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Agate Stone Wall Clock - Blue | Modern Wall Clock

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Dimension 10x10 Inches
Material Agate Stone


Agate Blue Wall Clock


Presenting the Blue Agate Wall Clock, a lavish new design from Gemtherapy. This wall clock is the perfect piece for every setting, and its boundless charm will make it an integral part of your decor. The designer wall clock features a distinctive design that will help you showcase your artistic side. With its blue agate stones and gold accents, this unique clock is a must-have for everyone. The positive energy that the agate of this wall clock will bring to your house is immeasurable, and another reason why you need this clock. 



Here are the details of this unique wall clock.

Set (No of Pieces) - This clock is a set of one (1)

Material - The timepiece is fashioned from agate stone.

Dimensions - The wall clock measures 10” x 10”

Assembly - The piece requires no assembly. 



This piece is an exquisite choice for a wall clock for your living room, bedroom, and office. The wall clock will help you manage your time smoothly. It is also an ideal way to add a little oomph to your decor while keeping it classy.  



While wall clocks may be cliche gifts, the exceptional design of Gemtherapy’s Blue Agate Wall Clock sets it apart from the rest instantly. The clock is the perfect present for anniversaries, housewarmings, and festival occasions. You can also gift this to a friend who believes in the power of crystals. 



Since no two agate stones are alike when you purchase this piece; you are sure to get a clock unique to you. Additionally, blue agates are known to strengthen emotional and physical health, making this clock all the more special. 


Suitable Home Decor Style  

This wall clock can blend in anywhere. Whether it is a minimalist home or a traditional one, this clock is always a great choice. The sophistication of its design also makes this the ideal wall clock for offices. 


About The Brand 

Gemtherapy is oriented around ensuring you get decor that can banish negative energies from your living space and surround you with positivity. They believe in the power of crystals and hope to help everyone incorporate the healing power of crystals into their daily life with no extra effort. With aesthetic designs, affordable prices, and beautiful crystals, Gemtherapy creates products that channel positive energy and keep your home an oasis of peace and joy.


Frequently asked questions 

1. Where should you not put a wall clock?

According to the Indian art of Vastu Shastra, it is inadvisable to place a clock in the south or southwest direction of your home. In India, the southern direction is representative of Yama, the God of death. Vastu Shastra notes that hanging a wall clock in the southern or southwest directions of your home can result in health issues and difficulties in business for the residents. You should also avoid placing your wall clock outside the house or above any doorway in a room. You should also ensure that your wall clock is at the ideal height. In Vastu Shastra, a low-placed wall clock can affect the energy of your home. Alternatively, a wall clock hung too high does not serve its purpose, as you might have difficulty reading the time. 


2. What is the importance of a wall clock?

A wall clock is an important aspect of any home as it can help you keep track of time and add beauty to your decor. A wall clock for your living room is the perfect way to ensure that everybody gets where they need to be on time, especially on mornings when you can’t stop to check the time on your phone every two minutes. A unique wall clock is also a great way to establish a distinctive look for your decor. A designer wall clock can breathe fresh air into the room and add grace to its surrounding. Additionally, according to the Indian art of Vastu Shastra, an aptly placed wall clock can help amplify the positiveness in a household.  


3. How many types of wall clocks are there?

The types of wall clocks include digital wall clocks, musical wall clocks, sticker wall clocks, designer wall clocks, and more. Digital wall clocks feature simplistic frames, with large red numbers in the center telling the time. Many digital clocks also have features like measuring the temperature outside, showing time in both 24 and 12-hour formats, and customizing your display’s color. Musical wall clocks are ideal for living rooms and other common areas. They often have pendulums that make a pleasant chime for every hour that goes by. Sticker wall clocks are the dream choice for minimalist people. The clock features stick-on numbers with fully functioning hands. This unique wall clock is ideal for offices as well. Designer wall clocks look what they sound like. They have extravagant designs perfect for people looking to add a little extra shine to their decor.  


4. What is a clock made of?

Clocks are made of metal, wood, and plastic and feature battery-operated mechanisms that keep the hands running. Each of these materials has its advantages. Metal clocks are great choices if you’re going for a durable piece. They also have a certain aura of power as they have heavy frames. Wooden wall clocks are the way to go if you want something elegant. With their Roman numerals and beautifully carved frames, wooden wall clocks are exquisite rustic pieces perfect for any setting. Plastic clocks are ideal for those looking for a trendy design. These clocks feature bright colors and often have a smaller price point than their counterparts. 


Care Instructions

To ensure your Gemtherapy wall clock lives a long life, clean it regularly with a soft dry cloth. 


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  • Kindly note for any product to be eligible for return and/or replacement, the customer shall send the intimation for the same within three days from the time of delivery of the product with an unboxing video and images of the product received.
  • We only accept return requests in case of a damaged or wrongly shipped product.
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