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Why are Coasters Useful?

Coasters can protect furniture from spills and stains. They also add a bit of color or pattern to a room. Coasters can be made from various materials, including wood, glass, metal, and even cork. They can be used to protect surfaces from scratches and watermarks. Coasters can be placed on coffee tables, side tables, nightstands, or any other surface where you might set down a drink. They make great housewarming gifts and can be found in various styles to suit any home. They come in many shapes and sizes though most are standard for regular glasses and water bottles. You can choose one that matches your decor and your dining table setup. Agate coasters are one of the trendiest items since they provide good vibes and energy and are attractive to look like. Arcedior has a comprehensive collection of coasters like mini paintings; some are starkly unique.

Different Materials Used for Coasters

Coasters or mini trivets are available in many materials, which can be chosen according to your needs and preferences. Each facet of the home can use different coasters for a more appealing look.

Cork Coasters

Extremely absorbent and sturdy, cork is a material known to be an excellent choice for coasters. They do not need much care and are perfect for daily use. Since they have a simplistic look, they are generally preferred in a less formal setting.  

Marble Coasters

A great accompaniment to the elegant decor since marble has always been associated with grandeur. No two pieces are similar when it comes to marble since its distinct patterns are made naturally. It is heavier than regular coasters, so you can place heavier items on it. It is porous, allowing it to absorb any residual water easily. 

Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters are exceptionally lightweight and water-absorbent. They usually come with felt pads to make them cling to the surface. If you wish to keep them durable for extended periods, regularly wipe them with a clean cloth. 

Terracotta Coasters

Terracotta is a clay material baked at a high temperature to solidify. It is unglazed and porous, which allows it to absorb water. Its earthy red color distinguishes it though it can be painted in many colours.  

Glass Coasters

If you are fond of glass home decor items, then glass coasters can be your go-to choice. Though they can be fragile, they suit your dinner table decor well if used with caution. They also come in intricate designs and colorful patterns. 

Ceramic Coasters

Beautiful, elegant, and colorful are how ceramic coasters can be defined. They are glazed on the top, which repels water and gives a tile-like appearance. They are one of the most trendy items when it comes to coasters. 

Agate Coasters

Being used for centuries, agate is a semi-precious stone renowned for its healing properties. It has intricate and colorful deposits that make it look regal. Arcedior has a whole section of Agate coasters in multiple colors whose good vibes will surely make your drink more refreshing.  

Resin Coasters

Resin is a material that can be easily shaped in any form. It also works well with many decors and has a glass-like appearance. To make it even more interesting, you can add dried leaves, flowers, and glitter.  

Where are Coasters Placed?

Sweltering heat calls for a nice big glass of icy cold drink. But along with that enjoyment comes the dreaded water ringlets across the house. To avoid it, you can uphaul your home decor game by strategically placing coasters across the house. 

Tea Table 

Since many people enjoy tea in the morning, its overall experience can pave the way for the rest of the day. The hot beverage, if kept on the coaster, can prevent the surface from getting damaged. If prolonged like that, it can cause permanent damage to the tea table. Also, nasty tea stains look unclean, and who has the time to clean them every morning?  

Dinner Table

To keep your table looking spick and span, opt for classy-looking coasters like ones in marble or glass. A matching coaster set to your dinner table can make a stylish statement. Water and drinks are a prominent addition to the dinner table and more when guests are around.  

Coffee Table

A coffee table in any house is heavily used for drinking hot and cold beverages throughout the day. In that case, coasters are the correct investment for you. You can stylishly stack a pack of coasters on the coffee table, so its surface never gets tarnished.


Now with modern designs, coasters are a must-have for all bars. Coasters were invested in using it under beer since it drips a lot, making the pub owners desperate for a measure to keep their counters clean. Coasters also come in handy to cover the drink when you're taking a quick break. If you love making cocktails at home, then having great coasters on the bar is a no-brainer.  


Bright and sunny days make a patio enlivened with bright and brimming flowers. You can opt for bold-colored coasters with fun patterns to match that vibe. The best part is to enjoy a brew on the chair, admiring the view. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Coasters

Since everyone loves to drink beverages, everyone does notice a coaster. A coaster may be a small piece of home decor, but it can go a long way in creating a cohesive and bespoke look for your home. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a perfect coaster.  


