, and after a while, a gentle swab with a soft cloth will do the task. 

Mild Detergent and Sponge

To maintain the fresh look of the food platters, wash them with mild detergent. Mix the mild detergent and water. After that, dip the sponge in this mixture and swipe the platter with it. Then, wash it with normal water and let it dry. 

Lemon and Salt Polish

Lemon and salt polish is a unique washing provision for brass-made platters. Put the salt on a half-cut lemon and rub it on a brass platter to keep it away from getting tarnished. 

Why choose Arcedior?

Arcedior is the perfect one-place solution, where you will find the embellished serving platters needed for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarming parties, and regular get-togethers. Whether serving a large variety of snacks or adorning your dining tables and crockery set, the serving platters here at Arcedior will complete your jobs. So hurry up and get the best deal on platters for your parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are standard platter sizes?

The standard size of platters goes between 10 to 12 inches. This charcuterie board is wide enough to accommodate different kinds of food items. You can serve a variety of food, including fish, meat, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and other snack items on this single board at any housewarming party or regular get-together.

2. What is the difference between a bowl and a platter?

The difference between a bowl and a platter is their size and purpose. A bowl is a small and deep container used to hold the fluids like vegetable soup or curry, which are mostly eaten with the help of a spoon. At the same time, a platter is a large shallow board used to serve different snacks, including fish, meat, sandwich, burger, pizza, cheese, fruits, and desserts, a single dish to the guests at a particular party or regular get-togethers. 

3. What size is a platter board?

The platter board is between 10 to 12 inches. These serving platters serve various food to the guests at the housewarming parties. These are sometimes also known as cheese boards. Mix and match different snacks and help them on this large platter. Some of the platters come with a long handle, making it easy to grip them tightly and their passing easier. These platters can serve different meals to many people, like fruit platters, cheese platters, dessert platters, cookie platters, salad platters, sandwich platters, and several other platters. 

4. What is the importance of platters?

Platters are essential because they help serve more people with various food items placed on a single dish. These serving platters come in multiple shapes, like square, oval, round, and rectangular. Wooden platters are considered quite strong and durable, so they are preferred the most. There are different types of materials, like ceramic, plastic, wood, brass, aluminium, etc., of which these food platters are made. However, people mostly use wood platters because they are solid and durable. Moreover, these are among the most critical tableware because they serve a long list of delicacies on a large platter.