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Design is not a thing to be done but a way of living. A combination of brave new style and the price-less tradition of India, Studio Trataka aims to decorate homes of tomorrow, helping them also keep a little piece of yesterday. From all around India and a little bit of the world, we hand pick and manufacture products to make luxury seem necessary. Young but with fresh perspective, our main objective is to dent the interior design industry with our own pinch of style through our products. We aim to refine and re-define the world of home decor. Studio Trataka is a lifestyle brand owned and managed by Shiv Sharma and Manya Pandit. The founders of Trataka share a strong designing background with a highly curated outlook when it comes to designing lifestyle products. India is a land of culture and traditions. It has a colorful and rich lineage when it comes to design. Studio Trataka provides a unique blend of traditional and contemporary India in its product. Trataka umbrellas a serene mix of products in interiors/spaces, lifestyle accessory, lighting, installations, Photography, cinematography and many more. At Trataka we promote and support artisan’s livelihood by incorporating our traditional crafts practices in our design language.