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Agate Stone Table Clock - Blue | Designer Clock for Bedside or Coffee Table | Gift Item

₹ 4,062.50
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Dimension 5.5-6 Inches
Material Agate Stone


Agate Table Clock for Home and Office

This Blue Agate Table clock features a beautifully handcrafted agate adorned with gold accents for a mesmerizing look. The positive energies of agate stone and the exceptional design of the desk clock come together to create a piece that can breathe life into any space. This table clock is the perfect choice for those who want to add a personal touch to their office desk while maintaining professionalism. The sophisticated design can add color to your office without seeming garish. With its boundless charm, this desk clock is also ideal for bedside and coffee tables. This clock walks the fine line of dazzling without being gaudy perfectly well. The agate stone’s Blue is balanced with splendid gold accents and a gilded edge. This allows the table clock to act as the centerpiece for any room.


In the Box 1 Table Clock
Material Agate stone
Dimensions ‎5.5-6 inches, 8 mm thick
Color Blue
Weight 650 Grams
Features Gold Plated Hands & indications
Care Instruction
  • Clean it periodically with a soft, dry cloth.

*The quartz mechanism is included, battery a powered double AA battery is not included.


This desk clock is a perfect timekeeper for any space. You can choose to place it on your office desk to help you keep track of time. Whether it is for reminding you to get to an important meeting punctually or to take a timely break, the clock is a great desk accessory. The clock also serves an aesthetic purpose. With its deep Blue and beguiling gold accents, the charisma of this piece makes it a must-have. 


If you are looking for the perfect gift for every occasion, you have found it. The beauty of this table clock is sure to enchant everyone, no matter the occasion. The pocket-friendly nature of this clock is also a big plus. Since this clock is available online, you can easily courier it to someone who lives far away! 


Given that every agate stone is formed over thousands of years and has its own patterns, this table clock automatically becomes unique to whoever purchases it. The piece is also handcrafted to ensure that each one is distinctive.  

Suitable Home Decor Style

This desk clock is a truly versatile piece in terms of decor. The clock is rich enough in detail that it can be the ideal addition to traditional, Indian, and mid-century homes. Meanwhile, the petite frame can fit in well with modern and minimalist spaces to give them a pop of color. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a table clock used for?

The primary purpose of a table clock is to help an individual keep track of time. In a professional setting, it can aid you in noting the amount of time you have spent on a task. It can also ensure that you remember to take timely breaks in between your tasks to optimize efficiency. Table clocks in an informal setting are also very advantageous. A desk clock on your bedside table can be useful if you want to ensure you spend at least ten minutes reading before bed, only a certain amount of time on your phone, etc. A table clock also serves as an exquisite piece of decor. A beautiful table clock on your office desk can add color to an otherwise drab setting while ensuring you maintain professionalism. 

2. Does an agate clock break easily?

Agate is a natural material formed over thousands of years and is durable. The crystal scores a 6.5-7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it stronger than quite a few other stones. Gemtherapy’s Blue Table Clock features an 8mm thick agate stone crafted with attention to the finest details. This ensures that the finished piece is as reliable as it is beautiful.

3. What is an interesting fact about agate clocks?

Clocks are an integral part of any household. The Indian art of Vastu Shastra emphasizes the positive energy a clock can bring into your home. Agate clocks multiply this flow of positive energy. They have long since been regarded as stones that can bring joy to your life. The Chinese art of Feng Shui places great importance on the magical abilities of the agate stone. Blue agate can enhance your energy, strength, and courage while reducing stress, fear, and anxiety. An agate clock on your desk can help you incorporate these energies into your daily life and become more self-assured. 

4. How do I clean my agate clock at home?

To clean your agate clock, wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth. Clean it regularly to ensure that the piece retains its shine for a long time. Since agate is a heat-sensitive material, avoid the usage of steam near the product. Do not use harsh materials like sandpaper and chemicals like bleach on your agate clock, as this can damage the piece. Agate can break if it falls, so it is advisable to keep it out of reach from children.

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