The material is essential since it will determine the look of the coaster. If you want something for a more formal setting, marble and glass are the way forward. You will need something super absorbent for the bar, like cork or wooden coasters. If you are looking for the trendiest coasters, then you will love agate and ceramic. A terracotta coaster would look splendid with the terracotta planters for an outdoor setting. 


The size of the coaster can be crucial since each glass size differs. Though they have a standard size that works well with almost all types of glasses, you can still consider it for a particular glass set. If you use a bigger water bottle for your desk or bedside table, opting for a bigger-sized coaster can be the ideal choice. 


Coasters don't just come in round or square shapes but have different eye-catching designs. You can choose fun asymmetrical shapes if you want to add an innovative element to your table. Otherwise, you can opt for a hexagonal, placard, or rectangle to upgrade the round and square shape. 


Lastly, a coaster's beauty lies in its design and color. You can choose colors like brown or rust if you have a more earthy color palette. For a minimalistic home that has an abundance of whites and beige, a pop of color would look fantastic. Besides this, a super colorful coaster can add a fun element to a kid's bedroom. For outdoors, bold and bright colours will do a job well.   

Why Choose Arcedior?

For all home décor requirements, Arcedior has emerged as the most popular brand. You can give your table a fresh new look with a carefully chosen variety of coasters. Showcasing only the creme de la creme of products with premium quality and unique designs, Arcedior has created its niche in the market. You can find many innovative products that make shopping for home decor a breeze.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a coaster used for?

Coasters are home decor items used as tableware to collect water droplets from a glass. Its primary purpose is for hot or cold beverages which leave unwanted water rings on any surface. Coasters act as small trivets for the drinks as they prevent the damage to your wooden, glass, marble, or ceramic tabletop from getting ruined in the long run. Also, the glass's ring marks look very unclean, making the space not look elegant. Coasters come in many different shapes and sizes, which are added to beautify and enhance your dinner table or lounge table.  

2. Why do they call it a coaster?

Some believe it originated in 1570 from the ship's name that traveled from one coast to another. This gave it a term called 'Coaster.' In the 19th century, coasters were known as beer mats since they were used in pubs and bars not to make the surface watery. These trivets absorbed the water dripped from chilled beer bottles and were a savior for pub owners. Then this little trivet was given the name 'Bottle Coaster' in the late 19th century. Since then, the name has stuck and has been in use. 

3. What type of coasters is best?

A coaster material that absorbs the most amount of moisture and water is considered the best of the lot. Cork tops the list for this factor since its known absorption properties make it best for coasters. Then there are wooden coasters, plastic coasters, marble coasters, stone coasters, and even leather coasters. Also, ensure that the coaster is large enough to hold your desired water bottle, glass, drink, coffee, or tea. You can also decide according to the style and pattern of the coaster, which will grace your tableware more.  

4. What are coasters?

The purpose of coasters, which are decorative tableware, is to catch any water dripping from a glass. Its primary function is to leave unsightly water rings on any surface, whether consumed hot or cold. Coasters serve as small trivets for the glasses to prevent long-term damage to your wooden, glass, marble, or ceramic surface. The glass's ring marks also make the area look filthy and unattractive. Trivets can be added to your dining or coffee table to beautify and enrich it. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

 5. How long do coasters last?

Depending on the material with which the coaster is made determines its longevity. A coaster of wood or agate will last longer than one of plastic. The amount of usage for tableware and the types of drinks placed on the coaster is also deciding factor. Nowadays, there are tons of options in the market and online for trivets, but the most popular one is wooden coasters. They have been used for centuries and are still used in abundance today. Even cork coasters are a great choice since cork quickly absorbs water residue making it look clean and fresh.  

6. What kind of coasters absorb water?

Porous stones like ceramic and sandstone are good options for best use to absorb water. They will not let water penetrate the surface, which will cause stains and dents on the surface. The porous stones have small holes and spaces which absorb water quickly, making them look dry. Another option for good absorption is cork coasters since they also have good absorption material. Nowadays, coasters are designed in a way that can help in better water absorption, like wooden coasters. They have lines or patterns which hold the water so it does not run off to the surface.